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Comparisons of Phone 11 Pro vs. Huawei Mate 30 Pro Cameras

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Andy (Andy Boxall) from Digitaltrends spent a weekend with two modelsMobile phoneA series of photos were taken to understand their performance and best shooting results.

Camera specifications

On the back of the iPhone 11 Pro is a camera system of three lenses, including a 1200 million pixel wide angle lens and a long focal lens (2 times optical zoom). Both wide-angle and long-focal lenses have optical anti-shaking functions, and there is a new night mode on the main lens. The functions related to photography are driven by A13 bionic processor and image signal processor.

Huawei's Mate 30 Pro, which uses Leica 4, has a pair of wide-angle ultra-wide-angle dual main shots of 4000 million pixels and an 8 million pixel long focal lens 3D deep lens. Long focus supports 3 times optical or 5 times hybrid zoom and has artificial intelligence for scene recognition and video pattern special effects. The night pattern has also been improved.

It should be noted that the overseas version of Huawei Mate 30 Pro is not yet available (and does not land in the United States), so the Mate 30 Pro for testing may be different from the final product in performance, and the function of the final version of the photo software will be optimized, so the quality of the photos obtained is different from that of this test, which is just for your reference and does not involve conclusions.

This trial of two mobile phone cameras is only a casual photography during the journey. The method may not be professional, but it is the closest to the most common scenario of people using mobile phones. The purpose is to understand whether the functions they provide are interesting, and whether the performance in reality can meet our daily needs. Of course, we also take this opportunity to understand the different mobile phones in the photography processing technology is not. Same.

Let's start now:

The foyer stopped

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

After 8: 00 p. M., taken in a dark bar, both photos are taken in night mode. IPhone 11 Pro perfectly captures the white of the window frame and the bright light from the outside, with natural hue. Mate 30 Pro is warm and scattered more light on the wood, so it also shows more details in the shadows.

Of course, this does not mean that the Mate 30 Pro camera is always warm color, because the photo behind the iPhone 11 Pro will also appear warm color processing effect, which is only obvious in comparison.

Berth port

IPhone 11 Pro

Mate 30 Pro

Both photos were taken with a double zoom, so the iPhone is optical zoom at this level, but Mate 30 Pro may be a hybrid zoom. There are many obvious differences between the two. The real shadow under the iPhone lens makes the water wave obvious and the whole picture more energetic, while the picture under the mate 30 Pro lens is softer and therefore lacks some flexibility.

What we see in reality is closer to the images taken by the iPhone, so we can also see the difference in image processing between Apple and Huawei mobile phones. If you zoom in further, the iPhone 11 Pro will be clearer.

Blacksmith's yard

IPhone 11 Pro

Mate 30 Pro

The two pictures were taken only a few seconds apart, but they looked totally two kinds of weather. Mate 30 Pro is slightly underexposed, and the visible sky is flat. Overall, the light and color changes reflected by the iPhone 11 Pro convey the natural lighting and weather conditions to the audience.

If you look at the close range, the details of the iPhone 11 Pro are all-inclusive and clear, but you will find that Mate 30 Pro highlights important details. For example, small flower beds on walls, signs, lanterns and mountain tigers and moss on roofs are all more conspicuous because of their high saturation. There are many lines on the wall and floor in this photo. The iPhone 11 has been restored to reality and Mate 30 Pro has been smoothed.

Scooby arcade

IPhone 11 Pro

Mate 30 Pro

Using night mode to shoot neon effect in complex and dark indoor light is a challenge for iPhone 11 pro, and easy for mate 30 pro. Enlarged to Scooby's arcade face, Mate 30 Pro is clearer. Signboard light box and color effect are more vivid Mate 30 Pro, the text is more eye-catching.

Wide angle island view

IPhone 11 Pro

Mate 30 Pro

Two pictures that look totally different. Using wide-angle lens to shoot on the noisy hilltop first reflects the difference between the two perspectives. The iPhone can shoot more scenes with brighter images and better exposure. There is a strong contrast between withered yellow and newly growing weeds in close-range. The distant green trees are clearly visible. The overall scene has a uniform hue and distinct layers.

Mate 30 Pro's color modification makes the vision look messy and short-term vision lacks vitality.


IPhone 11 Pro

Mate 30 Pro

This is a photograph showing two long focus lenses of each camera. The 2-fold optical zoom of the iPhone 11 Pro allows me to approach it, but the 3-fold optical zoom of the Mate 30 Pro brings me closer.

Mate 30 Pro's pictures are super saturated, but the color is so beautiful that you can't even look away from the lion's eyes. The camera will need to show the main body very well. By contrast, the iPhone 11 Pro is more modest.

Scattered statue

IPhone 11 Pro

Mate 30 Pro

The color similarity between the shooting object and the background, and the similarity between the extended arm and the foreground object are difficult problems for AI. Huawei's Appurer model and its AI have beaten most other phones in previous tests, but this time, the iPhone 11 Pro won.

The iPhone 11 Pro perfectly focused the entire statue and arm extension, with a strong 3D stereosensity and an effective display of weathered marks and texture on the statue. Mate 30 Pro's statue was flatter and the arm gradually blurred.

Self-timer in portrait mode

iPhone 11 Pro

Mate 30 Pro

Using standard portrait mode on both phones, the iPhone 11 Pro image is the most restored, wrinkled, dark circles and beard dregs. Even if the beauty mode is not turned on, the Mate 30 Pro will smooth the face. Impressive, both cameras can detect the edge of glasses very well, the overall scattered effect is very good.

(The above photo is from Andy Boxall)

brief summary

This is a fierce competition. The two mobile phones have advantages and disadvantages in taking photos. From personal experience, there are five groups of photos I prefer to take from iPhone 11 pro, and three groups are mate 30 pro, which is very popular with me. This demonstrates how much Apple has done on the camera of the iPhone 11, making it a leap forward over the previous generation. Mate 30 Pro has almost no weaknesses in camera, and can render excellent details under all conditions. It is also one of the best choices for long focus shooting. It is really very strong.

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