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Revaluation of BAT and Huawei's ambition in the cloud

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The battle of the clouds

Text: Wang Gang

As Tencent 9

The leading role of the top five suppliers is more pronounced in the global public cloud, which controls three-quarters of the market.

According to IDC data, Aliyun public cloud market share has exceeded China's total of 2-8.

In China, with BAT and Huawei, the manufacturer of the representative has built a special commercial form on the cloud

Last year's wave of collective adjustment put cloud computing in the wind of industrial transformation. In a word of industry personage, the position of cloud department has been elevated. Customers know that we are taking the power of the group to help them to go to the cloud. We are confident and reliable. After all, the company is so big that it will not fall down and the risk will be relatively small.

After upgrading, we can see that the reputation of technology Taiwan is noisy, the chip war sounds, the digital government is in a frenzy, the industrial Internet field is in full swing, and the entry and drain of talent has become the variable and focus of cloud vendors'attention.

If, with Tencent 9

One, the narrow road meets the brave.

What is the performance of the brave?

Strategy and vision.

Ali entered the bureau in 2009, the earliest cloud computing business, now become the first card, indeed proved their efforts and.

Tencent chased head-on, in 2018 9

Baidu is what Robin Li says.

And Huawei's cloud, the ICT-based cloud vendor, from

Overall, cloud computing has gone through the market cultivation, the concept period has passed, enter the popularization period, the next stage is the harvest period, Ali, Tencent, Baidu, Huawei's strong attack, it is not too late.

From the perspective of the industry, these four cloud strategies highlight the considerations of the next few years:

  • Alibaba's cloud strategy: the internal skill is integrated. in particular,
  • Tencent's cloud strategy: Tencent CSIG is the external window of Tencent's ToB strategy, and other businesses are the intelligence-sac corps, and the Tencent cloud is connected to the B-end industrial Internet by connecting the C-terminal consumer Internet resources to the B-side industrial Internet, and provides new infrastructure such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence.
  • Baidu's cloud strategy: Baidu cloud is ABC cloud, that is,
  • Huawei's Cloud Strategy: reflected in the Group's four Computing Strategies

Each has its merits and demerits. Clouds become more underneath and more supportive. In the early business model, cloud vendors overlapped different business practices. In the future strategy, all IT and hardware will be redone.

Especially when the public cloud becomes heavier, the purse of cloud vendors becomes more critical.

Two, the man in charge.

Talk about the leaders of these cloud manufacturers.

On the one hand, he is the leader of the cloud business, on the other hand, he is a corporate executive.

Active epilepsy (Zhang Jianfeng, president of Aliyun) is a 70-year-old who has been in Ali for 15 years. He has been working on Taobao system before. From architect to CTO of Aliyun Group, he has always taken the technical route. Today, he is in charge of the Aliyun Intelligence Business Group, President of Damo, or the executor of Ali's China-Taiwan strategy. He reports directly to xiaoyaozi (Alibaba CEO).


President Ali Yun's epilepsy

Qiu Yuepeng is


Qiu Yuepeng, President of Tencent Yun

Yin Shiming is an enterprise service veteran, vice president of Baidu and general manager of Baidu Intelligence Group (ACG). He joined Baidu in November 2016. He graduated from Huazhong University of science and technology with a master's degree in engineering. Before joining Baidu, he was the general manager and ecosystem director of Apple's enterprise department in Greater China, the assistant president of SAP global sales, and the senior vice president of SAP. He is now fully responsible for Baidu cloud business and reports to Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng.


Yin Shiming, general manager of Baidu Intelligent Cloud

Zheng Yelai is the general of Huawei cloud. He joined Huawei in 1999. He has successively served as wireless product manager, director of wireless product line om SPDT, President of wireless OSS and service product line, President of IT product line, member of strategy and Development Committee, etc., with very old qualifications. Now he is president of Huawei Cloud BU. When he was president of IT product line, he invested in four chips, which have become the chip level advantages of Huawei Cloud.


Zheng Yelai, President of Huawei Cloud BU

Compared with madness, Qiu Yuepeng and Zheng Yelai both belong to their respective groups.

Today, people in the industry can see their four active figures on various stages, especially the Hangzhou Yunqi Conference in Ali, Tencent's Global Digital Ecology Conference, Huawei's Full Connection Conference and Baidu's Yunzhi Summit, which are their main venues.

These products of the platform gradually integrated optimization, eventually in the major cities to do tour.

Third, the key words of Aliyun:The talent, the wind-making

Without Cai Chongxin's specialty, Ma Yun would not dare to invest in Sun Zhengyi; without Dr. Wang Jian's technology, Ma Yun would not dare to rush into cloud computing. Talent to Ali is the source of water.

