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Is the Ali database really better than Oracle?

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But Lei Feng found that there was a lack of information in the process of communication. It is undeniable that Ali Ocean Base's efforts, but we should also correctly view the test itself. By synthesizing multiple messages, Lei Feng hopes to present the original appearance of the test and the significance of the test.

What is the TPC-C benchmark?

TPC (transaction processing performancecouncil), known as the transaction performance Committee, is responsible for defining things such as TPC-C,TPC-H

TPC-C was approved as a new benchmark on July 23, 1992. By simulating warehouse and order management system, TPC-C benchmark tests a wide range of database functions, including query, update and mini-batch transactions (queued small batch transactions). TPC-C benchmark measures a simulated order entry and sales environment, and tpmC represents the number of transactions that can be processed per minute.

Records are dusty for nine years, not because they can't break through.

No, no, No.

Lei Feng learned from the database industry that the preparation of the TPC-C benchmark test takes at least six months. Ali also disclosed in the subsequent information that the Ocean Base team spent more than one year in preparation. Only two of the three official auditors in the world participated in the test audit.

And in the past nine years, not just Oracle, other database vendors have not selected to refresh the list, just because Oracle's performance has been leading the other nine years? Price/ performance is a factor that has to be raised.

How much tangible or intangible returns can be generated by breaking through this test is a practical issue that manufacturers need to consider. From the media supersize point out that in the TPC-C official list of more than 370 lines, only ant Jinfu test results are white background, other companies because they are all grey background. The list reads: "All grey background test results are overdue due due to software and hardware upgrades."

Nine years later, Ant Financial Services Group ranked first 60880800 tpmC, and ranked second with oracle bone inscriptions nine years ago, with a score of 30249688 tpmC..

Nine years later, the total cost of the test system for the gold clothes of ants was 380,452,842 RMB.The serverThe hardware is 420 pieces.IntelTo strong platinum 8163, total kernel 6720, total thread 13440; database is OceanBase2.2. Nine years ago, the total cost of the test system used by Oracle was $30528863 about 213702041 RMB, the server used 108 SUN Sparc T3, the total kernel was 1728, the total thread was 13824, and the database was Oracle 11g R2.

Although the improvement of hardware performance can not be reflected 100% in the improvement of database performance, the actual conversion performance is not the same as before, and Oracle database has been iterated to version 19C. A new version of Oracle Database 20c will be released in January 2020. There is a big gap between the software and hardware used by the two manufacturers.

According to the industry, Oracle may also feel that the pure brush list is of little significance, and it takes time and effort to prepare the test itself. The results of the nine-year test also show that it is difficult to overturn the Oracle from a hard index. The test results show that the performance of the Ali database can reach a certain value, but it is not appropriate to misrepresent it as a game.

Despite the list, Ocean Base is also the first tier.

So, is it necessary for OceanBase to refresh the list? Lei Feng net thinks it is still necessary. In the past, the industry has been discussing when the domestic database can cross the mountain of Oracle, but now we have at least seen the mountain road.

Lei Feng network learned that Ali is currently divided into two branches from the research database, OceanBase and POLARDB, OceanBase are mainly used by ant gold clothing system, as a domestic distributed database developed by Ali, Alipay is using OceanBase, POLARDB is also self-developed by Ali, and is positioned as the next generation relational distributed cloud native database.Ali cloudThe main cloud native database, OceanBase is also on Ali cloud public test.

Ocean Base Product Architecture

Alipay also used Oracle database before its research. Ali went to the IOE tide. In 2016, OceanBase replaced the Oracle database in Alipay's core accounting system. OceanBase realized the user data received by the front desk under the process of OLTP online transaction processing, and it could immediately be transmitted to the computing center for processing and processing results in a short time.

Ocean Base and POARDB also have some competition within Ali, but they are all working for the next generation of databases in general. OceanBase achieves high availability of financial level on ordinary servers, supports "three places and five centers" city-level Fault Automatic Non-destructive disaster tolerance, and has the ability of online horizontal expansion.

From the practical point of view, the servers and storage used in the test may not be the real user scenarios, such as full flicker and flicker, servers using old products directly, Oracle's test results are also optimized, Ali Ocean Base's results are enough to meet the performance requirements of most scenarios, and the important thing is that the price is low. For example, in the oceanbase test, the hardware cost only accounts for about 18% of the overall cost, only considering the cost performance of the hardware is significantly better than the centralized database.

In this regard, Ali may not have expected the development of the situation, will be in the direction of "China's self-research database to break the Western monopoly", Ali insiders also said to Lei Feng that the internal test results did not respond too much.

Earlier, industry experts told Leifeng. com (public number: Leifeng. com) that the cloud native database market may erupt in the next two or three years. The growth rate of the public cloud market has slowed down, and the original cloud database is more in line with the market demand. At present, the technological monopoly of foreign database manufacturers has been gradually broken, and the rising momentum of domestic database is expected to further develop.

The database market is about to start the second half of the competition. Cloud vendors are the new variables affecting this battle. It is a long process to match with Oracle and achieve Oracle, which is not realistic at present. How to use the understanding of database market, or the advantage of database technology, to impress the market customers worth 2-4 billion yuan, is a real problem for database manufacturers.

The positioning of Alibaba and Oracle database is different. The advantage of OceanBase is that it adopts distributed architecture, with lower hardware cost, better availability and linear expansion. However, the performance of OceanBase stand-alone is quite different from Oracle and DB2. Therefore, it is required to focus on optimizing the performance of stand-alone storage.

In addition, OceanBase is positioned to support both OLTP and OLAP services in the same engine. At present, OceanBase's OLAP processing capability is not as good as Oracle's. In the follow-up, we need to strengthen the storage module's processing capability for large queries, and support OLAP operators to be pushed down to the storage layer or even to do OLAP computation directly on compressed data.

Nine years ago, cloud computing just sprang up in China. Like the impact of cloud computing on proprietary IT infrastructure, new databases are also impacting on traditional databases. When the cost-effective ratio reaches a certain level, the demand for cloud computing naturally emerges. With the evolution of technology, cloud computing can show no weaker performance than proprietary IT infrastructure in some scenarios, and the field of database is repeating nine times. Years ago.

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