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Robin Li is the chief surgeon of Baidu's operation: users first, and hard men fight hard.

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Key points

  1. Tencent conducted an exclusive interview with a number of Baidu executives and related people in an attempt to restore the truth behind Baidu's adjustment, Robin Li's new view of using people, the real role of Ma Dongmin, the owner's wife, and Baidu's visible future.
  2. Baidu executives said Xiang Hailong was fired, the most important reason is that Hailong does not attach importance to the user experience. "Shenzhen Network" did not contact Xiang Hailong himself to respond to this.
  3. Ma Dongmin is two main characters in Baidu, one is the chairman assistant, one is the chief of the Baidu investment, basically she is not responsible for the daily work, but it is not the housewife, very professional.
  4. Baidu's important strategy is Robin Li's fight, for example, information flow and small scale are what he started with. If the leader is not competent, he will have to leave the CEO. Xiaodu is different from other businesses, Baidu is absolutely not to be missed.
  5. Lu Qi is good, but his time at Baidu is too short, Lu Qi's core challenge is that he does not have enough time to understand Baidu's organization and culture.
  6. Baidu's user experience to Haolong is considered to be a disease, while Shen shivers attached great importance to the user experience. Under the leadership of Shen-shivering, one of the obvious changes of Baidu's mobile ecological cause group is to guide the product to the tilt.


Author: Xiangxin Li Yue

The internal factional struggle of the company, Li Yanhong and Ma Dongmin's husband and wife competed for power, and took the initiative to retreat to Hailong because of his work.

The anonymous Baidu executive once again stressed to Shenzhen.com.

A Baidu search insiders who had approached Hailong told Shenzhen.

In an internal letter, Li Yanhong made no secret of his dissatisfaction with Xiang Hailong.

No matter what the truth about the departure of Xiang Hailong in the past year, Li Yanhong has deeply reflected on Baidu's way of employing people over the past year.

To learn from the pain, Li Yanhong put forward the core standard to Baidu senior management cadres is,

With the departure of Hailong and the reorganization of search and information flow by the successor Shen Shao, Baidu's personnel adjustment has gradually come to an end. Compared with previous adjustments, Baidu is more radical in this change. On the one hand, it is imminent to stabilize and enhance the core business of search and information flow. On the other hand, it is to bet on AI. This new entrance must be guaranteed to be safe and sound.

And behind this big adjustment, Li Yanhong in the internal governance and personnel, organizational structure adjustment on the deep reflection.Tencent conducted an exclusive interview with a number of Baidu executives and related people in an attempt to restore the truth behind the adjustment, Robin Li's new view of using people, the real role of Ma Dongmin, the owner's wife, and Baidu's visible future.

Ma Dongmin's Real Role

At Baidu, there is an important figure, she is Baidu shareholders and executives, on the one hand, Mrs. Li Yanhong. Ma Dongmin, who lives in seclusion, has been curious about the truth of what role Ma Dongmin plays in Baidu and what impact Li Yanhong has had on his decision-making.

Ma Dongmin plays two main roles in Baidu, one is the assistant chairman and the other is the head of Baidu investment. Basically, she is not responsible for her daily work.

The problem is that neither Robin Li nor Ma Dongmin can stand up and respond to the outside world.

A Baidu insider who works next to Li Yanhong told Shenzhen.The major decision of the company can not be Ma Dongmin's personal approval. Eventually, Robin Li's consent must be obtained.

In January 2017, at the quarterly director's meeting of the Westin Beijing Jinmao Westin, Ma Dongmin attended the first time. Mr. Ma, speaking to more than 200 managers on Baidu, said that she had been working in Baidu by 2008 and returned to Baidu for the first time.

2017 is not only a turning point for Baidu, but also a key year for the reconstruction of Baidu's investment system. It is Ma Dongmin who undertakes the heavy task of reconstruction.

At a time, the outside world will interpret the return of Ma Dongmin to Baidu's power of separation. It has been reported that the induction of new recruits at the level of the Commissioner will require an interview with Mundin.

A month after Ma Dongmin officially announced his return to Baidu, the medical department was abolished. Deep Net had known that the decision was made by Ma Dongmin. Under the circumstance of limited revenue growth and increasing expenditure, Ma Dongmin's idea was to cut off the business that could not see the future. Several people familiar with the situation at that time told Shenzhen. com that the abolition of the medical department was only the first step, and education, internationalization and O2 O were all facing adjustment.

