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Ren Yuxin of Tencent: the protection of minors is the lifeline of Tencent's development

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In his speech, Ren Yuxin shared Tencent's thoughts on the protection of minors online, noting that Tencent has built a three-dimensional ecology of minor protection in a systematic manner. Tencent will be all games will be connected to anti-addiction system this year, can not access will be suspended or off the shelves.

At the same time, Ren Yuxin believes that it is also necessary to open up coordination, promote social co-construction of network ecological governance, strengthen technological investment and industrial coordination, and strengthen social participation. He stressed that Tencent, colleges and universities, society and so on to form closer coordination, to be an ecological co-founder of minor protection.

The following is a transcript of Ren Yuxin's speech:

Distinguished Chairman Wang Jiarui, Minister Liu Lihong, leaders, distinguished guests, good afternoon! On behalf of Tencent, it is an honor to participate in the discussion of "online minor Protection and Ecological Governance".

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the most significant difference between each generation is likely to be the degree of influence of the Internet. This difference brings not only different social challenges, but also innovations in the way of life, learning and growth.

With the rapid popularity of mobile devices, the Internet penetration rate of minors in China has reached 93.7%. For this generation of Internet aborigines, the Internet is not only a form of entertainment, but also an important communication medium and learning platform.

Therefore, as a member of the industry, we should not only have a strong sense of responsibility and protection, cooperate with the competent departments, do a good job in the management of network ecology, and build a safe and healthy network environment for minors; at the same time, we should also use a more developed vision to deal with the relationship between the Internet and minors, so that science and technology can really be used by the younger generation and help them grow.

[计]highest priority

Minors protection is the lifeline of Tencent's development

Taking Tencent as an example, as an Internet based technology and culture company, we hope to become a "digital assistant" for all walks of life, creating value for the society from two dimensions of consumer Internet and industrial Internet. On our social and digital content platforms, there are many underage users. We should not only provide them with high-quality services and content, but also in the process, we should always tighten a string, which is health and safety.

Therefore, we always attach great importance to network ecological governance, especially the protection of minors, and regard it as the lifeline of enterprise development. Mr. Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors of the company, has put forward written suggestions on the protection of minors at the national two sessions for three consecutive years. All Tencent's products and services also put the protection of minors at the highest priority. Even if there is a conflict between some measures and business profits, the opinions of the decision-makers are very consistent: no matter how big the business impact is, what should be done must be done. Moreover, we should be thorough and solid, and be able to solve problems.

Systematic promotion

Building a three-dimensional ecological protection for minors

Here, I'm going to share with you some of Tencent's initiatives from the perspective of practical work:

First of all, we have invested in network security for a long time to provide multiple guarantees for minors who lack the ability of self-protection. We have established platform level security services such as Tencent 110 and guardian plan, and cooperated with competent departments to resolutely clean up harmful information and crack down on cyber crimes. We have also launched a variety of online security courses to help children across the country improve their security awareness and avoid harm.

In addition, we have taken the lead in creating systematic solutions to the problem of game addiction that the whole society pays attention to. Since the beginning of 2017, we have successively launched "growth guard platform", "health system" and "active service project", taking the lead in applying new technologies such as "public security real name verification" and "face recognition verification", forming the most strict and comprehensive anti sinking system in China. Today, the health system has covered more than 97.3% of the active users of Tencent games. The game duration and consumption of minors have been obviously controlled. In addition, we will connect all our games to the system within this year. If we can't access them, we will shut down and take them off the shelves to ensure that every minor is effectively protected.

Of course, in addition to protection and restriction, it is more important to give children more guidance through high-quality content experience. For example, Tencent games has created a "dream pursuit plan", which can convey the feelings of home country, carry forward traditional culture, popularize scientific knowledge and make the game more than just entertainment to children through a large number of functional games such as "dream of home", "Forbidden City: Pocket craftsman" and "Tencent Jingkou". Tencent video has also launched the "Little Penguin paradise" app for children to select the age appropriate content and make the family Long and society at ease.

Open collaboration

Promoting social co construction of network ecological governance

With the deepening of these works, we have gradually realized that in addition to our own continuous investment, we also need to widely Link Industrial and social forces to take on more responsibilities:

First of all, we should make good use of technological innovation and enrich the toolbox of network governance. Taking Tencent as an example, we launched the "Star project" based on big data analysis, aiming at short video, live broadcast and other content products, to more accurately clean up harmful information. In May this year, Tencent also launched the first international standard for network protection of minors, hoping to precipitate our technical practice and better serve the whole ecosystem.

Secondly, we need to strengthen industrial coordination and be a connector of strength. For example, in terms of anti addiction, we are widely connectedHUAWEI,SamsungPartners at home and abroad, such as Shanda, China Unicom, hope to bring together the power of software, hardware and communication services, and create a "concentric circle" of minors protection through complementary advantages of the industrial chain.

Third, we should strengthen social participation and be a co builder of ecology. We will continue to improve products and services such as "parent protection" and "star protection" to provide families and schools with more problem-solving tools. At the same time, we hope to work closely with universities, experts, tripartite institutions and the international community to become a professional and reliable ecological co builder.

Science and technology to good, for a better future

The above is my understanding of minors protection and network ecological governance based on Tencent's practice.

In front of us, the challenge is a lot, and with the popularization of technologies such as 5G and AI, the new challenges will continue to emerge. But we are always convinced that science and technology are a kind of ability, and to good is a choice. Adhering to the "science and technology to good" 's vision and mission, Tencent expects to join hands with all industry partners, family, school and other social aspects under the guidance of the competent department to build a clear cyberspace and create a better future of the digital age! Thank you all!

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