To this day, Ariyun is still

Since Xingdian is also the CTO of Ali group and the president of Damo hospital, he can mobilize more technical resources than Sun Quan in that year. At present, in Ali, the top AI figures are:

Jin Rong, one of the founders of iDST, was the chairman of NIPS, SIGIR and other top international conferences. Wang Gang, the director of the Autopilot Laboratory of Damo College, has become one of the 10 winners of MIT's scientific and technological innovation talents under 35 years old in Asia because of his outstanding contribution to the design of deep neural networks. Huaxiansheng, the head of the center, was awarded the title of IEEE Fellow and is an international authoritative scholar in the field of visual recognition and search. In recent years, Jia Yangqing, a well-known developer of Cafe, joined Ali in 2018 as Vice President and General Manager of Ali Yun Intelligent Computing Platform. During his Ph.D. study, Jia Yang-qing created and opened up the deep learning framework Caffe, which was adopted by Microsoft, Yahoo, Nvida, Adobe and other companies. Before joining Ali, Jia Yangqing was a Chinese scientist on Facebook.

... Although Min Wanli, the chief scientist of Aliyun, officially announced his farewell to Alibaba in June 2019, Ali's technological talent echelon remains intact.

Ali has always said that he will increase investment in scientific research and continue to expand the technological gap between the cloud, so the deep integration of Dharma's technology and Ali cloud is inevitable.In addition, Ali is at the Yunqi General Assembly.

In addition to attracting talent, Ariyun

Madness announced in May this year that from Ali Yun to Alibaba's Cloud, Ariyun's new position is

The new positioning has two meanings. Xingepileptic revealed that at present, 60% - 70% of Alibaba's traffic runs on the public cloud. Alibaba plans to spend one to two years to make all traffic run on the public cloud. This is the decision made by Alibaba group last year.


Ariyun Logo changes from black and white to orange

In 2019, the node of the 20th anniversary of the AliCloud, also a node of the 10th anniversary of the AliCloud, has been a long-standing peer-to-peer dialogue at the cloud-benthic conference just in the past, and three of them are not Alibaba.

The picture of the handshake became the best stereotype of Ali Yun's winner posture.


After the organization has been upgraded, the digital government is one of the most important business of Alibaba Cloud. in

Fourth, the key words of Tencent cloud:Clouds are BG, adult gifts

From the attacker's point of view, Tencent Cloud has completed the transformation of mentality and identity, becoming the second undisputed cloud manufacturer in China.

But the only thing that doesn't change is

The dual approach of "Tencent Industrial Acceleration Capital" has led to more linkages between partners and Tencent. Tencent has invested in the three companies of the North-Ming software, the East China software and the long-light technology for a period of two months. This year, the Tencent SaaS Accelerator has developed rapidly.

Tencent 9,2018


Qiu yuepeng once mentioned to Lei Feng that the adjustment is of great significance to Tencent. The core change is to build the organizational structure with products as the core and with customers as the center.

As Mr. Martens said in an open letter on October 31,2018, Tencent's business interface is more focused and the rules of cooperation are more clear.

Under this change of thinking, Tencent cloud and the team of industrial Internet gathered together and made many optimizations, such as the integration of retail cloud and smart retail team, forming a team. The boundaries between product matrices are not as clear as before, but now there is a unified interface with Tencent's business communication. With things to know who to look for, this person will take the lead in organizing the resources in the rear, and the effect of structural adjustment will gradually emerge.

Tencent President Liu Chiping emphasized Tencentdo not do

Qiu Yuepeng thinks that CSIG's customer-centered organizational form also contains this part: customers may have their own Partners, but these Partners themselves lack new cloud technology, Tencent Cloud will cooperate with these Partners to help them do better.

This means that Tencent Cloud's business expansion is carried out at the same time: one to open up and the other to Partner.. It is reported that Tencent has 6000 agents, many of which are the original ISV, to maintain a good cooperative relationship for a long time.

2019 is a milestone for Tencent Cloud. One of the important performances is that the total number of Tencent servers has exceeded 1 million, the first in China and one of the five in the world. In addition, the peak bandwidth of Tencent has exceeded 100 T, which is the first company in China to reach 100 T.

The delivery of enterprise-class services and consumer-level services through the cloud is standard for the Tencent industry Internet.

Fifth, Baidu cloud key words:Landing from point to line, exit AI

Baidu Cloud has undergone several changes of name, such as Baidu Open Cloud, Baidu Intelligent Cloud, but the industry is more used to it.

At the end of 2018, Baidu announced that it would upgrade the Intelligent Cloud from the Industry Department (ACU) to the Business Group (ACG), which also carries AI to B and cloud services.

This year after the adjustment of the structure, the growth rate of 100 degrees of clouds is remarkable, and there are basically no large-scale downtime events. Even the red envelope war of 2019 Spring Festival Gala, Baidu cloud is also resistant to the peak of traffic.?

