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China Self-Research Database Breaks Western Monopoly

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Xiaocha originated from Aofei Temple

Qubit Reports Public name QbitAI.

China's basic technology will break the monopoly of foreign countries.

And recently submitted results, significantly set the previous record, won the world's first.

Honor belongs to the king.

During the National Day holiday period, the authoritiesInternational Affairs Processing Performance CommitteeAccording to (TPC) website, Alibaba independently developed a distributed relational database at the financial level.OceanBaseIn 2005, he topped the TPC-C benchmark.

This achievement also broke down by American companies.Oracle(Oracle) has a world record of nine years, becoming the first Chinese database product to top the list.

Li Guojie, academician and computer expert of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, praised:


TPC-C benchmark, known as

The OceanBase, which is fully developed by Alibaba and ants, is the first distributed relational database used in the financial core business in the world. Its new OLTP world record is more than twice Oracle's best.

Previously, the domestic database market has been dominated by Oracle, IBM and other surgical technology companies for a long time, which not only leads to the high cost of software services, but also has hidden dangers of information security in many key areas. The emergence of Ali and Ant Golden Clothes broke the monopoly.

So what exactly is it?

Be at the top of the authoritative test list

TPC full name: International Transaction Processing Performance Committee, the TPC-C test developed by it is a recognized benchmark to measure the ability of database online transaction processing (OLTP), and is a recognized evaluation standard for mainstream computer hardware manufacturers and database manufacturers worldwide.


TPC-C performance is measured by the number of new order transactions per minute. The main indicators are the transaction rate (tpmC), and the associated price per transaction ($/ tpmC).

TPC-C standard simulates the classic commodity sales payment scenario for testing, and evaluates the performance and cost-effectiveness of the database by creating new orders per minute. Ocean Base set a new world record for online transaction processing system (OLTP) with 60,880,800 tpmC (the number of new orders processed per minute).

Over the past few decades, TPC-C has been a competitive stage for overseas traditional database manufacturers, and OceanBase is the first large database product to be fully developed by Chinese companies, which is at the top of the TPC-C list.

The Science and Technology Daily commented that:

From Endangering Disbandment to World Leadership

The database has been around for decades since it was born, but basically its market structure has not changed much, and the earliest manufacturers still dominate today.

Because the database is very difficult to replace, it is at the bottom of the whole product or industry chain. The risk of replacement is very high, but the benefits are much smaller. That's why IBM, and other such successors can't take the place of Oracle. This has led to the database has become a very high threshold, strong field, the latter is difficult to live up to.

OceanBase's research and development began in June 2010, and the road to research and development has been fraught from the beginning, and the team was on the verge of dissolution because it could not find a business to use.


Nevertheless, thousands of sails passed by the side of the sunken boat, and thousands of trees were in front of the sick tree.

At the end of 2012, OceanBase ushered in an opportunity to be reborn, when Ali transferred the team to Alipay.

It belongs to the financial field, and the database challenge will be bigger than other businesses. This is equivalent to giving the OceanBase team a chance to start from scratch.

Alipay started in 2013That is to say, Oracle database, IBM minicomputer and EMC storage are removed.

Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet in China, some foreign technology companies have not faced a special situation, which has become the key to stimulate the growth of domestic databases.


It is precisely because of these special conditions that China's Internet companies are promoting higher performance and lower cost data storage and processing schemes. Ocean Base, a new generation of database based on cloud computing, emerges as the times require.

In Shuang11, 2014, Ocean Base ushered in its first big test.

In the initial plan, 1 per cent of the transaction traffic for the day would be cut to OceanBase, but because Oracle's database system at the time could not support huge traffic, OceanBase succeeded in supporting 10 per cent of the transaction traffic.


After this test, Ocean Base received more recognition and support. In 2015, the team won the CEO Award of Ant Golden Clothes, which was also the first time that the technical team won the Award.

In the end, OceanBase achieved a comprehensive replacement of oracle bone inscriptions in Ant Financial Services Group, successfully supporting the past five years.

Ocean Base is not only used internally by Ali, but also began to be used externally. Since 2017, OceanBase has landed in dozens of commercial banks, including Bank of China, Zhejiang Commercial Bank, Bank of China, health insurance, etc.

According to Ali's official introduction, OceanBase helped the mutual fund open platform jointly built by the Bank of China to enhance the processing capacity of loan transactions by 10 times. The average daily processing time is less than 1 second.

China's market size and population base provide a huge stage for innovation and technological revolution.

Only if you have the strength can you win respect.

It is worth mentioning that with Ocean Base breaking the monopoly news.

Another story of the past was turned out. In 1997, Oracle founder Larry

China, however, dares not to speak because our database technology relies entirely on oracle bone inscriptions. Almost all of the domestic finance and telecommunications are using Oracle technology.

Fate is under the control of man, and it is natural that it cannot be controlled by man.

With the rapid development of science and technology in China, the old technology companies are proud of China on the one hand, and on the other hand are alert to the rise of Chinese technology.

Elyson has said China is America's biggest competitor. Many years ago, in an interview, he said:


In May this year, Oracle fired 900 Chinese employees for political reasons for the tense relationship between China and Oracle.

Today, Chinese technology companies are already using power to speak back, using landmark technology to fight back, breaking the monopoly of American companies.

In addition, it is gratifying that OceanBase's

Before science and technology innovation was centered on the US and the United States, China followed suit, imitating technology and establishing business models to achieve success.

However, as China's market shows tremendous potential energy, a series of technology giants, such as a series of mature business models, have begun to make new breakthroughs and new progress in the field of basic technology research and development on the basis of big platforms, big data and R & D investment.

In addition to basic database, cloud computing and other fields, artificial intelligence and other frontier research and development, China's speed and accumulation have also become the focus, especially in the Chinese market, with considerable data base and diligent and pragmatic development attitude, which makes people feel confident about the future.

Perhaps there will be no more foreign business CEO to let Chinese partners wait for an hour in the cold wind.

Xiongguan is really like iron, and now step by step.

There should be more cases of OceanBase technology coming from behind, but not without confidence.

What you think?

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