In August 2017, you announced the purchase of Baidu. Someone close to the transaction once revealed that Baidu developed O2O at that time was led by Li Mingyuan. Ma Dongmin was not satisfied with this. After returning, he made great reforms.

This is a critical time for Baidu's concentration to change, with core businesses ranging from traditional search engines to search, information flow and artificial intelligence. And earlier than its business adjustment is the reconstruction of Baidu investment system. Before that, Baidu had entered the high position of O _ 2O, ecommerce, online car hailing, and made a big purchase of 91 Wireless, but the investment was questioned.

Around 2016, Baidu's past investment and merger Department has been clearly divided into Baidu Wartime Investment (original investment and merger department), Baidu Venture Capital and Baidu Capital. The latter two pay attention to early, middle and late projects respectively. After Ma Dongmin led Baidu's war investment, he quickly promoted investment including Weima, SAIC and Wise Walker.

According to it orange data, the number of baidu investment events in 2017 was 41, reaching 59 in 2018, although there is still a gap between the number of investment compared with tencent and ali, but vertical comparison, activity is significantly higher. In 2017, the focus was on corporate services in the AI sector, and in 2018, on hardware.

Baidu executives close to Ma Dongmin told Shenzhen that Ma Dongmin's description was too deified.

The executive added to the, When she wants to push something forward, she also needs to communicate with us, and then with Robin. Many of her suggestions are the same as ours. Some of them have been passed, some of them have not been passed. They are not as strong as everyone imagined.

Of course, no matter what Ma Dongmin's real role in the company is, the changes she has been deeply involved in Baidu for more than a year are extremely fierce.

A radical organizational change

Baidu has come to a time when it must be changed.

The bottleneck of Baidu's most core business development is directly shown in the financial report. In the first quarter of 2019, Baidu reported a loss for the first time. Revenue from search and trading services directly managed by Hailong increased by only 8% year-on-year, while net profit fell by 90% year-on-year. Baidu is slowly losing the advantages it has accumulated in the search field.

This means that in the past to support Baidu in the transformation of the mobile Internet, constantly trying to new business foundation has wavered.

Baidu's share price plunged by 10%, evaporating $8.9 billion overnight and dropping another 7% the next day. The negative effect of the announcement of the financial report has not disappeared, and the top level announced the departure of Baidu Senior Vice President and Search Company President Xiang Hailong.

It's not directly involved in Baidu's creation, but it's a purchase that's in the Baidu system. He is the oldest employee to accompany Li Yanhong. The 14-year-old, to the dragon from the promotion to the separation, has a number of links with the search of Baidu.

When Baidu faced rivals such as Yahoo and Google, Hailong's bidding ranking became the core of the company's revenue, supporting Baidu's development and contributing more than 95 percent of the company's revenue before 2016. To this end, Xiang Hailong was once crowned as

At that time, the real crisis emerged when the tuyere of the times changed and the core business of the company declined. Frozen three feet is not a day's cold, Baidu senior disclosed that the reason for Xianghailong's resignation is not only the result of poor financial statements, including Li Yanhong's dissatisfaction with Xianghailong has lasted for a long time, and the decision to resign has also been observed and discussed for a long time.

The most important reason is that Xianghailong does not attach importance to user experience. Baidu is an Internet company, the foundation of which is users.

The separation to the dragon is a sign, which means


Xiang Hai Long

In the past period, Wang Jin (senior vice president of Baidu, general manager of autopilot), Wu Enda (chief scientist of Baidu, president of Baidu Research Institute), Zeng Liang (general manager of Baidu Nuomi), Lu Fubin (vice president of Baidu, in charge of Baidu Tieba, Baidu knowledge system), Li Dongmin (general manager of Baidu Map) and so on.

On May 30, the new media Late Post wrote in "Insider of Five Baidu Executives'Lightning Resignation"<#comment>Insiders cited the views of several outgoing executives in the first half of the year to discuss the truth about Hailong's departure, saying they had learned exclusively that Baidu vice presidents Wu Haifeng, Gu Guodong, Zhao Cheng and executive director Sun Wenyu had all resigned in the past three months or so, and described the lightning turnover of five executives through interviews with external employees, reflecting a chaotic and crumbling Baidu.

