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Ann Rabbit released: September 2019 Android Mobile Chart

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It should be noted that from the beginning of this list, the performance score of the performance-to-price ranking version of Antu Rabbit will be calculated based on the run score of V8 version, and the calculation standard is performance run score divided by the current price.

In addition, the selection of cost-effective conditions is that the model must enter the general list of rabbit performance. If the number of effective running points is insufficient to enter the performance list, even if the performance-price ratio is high, it is not fated to the performance-price ratio list. As before,Mobile phoneWhether goods are available or not remains an important reference standard.JD.COMShowing no cargo status is also not included in the list.

After the release of the V8 version of Antu Rabbit, the running score of each model has increased to a certain extent (not the performance improvement), so the cost-effective ratio has also improved. However, due to the changes in the scoring system, the performance-to-price ratio of V8 version and V7 version can not be compared.

500-1499 yuan

First: realme Q 4 64GB

Average running score: 213503

Cost-effective ratio: 213.9

Price: 998 yuan

Realme released a new 1000-yuan machine called "Four-camera Raptor" in early September. It is equipped with Qualcomm 712 chip, all standard UFS 2.1 flash memory, 48 million pixels (Sony IMX 586), 4035 mAh battery and VOOC 20W flash charge. The starting price of this configuration is only 998 yuan, which directly pushed the Meizu X8 out of the list last month and occupied the first place in the price list. One.

From this point of view, 48 megapixels basically came to the 1000 yuan machine, the next function or screen fingerprint recognition?

Second place: Meizu X8 4 64GB

Average running score: 187388

Cost-effective ratio: 208.4

Price: 899 yuan

Meizu X8 belongs to an older model, but better than the price reduction promotion, 899 yuan can buy a good-looking phone carrying Cellong 710, which is also very cost-effective. In terms of configuration, the machine is a good model designed by Meizu with a special-shaped screen, which provides a front-facing 20 million pixel camera and a rear 12 million 5 million pixel dual camera, with a battery capacity of 3210 mAh.

In addition, according to official news, the Meizu X8 will be updated by Flyme 8 in December, when the fluency will be further improved.

Third place: glory 9x 4 64GB

Average running score: 283891

Cost-effective ratio: 202.9

Price: 1399 yuan

The third is Glory 9X, which has the greatest advantage of carrying Kirin 810 chip. It has the performance of exceeding grade in the same price. From the ranking, it can be seen that Glory 9X is the highest running model with a score of 283891. It can not be denied that its performance is excellent. In other configurations, Glory 9X uses a 6.59-inch display screen, and uses a lift-and-drop proactive scheme to further increase the screen proportion.

Even so, Glory 9X is still a bit inadequate, that is, 10W charging, but in the face of high performance and price, that's not much to say.

In addition to the three products mentioned above, the top 10 models with price performance-price ratio of 500-1499 yuan includeRedmiNote 8 Pro 6 64GB, vivo Z36 64GB, Redmi Note 8 4 64GB, Honor 8x 4 64GB, Redmi Note 7 6 64GB, vivo Z5x 6 64GB and Redmi Note 7 Pro 6 128GB.

1500-2499 yuan

First place: Redmi K20 Pro 6 64GB

Average running score: 420463

Cost-effective ratio: 200.3

Price: 2099 yuan

AsRed riceThe first real flagship mobile phone, K20 Pro naturally follows the concept of the best performance-price ratio of red rice. With the passing of the sales cycle, the machine began to reduce its price. At present, the price of the machine is 2099 yuan on the page of Jingdong, but it usually has 100 yuan coupon, that is, 1999 yuan.

In terms of configuration, the Redmi K20 Pro uses 6.39 inch anhydrous drop without bangs full screen, carries Snapdragon 855 chip, rear 48 million 13 million 8 million pixel three photos, battery capacity 4000 mAh, supports 27W wired fast charging. This price can buy a flagship plane that is not out of date, which can be said to be worth it.

