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2020 60% cloud business revenue, Kingdee's "krypton gold" game

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Author: Yang Li

The Kingdee Cloud Global User Conference in 2019 is the Kingdee Cloud

Kingdee said in 2018 that it expected to account for 60% of real cloud revenue by 2020. In this critical year, whether it is the direction of technology or the dynamics of cooperation, it implies the Golden Butterfly.

There are three important time nodes for Kingdee cloud Transformation: first, from DOS to windows from 1993 to 2001; in 1995, Kingdee launched the first financial software 1.0 of Windows operating system in China, promoting financial management to enter the era of computerization.

Second, from 2001 to 2011, from financial software to ERP, in 2001, Kingdee acquired Kaisi and released the first ERP Kingdee K / 3 based on three-tier architecture.

Third, from 2011 to the present, from ERP to enterprise cloud services, from 2011, Kingdee began to transform to the cloud, in 2012, the launch of Golden Butterfly Cloud ERP,2017 year officially changed its name to Golden Butterfly Cloud, and launched Golden Butterfly Cloud one after another.

Not long ago, the Kingdee proposed

In action, Kingdee's 8-year transformation to cloud has achieved initial results, but ideologically, inside and outside the organization, there seems to be no clear guidelines for such a grand blueprint, and the emergence of EBC thought just makes up for this.


After the meeting, Xu Shaochun, chairman and CEO of Kingdee group, Shen Chongfeng, President of Kingdee China and Zhao Yanxi, senior vice president of Kingdee China, received media group interviews including Lei feng.com.

60% confidence

According to the latest public-term performance in the first half of 2019, the operating income of Kingdee in the first half of the year is about RMB 14.85 billion, an increase of 16.1% on a year-on-year basis; and the revenue of the cloud service business is about 550 million yuan, an increase of 54.9%, accounting for 37% of the total income of the Group. Among them, the increase in revenue from the cloud services business is mainly due to the Kingdee Cloud


During the reporting period, the total cost of research and development was about 340 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.7%. In the future, Kingdee will continue to invest in the research and development of cloud products.

Is it really possible to achieve 60% of cloud revenue by 2020? Xu Shaochun gave a very positive response.

It is not difficult to see that this confidence comes from Kingdee Cloud.

Golden butterfly cloud


Golden butterfly cloud

Compared with version 1.0 released a year ago, Shen Chongfeng, President of Kingdee China, explained,

2.0 mainly has three aspects of upgrading: first, new platform, more emphasis on platform capabilities; second, new management, compared with 1.0, which mainly focuses on financial management work, the overall idea is to create a new world of financial and HR management, 2.0 provides a more complete management system, around intelligence, let robots to deal with some problems, personalization, more emphasis on individual empowerment; third, new business Industry, that is to say, it focuses on the application of industrial Internet and how to form a symbiotic relationship between customers, suppliers and other partners. For example, purchasing cloud and omni channel cloud can help enterprises to reconstruct their own industry value chain.

From the perspective of technical architecture, firmament adopts the architecture with cloud computing as the division standard, IAAs layer is compatible with major cloud service providers, PAAS is integrated with social, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and other technologies; SaaS layer provides enterprise applications and industry solutions such as finance, human resources, collaboration, project, supply chain and manufacturing for different user objects.

At the same time, firmament has also built a business, technology and data middle platform, which can not only provide high-value capabilities for the front desk, but also provide scenario based decision-making capabilities for individuals.

At present, many customers, such as Delong iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and North China industry, have adopted this platform and have achieved initial results.

Meanwhile, from the introduction of intelligent tax robot two years ago, to now Kingdee Cloud.

Zhao Yanxi explains to Lei Feng.

At present, we are positioned at the enterprise level AI platform, such as voice recognition, image recognition, data analysis and other algorithmic capabilities. The scenario we are facing is mainly for the business of the enterprise, mainly focusing on improving the efficiency and efficiency of enterprise users.

The AI capability of firmament PAAS platform can be applied to SaaS, original core products and partners.

We have established a wide cooperation relationship with various manufacturers, aiming at the ability to call common services in specific domain scenarios. We are oriented to enterprise level services.

From human resource management, financial management, to supply chain, procurement, AI is more and more widely used in enterprise services, to some extent, it has penetrated into the ERP environment.

An endogenous opportunity

It is worth noting that,

The back support is the domestic bottom it technology supplier represented by Huawei.


Lei feng.com (public No.: Lei feng.com) observed that from chips, servers, databases and operating systems, Kingdee has basically achieved home-made adaptation and simply integrated with the Kunpeng cloud ecosystem of Huawei, including the software and hardware ecosystem and cloud service ecosystem in the new computing architecture.

For Huawei,

It can be observed that since 2015, the State Council has issued a number of red header documents closely related to the government cloud, and the network information office has also released documents on cloud computing security management of the party and government departments.

Industries with special requirements for security, localization or high cost-effective computing power, such as the government, are a huge market that can be seized by many parties.

Security is the most common concern of government departments for cloud deployment. For this reason, Kingdee has also launched the digital government cloud service Tianyan Cloud

Zhao Yanxi explains to Lei Feng.

For the process of domestic substitution, we have also made a good technical reserve. The technology stack built with open source framework is also suitable for domestic ecological manufacturers. We are very optimistic about this development trend and will closely follow the national policy to accelerate R & D and investment.

At present, Tianyan government financial software can fully adapt to domestic chips, operating systems, databases, mainframe and other domestic upstream and downstream environments, and has completed the tests with Longxin, winning Qilin, Dayun database, etc. Through the overall reinforcement of physical security, network security, information security, data security and business security, to build the financial application software information security system.

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