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Asked to disclose the truth of Chinese programmers' suicide, Tsinghua learning tyrant was expelled from Facebook.

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In the latest news, Yin Yi (Yi Yin), a Chinese engineer at Facebook, was formally dismissed after taking part in the protest, asking the company to disclose the truth and giving an interview in his personal name.

Yin Yi confirmed the news on Linying and other platforms.

And Yin Yi was involved in the protest.


As more background information was exposed and suspected of workplace bullying and injustice, Facebook Chinese-centered engineers mourned and protested in front of the company on September 26, demanding the disclosure of the truth and a level playing field.

The head of public relations at Facebook was also present for an interview, responding that further investigation was under way.

But now, Facebook has fired Yin Yi, who participated in the protests.

Ironically, in the NBA Rockets general manager Morey's remarks, the mainstream media, including the New York Times, and the president of the NBA League chose to support Morey. So far, Morey has not apologized without any influence.

But Yin Yi, who made a reasonable claim for participating in the protest, has been dismissed for three days without any public report.

Why do Chinese Facebook employees protest?

The core cause is the death of Chinese engineer Qin Chen.

On September 19, the 38-year-old Chinese employee jumped from the fourth floor of Facebook's Silicon Valley headquarters park and died.

It was further revealed that, Qin Chen was a graduate of Grade 99 Electrical Engineering and Automation of Zhejiang University. Last year, Facebook, entered the Facebook, because of heavy work pressure, superior pressure and transfer group resistance and so on.

Moreover, according to other Facebook employees, Qin Chen works hard and has family pressure in middle age. It is the pillar of family life in the United States, but it has no way to go through the unfairness and bullying of its superiors.

So in September 26th, the Chinese travelled to FB to protest against the need for a level playing field.

Well-known at Facebook.


The slogans and banners are very clear:

  • One is to ask Facebook to disclose the truth about the death of Qin Chen;
  • The second is to give hardworking engineers a healthier and more equitable workplace environment.

Yin Yi, who was fired, was the person who took the lead in shouting slogans on the spot and dared to wear his Facebook label publicly.


Are you protesting too much?

According to Tencent Technology, Bill, one of the volunteers who organized the protest,

Facebook needs to tell us what happened, what happened to him at work, what happened a week ago, and Facebook knows all about it.

The protesters also registered on social media called

So is that too much? Is it time to dismiss employees who participated in protests?

At least at the scene of the protest, Facebook did not take that attitude.


Faced with the protests, Facebook's director of corporate communications came to the scene and said in an interview with the media that suicide is the result of a combination of factors, and workplace bullying may not be the only cause of his death.

In a statement to the media, Facebook said:

We were saddened by the loss of staff Qin Chen at the headquarters of the city last week due to suicide. During this period, we are doing our best to support his family and relatives.

All our actions are directed by the world's leading external experts in suicide prevention. We are very concerned about our employees, provide on-site counselling to our employees and employees who sign up with the company, and provide mental health and suicide prevention support to all employees.

Finally, we unite communities by creating security spaces and sharing them openly through our internal resource groups.

The Facebook also responded to questions about bullying and other aspects of the work:

Facebook does not tolerate abuse, bullying or other acts of intimidation or aggression by employees or others covered by this policy, whether or not they fall into the protected category.

If an employee is found to have abused his or her colleagues, we will take appropriate measures to stop this behavior.

However, people have different faces.

Yin Yi, an Facebook employee who took part in the protest and disclosed his identity, quickly warned and eventually fired.

Expelled Yin Yi: FB senior engineer, Tsinghua learning tyrant

Yin Yi himself in the personal LinkedIn updated status, confirmed that he was fired, returned to freedom.


Yin Yi briefly introduced that after participating in the protest, interviewing in his personal name and asking the company to disclose the truth, I'm all right now. The pressure is slightly higher. He received a final warning letter, and planned to mount it, frame it and hang it on the bedroom wall.

According to Yin Yi's LinkedIn account, he graduated from the computer Department of Tsinghua University.

After graduation in 2005, I have been working in the field of games. In 2016, he went to master's degree in University of California, University of California.

In June 2019, he joined Facbook, as a senior engineer.

He also started to discuss the matter. According to his knowledge of Yin Yi, he answered Lord Han Feng's evaluation.


In addition to studying in Tsinghua computer Department, he taught himself piano playing and music composition in his spare time, and has always dreamed of developing RPG games.

At present, Yin Yi's resignation has also aroused further concern.

There was plenty of solidarity with him following his own announcement of his dismissal from Facebook.

Some of them expressed their support and encouragement. Others expressed their hope to help him introduce his job or even his girlfriend.

Domestic Weibo has protested one after another, and foreign countries are silent.

Many Weibo netizens asked, this is the so-called

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