Second place: Meizu 16th 6 64GB version

Average running score: 337428

Performance-to-price ratio: 198.7

Price: 1698 yuan

Last month, the Meizu 16th was in the third place. This month, with a price reduction of 100 yuan, it rose to the second place. After all, the truth fragrance theorem is still very useful in front of the price. Meizu 16th has a full-scale screen design without Liu Hai pole created by Huangzhang. This design should be deeply loved by Huangzhang, so in subsequent models, it basically continues this appearance.

Configured, the Meizu 16th carries a Cellon 845 chip, which provides a front-facing 20 million pixel camera and a rear 12 million 20 million pixel dual camera, with a battery capacity of 3010 mAh, which may be a slight shortage of the machine, but its feel and design make up for it.

Third place: vivo iQOO Neo 6 128GB

Average running score: 349310

Cost-effective ratio: 191.1

Price: 1828 yuan

Vivo iQOO Neo is a special model, which was released in July this year. The reason why it is special is that it carries Gaotong 845 chip, a flagship chip of last year, and a price of less than 2,000 yuan, which will inevitably affect the sales of old flagships that have not finished inventory last year.

The, iQOO Neo uses 6.38 inch water drop screen, provides front 12 million pixel camera and rear 12 million pixel 8 million pixel 2 million pixel three photos, battery capacity 4500mAh, supports 22.5W fast charging, this configuration is very competitive, after all, only large batteries can continue to travel, can make most users who like to play games.

In addition to the three products mentioned above, the top ten price-performance ratios at the same price includemilletMIX 2S 6 128GB, vivo iQOO 6 128GB, Meizu 16th Plus 6 128GB, Glory V20 6 128GB, Meizu 16s 6 128GB, Red Devils Mars 8 128GB, Honor Maigic 26 128GB.

2500-3499 yuan

First place: Meizu 16s Pro 6 128GB

Average running score: 456757

Cost-effective ratio: 169.2

Price: 2699 yuan

16S Pro is Meizu's latest flagship aircraft. Compared with 16s, it has a performance improvement. It has been upgraded from 555 to 855 Plus chip. The appearance of 16S Pro is to continue to use 6.2 inch full-scale polar edge screen and COF packaging technology. The chin is controlled at 4.2 mm, with 91.53% of the screen.

In terms of configuration, Meizu 16S Pro carries Gaotong Luan855 Plus chip, equipped with UFS 3.0 flash memory, the opening speed of APP is 40% faster than 16s, the system fluency is 30% higher, and the latest OneMind 3.5 support. Officials say that the comprehensive performance of 16S Pro has been improved by 40%.

From this we can see how much Huang carpenters like the 16 series of shapes. Of course, Meizu has a steady strength in handle and shape design, but the continuous doll will make users easily aesthetic fatigue. As for when to break the 16 series of shapes, it may be necessary to wait until the mobile phone enters a new form.

Second place: red Devils 3 e-sports mobile phone 8 128GB

Average running score: 441676

Cost-effective ratio: 168.0

Price: 2629 yuan

Game mobile phone is a new type of popular in recent years. With its unique shape design and flagship performance, it has been rapidly welcomed by electronic game players. Moreover, the price of game mobile phone is different from that of PC. The price of game mobile phone is more suitable for public users. This is the case of Red Devil 3 electronic game mobile phone, which uses a 6.65-inch display screen, carries a Qiulong 855 chip, has 5000 mAh battery, and has a longer battery. The game goes on.

In addition, the screen refresh rate of Red Devil 3 competitive mobile phone is 90 Hz, which can be said to be a game artifact at this price.

Third place: Redmi K20 Pro exclusive version 8 128GB

Average running score: 449587

Cost-effective ratio: 166.6

Price: 2699 yuan

In late September, Red Rice renewed its flagship mobile phone K20 Pro, mainly upgraded its configuration. The chip was upgraded to 555 Plus, which has higher GPU frequency and stronger performance than that of 555. The price is set at 2699 yuan, which can be said to be very conscientious.