Baidu cloud is the cloud of Baidu's brain. Behind its cloud computing is Baidu's AI strategy as a whole, and not just an isolated look in a fierce cloud computing market environment.

In the past two years, Baidu's cloud, led by Zhang Yanqin and Yin Shimin, has made some achievements in the fields of finance and industry, according to a person engaged in the research of cloud computing industry.

Yin Shiming mentioned at the baidu AI Developers Conference in July this year that Baidu has become the fastest cloud manufacturer with a single quarter revenue of more than 1 billion, and has become a major player in the industry. Cloud patents related to AI rank first in China. Prior to that, it had basically maintained a rate of one quarter ahead (Q4 was the fifth largest in China in 2018 and Q1 was the fourth largest in China in 2019), but the competition would be more intense in the future.

Baidu Intelligent Cloud is the release of AI capabilities, to some extent, AI is better than cloud, cloud is a base.

The construction of a To B system is the most fundamental, To B product with long life cycle management demands, sales market, service system, operation system need to be rebuilt. Yin Shiming takes it for granted.

Li Shuo, deputy general manager of Baidu Cloud and head of industrial intelligence business, told Leifeng before that Baidu Intelligent Cloud has done the most since last year, thinking and studying how to change AI from a landing site to a landing line, which is a very important link for AI commercialization to cross the gap.

6. The key words of Hua Weiyun:Call for gunfire and courage to do it

Huawei has always maintained the tone of the fight, such as emphasizing crisis awareness (Ren Zhengfei published Huawei's Winter) and advocating end-to-end elimination.

In Huawei Heart Sound Community, there has been a speech, that is, Mr. Ren's Speech at the Operator BG Organizational Change Seminar on July 19-20, 2019.

It says: the reason why Huawei's market reform is important is that 70% of its operational power has been decentralized to the representative office.

Ren Zhengfei is very ambitious and has always wanted Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud has been doing cloud computing for 11 years, but in the voice community, internal employees say Huawei Cloud

It is said that Ren Zhengfei also criticized Zheng Yelai for this, hoping he would not be too conservative.

In fact, it is the public cloud that is compared to the market, and Huawei is not doing it on a large scale, but not on a large scale. Before, both the government cloud and the enterprise cloud were, and the public cloud, which works with international operators overseas, also counts.

This is the design of Huawei's business model.

Who is Huawei's most critical customer? Telecom operators. Once vigorously develop the public cloud, it is bound to have an impact and competition on the business of customers. After all, operators are doing public clouds.

In March 2017, the founder of Huawei is one of the non-issuance

As a strategic business, according to the inside of Huawei,


After the adjustment, Huawei Cloud's status has been further enhanced, and it has been more open-minded, and has received support from many parties, such as chips.After a series of 910 and 310 last year, it symbolizes

When Huawei decides to do something, its commitment is obvious to all.

Jia Yongli is the general manager of Huawei Cloud EI (Enterprise Intelligence) Service products Department. Xu Zhijun, Huawei's rotating chairman, once mentioned that Huawei's Shengten910 chip is made for Jia Yongli's team. If customers go to the market to buy boards and then provide cloud services, how can they have such a high gross profit? It would be good not to lose money.

For Zheng Ye, cloud service must be a short board strategy in the future. His words show that Huawei must complete its work without leaving a loophole.

7. The unruly cloud industry is becoming bette

This sentence is Huawei's computing industry strategy. Looking at the whole cloud industry, we all have different characteristics.

From a corporate point of view, Ariyun stressed that he would not rob the partner business without SaaS, Tencent, that Baiduyun would go in the direction of thin and heavy industrial intelligence, and Huawei had promised not to invest in equity if it did not rob operator territory.

Huawei's restraint is similar to that of Huawei

From the industry point of view, from the IaaS, the bottom differentiation will become smaller and smaller or even disappear, because the bottom itself has no industry attributes, each computing, storage, network resources are very close, for most customers is a

What does homogeneous competition bring about?Price war.

From 2017 to 2018, it was the most ferocious time for the price war in the cloud computing industry, especially when the CDN sector was shrouded in price clouds. In addition, the government affairs cloud won the bid of 1 yuan.

Like any industry, there is a hidden rule in the barbaric stage of growth: pollution first, and then governance. But the price war is not the core tactics of cloud manufacturers after all, but it is true that the price war in 2019 is basically over.

When the price and business model are no longer discussed, the technical strength becomes

Cloud manufacturers, such as jinshanyun, Qingyun and ucloud, who are neutral, are also very restrained. They have raised the curtain of deep cultivation of technology, or hit the scientific and technological innovation board to make their wallets bulge first.

Cloud computing continues to sink into the cloud battles of finance, travel, government, industry, education, community, and business giants.

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