In this regard,A Baidu HR person commented to Shenzhen at the time that there was no inevitable link between the departure of the five executives mentioned in the article, including Wu Haifeng, a disciple of Baidu CTO, who had always wanted to start a business; Zhao Cheng, who left GR, as early as last year, had nothing to do with leaving Hailong; Gu Guodong was in charge of sales to the Hailong team and was fired.

"Deep web" has not been linked to Hailong and others to respond to this. The fact that these violent personnel turbulence still remains to be verified, but behind this series of adjustments, reflects the deep reflection of Baidu and Robin Li in the transformation of mobile Internet.

Robin Li's new concept of employing people

In the past few years, Baidu has spent $1.9 billion to buy 91 Wireless to get tickets to the mobile Internet age, but a year later than Tencent, Sogou, 360 and other distribution platforms; it has entered the O2O market in the Red Sea with Baidu takeout and Baidu glutinous rice, and ended up cutting meat; the post bar is an important part of Baidu's content ecology and is also vital to the information flow business, but the exploration of social attributes has not been smooth. In addition, light applications, direct to the number and other business is also thunderous sound small raindrops.

More people in the outside world will transform Baidu.

A Baidu executive told Shenzhen.


Robin Li

In the past, when a core executive has a job opening, Li Yanhong's first response is not an internal promotion, but a global election,

In January 2017, Lu Qi joined Baidu as COO, Li Yanhong for this.


Lu Qi

Three years ago, Bill Gates and Ballmer selected CEO successors, and Lu Qi, who spoke loudly, was eventually defeated by his old subordinates, Nadella. After taking office, Nadella did two major operations against persistent diseases, one was to lay off the Windows systems research and development department, and the other was to lay off the acquired Nokia mobile phone research and development department, with the result that the Windows department disbanded, Windows phone and withdrew from the historical stage. In December 2018, Nadella, who had been in charge of Microsoft for five years, brought the company, which had been silent for 16 years, back to its peak in market value. Lu Qi witnessed the change of Nadella, when Baidu's important transition period, a drastic reform is inevitable.

Lu Qi, who was dug up by Microsoft, has shouldered the important mission of restructuring Baidu. According to Shenzhen Net, in the first half of 2017, Lu Qi, a major internal project, will personally ask about it. By the end of 2017, those businesses that had reported directly to Luqi had been handed over to the vice president of the corresponding line of business.

During Lu Qi's tenure, he confirmed the two main channels of Feed flow and AI for Baidu. Baidu's market value once reached a new high of $99 billion, which is a good sign.

Lu's departure has brought a tremendous shock to Baidu, and the outside world is also an uproar.

A Baidu executive close to Lu Qi told Shenzhen. com that the main reason for Lu Qi's departure was not that his radical transformation intensified internal and external contradictions, but that Baidu and he could give each other too little time.

Today, Robin Li's new change in Baidu is still not using the airborne mode to choose successors, but promoting the internal hibernation for 7 years.

Prior to this, in December 2016, advertising and marketing official accounts

Compared with the past habit of introducing outside talent, Baidu now seems more inclined to use old people.

In Baidu's new organizational structure, veteran Shen Zhan succeeded Hailong and became a new one.

Shen Jiu's experiment

Entrusted with the important task by Li Yanhong, Shen Zhan became the replacement of Xiang Hailong to play the new term.

According to the "deep network", this decision is also available


Shen Zhen

After Shen Zhan is responsible for the mobile ecological cause group, he emphasizes to continue to build.

A Baidu employee confirmed to Shenzhen Net that Fengyun Plan is actually the headline today. Today's headlines are aggressively attacking the search field, and hiring talent to support the development of this new business shows that today's headlines are determined to join the battle of traffic partitioning.

Jinri Toutiao

And Baidu Fengyun Plan will build a one-stop station platform for thousands of people and thousands of faces under the Baidu Fengyun Plan.

In the eyes of Baidu people, Shen Zhan is a

Several Baidu insiders told Shenzhen. com that the user experience of Baidu in Hailong was criticized, and Shen Shao attached great importance to user experience.

A supporting case is that Baidu has promoted the user website program. In the original Baidu search, when a user clicks on a website to enter the underground industrial interface of the network, the user will

Baidu's insider, close to Shen's, said that Baidu had no power to deceive the user, but did not provide the corresponding safeguard mechanism for this, and now the situation is changing. The insider said to the "deep network",But Xianghailong doesn't have that motivation. He doesn't pay much attention to user experience.