Otherwise, Redmi K20 Pro has 6.39 inch AM.OLEDFull-scale polar screen, 48 megapixel super-clear three-camera, 4000mAh large battery, multi-functional NFC, Hi-Res Audio certification, dual-frequency GPS and other features.

In addition to the three models mentioned above, the cost-effective front-end model for this price range also includes a 2-8 128GB version of the Black Shark Game.One plus7 8 256GB version, black shark game phone 2 Pro 12 128GB version, ROG game phone 28 128GB version, Xiaomi MIX 3 8 128GB version, Glory 20 Pro 8 128GB version andHuaweinova5Pro8128GB.

3500 yuan or more

First place: vivo iQOO Pro 5G 8 128GB

Average running score: 471266

Cost-effective ratio: 124.1

Price: 3798 yuan

At this time point, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have basically taken out their own 5G flagship. Compared with last month's list, 5G mobile phones appeared in September, such as vivo iQOO Pro 5G, which ranked first in price. Once sold, it became the cheapest 5G mobile phone at that time.

On the configuration, the, iQOO Pro 5G uses 6.41 inch Super AMOLED water drop screen, carries Cellon 855 Plus mobile platform, supplemented by UFS 3.0 flash memory, battery capacity 4500mAh, supports 44W fast charging, provides front-facing 12 million pixel front-facing camera and 48 million 13 million 2 million camera, although the configuration is not very bright, but the machine does not have a lot of slot points, coupled with support for 5G network, it can really be called true fragrance.

Second: Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G 8 256GB

Average running score: 464807

Cost-effective ratio: 122.3

Price: 3799 yuan

The second is Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G, which is the second 5G mobile phone of Xiaomi's flagship. It is more competitive in selling price. It is equipped with the high-pass Teflon 855Plus chip, and the XL VC liquid cooling module is customized. The heat dissipation area is 1127 mm. Oempty VC liquid-cooled 5-layer graphite high-heat-conductivity copper foil heat-conducting gel three-dimensional heat-dissipation system. The core temperature of the CPU is reduced by 10.2 ℃. It is called "VC liquid-cooled 5G core" and provides a 12GB RAM 512GB ROM with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh.

The only pity is that the machine is not equipped with UFS 3.0 flash memory, but Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G has a triple fast charge, 40W wired fast charge (48 minutes full of 4000mAh) 30W wireless fast charge (69 minutes full) 10W reverse charging, which makes up for the defect.

Third place: OPPO Reno 10 times zoom version 6 128GB

Average running score: 416387

Cost-effective ratio: 112.6

Price: 3699 yuan

The 10-fold zoom version of the OPPO Reno uses a 6.6-inch screen, carries a Cellon 855 chip, provides a front-facing 16 million pixel lift camera and a rear 48 million 13 million 8 million pixel triple camera, supports ten-fold hybrid zoom, and has a battery capacity of 4065 mAh.

The biggest highlight of the machine is the camera, which uses the "connecting rod" to achieve 16-160mm "full focus coverage", while meeting the requirements of 10 times hybrid optical zoom, ultra wide angle, portrait, etc.4KVideo recording and other omni-directional image creation needs, support 10 times hybrid optical zoom, 60 times digital zoom, users who like to take photos should be considered.

In addition to the above three models, the price/ performance price for the same price range also includes Huawei Mate 306128GB, one plus 7 Pro 8 256GB, and Huawei P30 6128GB.SamsungGalaxy S9 6 128GB, vivo NEX 3 5G 8 256GB, OPPO Find X 8 128GB, Samsung Galaxy S10 8 128GB.

Above is the ranking of this month's Antu Rabbit Performance-to-Price Ratio List, you can choose according to your own needs.

Finally, we can predict the future Android mobile phone performance-to-price list, we can see that 5G phones have already appeared in the flagship aircraft. I believe that in the next few months, 5G phones will go below 3000 yuan, and more phones will enter the ranks of real fragrance.

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