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Microsoft's Small Action Explosive User: Installed Win10 System, Now Forced to Register Accounts

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Chestnut Xiaocha was found in Wafei Temple

Quantum Bit Reporting Public Number QbitAI

Netizens were blown up by Microsoft.

Now, foreign forums and social media are full of all kinds of voices against Windows and Microsoft leader Nadela.

What caused all this was that Microsoft had secretly changed the way Windows was installed.

If you buy another Windows 10 computer, don't be taken into the ditch by Microsoft's tricks.

In the past, it was possible to enter the system successfully by entering a username and password. Today, Microsoft has designed this process to be full of routines.

Some netizens found that in the latest version of Win 10, Microsoft quietly

The netizen was very frustrated and shared the experience on Reddit, which also resonated with many people.

Some people say (@qwerty456127):

If I can't use an offline account, I won't use it anymore.

Others say (@mastazi):

Microsoft is forcing people to log on to this kind of garbage in the cloud.

Over the course of a day, Reddit was more than 600 and Hacker News was more than 1500.

So, is it really impossible to register an offline account?

The quantum bit measured a wave and found that the situation was more serious than that of the feedback from foreign small partners.

Want to install Windows offline? So hard!

First, install the latest version of Windows 10One thousand nine hundred and three

After the launch, Xiao Na appeared like a flood bell, guiding us to move forward step by step: select the area, connect to the network, and agree to the license agreement.

Get toSign inThis step:


Without an account, chooseCreate account:


Sure enough, you can only enter a phone number, or an e-mail, without the option of registering an offline account.

Many small foreign partners have said that if they fill in false telephone/mailbox several times, they can pop up an offline registration option.

But the quantum bits filled in randomly and did not trigger hidden checkpoints:


Helpless, return to the login interface

It's very clear that we must register a Microsoft account and complete the Windows settings. If we really don't want to associate Microsoft account, we can only go to the desktop and delete the newly registered account.


Is there no other way?

Not necessarily, but only if Xiao Na can't lead her nose.

When she wants to connect you to the Internet, be firm in choosing the one in the lower left corner.I don't have an Internet connection.


Even if she tells you, there are many benefits to connect to the network, don't be cranked, choose from the bottom left corner. Continue with limited settings

In this way, you can directly register an offline account, easily complete the Windows settings and enter the desktop.

For us, success is the only way.

But foreign netizens, even if they choose or not,

Their login interface is long like this:


Domain join instead

But when quantum bit testing, it did not appear:


Some people in the commentary area said:

But it's better to have one than not.

Microsoft has a criminal record

This is not the first time Microsoft has

At that time, Microsoft's new host Xbox One required that users must connect to the Internet every 24 hours, and if they did not do so, Xbox One would have


Although the Internet and Wi-Fi were quite popular at that time, Microsoft's move caused great dissatisfaction among users. Some gamers simply prefer not to use devices online, while some American soldiers do not have access to the Internet in their overseas locations.

Such radical measures, in return for the result of users voting with their wallets, many of the original Xbox users chose to defect to the Sony PS4 camp, Microsoft in the new round of game console competition suffered a catastrophic defeat.

Subsequently, Microsoft announced that it had abolished the Xbox mandatory networking requirement, but the trend was over and it could no longer compete with Sony.

Everyone chooses to run away from Windows

If it hadn't been for Sony PS4, a powerful competitor, it's hard to say if Microsoft would have been soft.

But Microsoft's Microsoft is completely different in terms of operating systems. Windows is an uncontroversial hegemon in the operating system world, and perhaps that's why Microsoft dares to do so.

Today, unlike in the past, PC networking has become an indispensable option. App stores and OneDrive cloud disks need an online account to use. The possibility of Microsoft reverting to the past is not too great.


Quietly delete


There are many benefits to using Linux. First of all, Linux is a free operating system, no cost; secondly, the daily software available on Linux is becoming more and more abundant.

Even if the only software you use is Windows instead of Linux, there are solutions. There's a software called Linux.WineIt can install and use Windows programs directly in the Linux environment.


But Wine's compatibility with games is still not enough, but it has done a good job.

But even if you run away from Microsoft Windows, it's hard to escape from Office suites. And Microsoft has also added compulsory online authentication to Office, which will not activate the software without a Microsoft account after the Office 2019 edition.

After Microsoft's current CEO Nadela came to power, the company's strategy gradually inclined to cloud services. Under his leadership, Microsoft's share price has risen steadily, even surpassing Apple to become the first company in market value.

On March 29 last year, Nadela announced in an e-mail to employees that Microsoft's restructuring, cloud computing and advanced AI will be the central tasks of Microsoft, and that the company will disband the Windows Engineer team.


There is no doubt that Nadela has made Microsoft brilliant again and has returned huge benefits to shareholders, but some ordinary consumers are dissatisfied with the strategy of weakening Windows:

One HackNews netizen said angrily.

In recent years, Windows 10 has caused users more trouble than installing it offline.

Forced users to install system upgrades, resulting in long-term computer stay in the update startup interface; still failed to solve the application's high-split screen adaptation problem; last year there was an official push upgrade leading to serious system failures.


Faced with such Windows, will you continue to support Microsoft?

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