The same problem was quickly solved under Shen Shao. What he cared about was that Baidu should do something valuable to users. User experience is Robin Li's OKR, and also Shen Shen's OKR.

Under the leadership of Shen Zhan, one of the obvious changes in Baidu Mobile Ecological Group is to tilt to product orientation.

In the past, RD (Research

A Baidu information flow department employee told deep web that the internal experience of customer service and service is the first place. We must figure out why the user will leave and why the traffic will be stolen. The loss of users and traffic will not be attributed to technical reasons, but is first considered not to be a product problem.

All this determines the revenue of Baidu's core business. After all, Baidu also needs to continue to supply blood to innovative businesses such as artificial intelligence and automatic driving.

in addition to ensure a user experience,

Jinri Toutiao is

The former has become an important object of Baidu's target of Baidu, starting with more and more intersection with Baidu today. One of the Baidu's operating staff, when talking about the changes in the two companies' products, is of the view that the front-page team today has one

Baidu clearly hopes that through the establishment of Zhongtai, different teams can achieve more efficient cooperation.

Organizational change is bound to involve a lot of personnel changes and adjustments.If we think the team is going to adjust, split, merge or leave, and make a decision, we will certainly implement it. We will not care about any difficulties. There is no time for it.

At the beginning of this year, Cui Shanshan, a returning Baidu elder, introduced the employee appraisal system OKR, to promote Baidu's performance change and define the quantifiable goals to be achieved.

A Baidu operator told Shenzhen Network thatIn the past, KPI system was once a half-yearly re-offer (different product line cycles are different), but now it will take week and month as nodes for re-offer, with clearer objectives and more frequent communication between superiors and subordinates.

In fact, the adjustment of shaking led Baidu to gradually enter the right track. Baidu's revenue reached 26.3 billion yuan in the second quarter, up 9 percent from a month earlier, and excluding divestitures rose 6 percent from a year earlier, higher than the market forecast of 25.768 billion yuan, according to the latest results. Baidu's core business revenue was 19.5 billion yuan, down 2 percent from a year earlier, up 12 percent from a month earlier. In addition, as of June, Baidu App had 188 million daily active users, up 27 percent from a year earlier, while Smart Mini Programs's monthly active users reached 270 million, up 49 percent from a month earlier.

In the eyes of Li Yanhong, Shen Zhan is that

When shaking these executives, if they have a different opinion from Robin, how can they solve it?

Shudder and the last one

Where is Baidu's future?

The adjustment of Baidu's organizational structure in the past few years is based on the continuous focus on the core business. Nowadays, Baidu is positioning itself by

In January 2018, Baidu removed the mobile phone.

The organizational structure and high-level adjustments initiated by the company itself have come to an end. After the adjustment, Baidu now has seven business groups, namely AIG, IDG, ACG, SLG, EBG, MEG and FSG.


The four most important and clear business sectors, including mobile ecological enterprise group, intelligent life enterprise group, intelligent driving enterprise group and Intelligent Cloud enterprise group, form a strategic system.

Among them, the mobile ecology runs through, the core is still the search and information distribution, the intelligent life cause group where the small degree is located and the intelligent driving business group where the car networking is located bear the content distribution outlet.

In the first half of Baidu's information flow creation, commercialization is not the key point. Catching up with users and products is their core goal. When the information flow algorithm and experience are stable, commercialization instead of product experience becomes the core of Baidu's more attention.

Deep Net knows that,The commercial team in charge of information flow and the search are the same team, the initial customer also mainly comes from the search. In order to promote the information flow business, Baidu's sales strategy from the beginning is to require customers to recharge the information flow advertisement at the same time when they buy the search advertisement, so that they can buy the search advertisement.

It is worth mentioning that the whole business of Xiaodu was directly managed by Robin Li himself at the beginning.It is different from other businesses, Baidu is absolutely not to be missed. Ali Tencent may not have a smart speaker, but Baidu must have a smart speaker.

In the process of maintaining the traditional advantages of search, Baidu is still looking for the entrance of the mobile era. In the company's overall strategy, small degree is considered to be a typical service entrance that can be distributed based on mobile information.

These may be the foundation of Baidu's future.

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