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Suning's first one billion red packets and 4000 5g mobile phones

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More than 60 stars shine and 1 billion red packets attract attention. Double 11 is coming. At 7:30 p.m. on November 10, 2019, Suning e-commerce, Hunan Satellite TV, starts broadcasting on time on November 11.

As the annual super IP, lion night invited many top-level traffic and national idols such as Wu Yifan, Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan, Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming, Zhou Dongyu, Yang Yang, Jiang Shuying to help.

Wang Han with Wu Xin and Hunan Satellite TV four small flowers to form a high explosive women's troupe, and Xie Na led by the high explosive men's troupe


Lang Ping and the team members of the women's volleyball team showed up at Suning's double 11 party in surprise again two years later. They interacted with Zhang Kangyang, vice president of Suning holding group, and sent out a big gift bag made in China to perform a super emotional killing.

During lion evening, Su Ning, member of e-commerce culture and Sports Committee, gathered a large number of good goods, and through 10 billion subsidies, hundreds of millions of users entertained and reaped a good harvest.

Huawei's mobile phone won the title of Suning e-commerce Co., Ltd. of Hunan Satellite TV on November 11, which also brought heavy support to the national carnival. Super members inside and outside the venue will take 4000 Huawei mate 30 5g mobile phones for free, which will bring the atmosphere of the party to a climax.

Lion's night is over. Go ahead.

Three generations of idols go to the city to break through the circle

Su Ning's double 11 hi pop night, super girl Zhou Bichang, Zhang Liangying and Shang Wenjie gather again to bring back the memories of the post-80s and post-90s to that summer. Whether it's Zhou Bichang's passionate "running to you with all my efforts", Zhang Liangying's "finally waiting for you", or Shang Wenjie's sonorous "the power of time", behind the CD like live singing, it's their growth over the years.


Strength singing will join, so that the lion night scene of the super strong waves push a wave. Coco Lee, who plays international fan and retro music style, with her gorgeous timbre and super high singer who has not been changed by time, deduces "knife Ma Dan", "you are my Superman >, < so="" crazy="" /> and < fancy="" /> many golden songs.


Broken circle, become SUNING hi exploding night key words. The two managers of Chinese Restaurant in broken Circle Variety


The performance of young actors in Hebang night is also fascinating. Zheng Shuang's sweet "next second", Xu Weizhou's handsome cooperation with nawuk's "floating to the north", Wang Yibo's hormone exploded dance "turn up the music" and Xiao Zhan's emotional singing "good youth". Only those who are not acting skills can be blessed to make idols more powerful.


That night, Yang Yang perfectly performed the theme song "the power of love" with the unique warmth in his voice and the clean piano melody, arousing everyone's original courage.


Jiang Shu, who appeared with SUNING's little Biu speaker, sang the adapted repertoire, Miss Shopping.

Wu Yifan, who came out at the end of the show, premiered the new song "two three" for the first time on the whole network. The strong ancient style and rap are cleverly combined. The dance beauty design inherits the ancient style elements of the song and the micro film of the same name, and combines the lyrics of the vernacular with the ancient prose to perform the sad and beautiful love story to the scene.

Lang Ping, Zhang Kangyang send


Zhang Kangyang said that the women's volleyball team is not only the totem of Chinese sports, but also the idol of the whole people. SUNING and the women's volleyball team have long been in front of each other. During the November 11 in 2017, Lang Ping went to the headquarters of SUNING in Nanjing.


As special guests of Lion Night, Lang Ping, Zhang Kangyang and the girls of the women's volleyball team sent out an entire container to the audience.

The combination of culture and sports, the first e-commerce, the Chinese people's feelings, the promotion of "double 11", Suning e-shopping has been a shopping carnival for 11 years, adding more social and cultural elements.

Multi level marketing promoted by entertainment

At the November 11 press conference, SUNING announced that

Ten years of transformation, Suning e-commerce has completed the full scene retail layout. Nowadays, Suning e-commerce app, Suning Plaza and Suning store have become the most important scene Internet portal. Thanks to Su Xiaotuan, Suning twitter, etc., consumers can more accurately reach the products they need.

Specifically in the field of vertical services, social e-commerce includes Suning shopping, department store shopping includes Suning e-shopping Plaza (Wanda Department Store), home appliance 3C consumption includes Suning e-shopping appliance store and Laox. In terms of content services, PP sports, no matter the number of copyrights or the live broadcast operation of events, belongs to the first platform in China. In addition, there are a series of content scenes such as PP video, Longzhu live broadcast, dangbei market, etc.

Suning not only covers a wide range of businesses, but also has many levels. There are Carrefour in the hypermarket, Su Xiansheng in Jingchao, and OK stores and Diya daily in the community. In the scenes of mother and baby, sports, automobile, entertainment and leisure, Suning has also arranged many business forms such as red child, Suning sports store, Suning automobile, Suning Movie City, etc.

Some people believe that through the combination with Hunan Satellite TV, the largest young scene in the country, SUNING Lion Night


It is reported that during the party, Suning extended the party playing methods from online to offline formats such as Suning small store and Suning square through such welfare activities as star red envelope secret order, super member ticket drawing and list playing, realizing the interconnection of the whole scene playing methods of Suning.

Industry insiders commented that the double 11 lion night, through the interaction of entertainment circle, technology circle, rice circle, retail circle and other major circle layers, creates the largest contact point with users. Suning e-commerce's inherent Internet user group, and the audience of Hunan Satellite TV, have a superposition effect. In the past years, the carnival mode of single screen cutting hands was broken, and the way of multi screen interaction and scene fusion fell rapidly under the spread of welfare.

Feeling is not over, chopping is in progress

On the night of shopping, the stars were shining, and the benefits, red packets, and pop-up money were all in the spotlight.

At 20:00 a. m., Suning's easy-to-purchase and party-synchronized pop-up meeting opened four hours in advance, including PTV, Siemens Dishwasher and Bose Wireless Headset, which directly sent a half-price offer. The complex preference formula to be calculated in comparison with the large-scale mathematical model, Suning

The 10 billion subsidy came back again, and the online red money of ski, iPhone 11, Shiseido and Dyson were all listed, directly matching the lowest price of the industry. Including air conditioning, ice washing, kitchen and bathroom, digital, mother and baby, sports, communications, department stores and other full categories of 0-point breakout venue, sustained high energy.

The data shows that within 4 hours of the broadcast of lion night, super members increased by over 1 million, the traffic of the whole station increased by 267% year on year, the average stay time of new users on Suning e-commerce app increased by 4 minutes and 28 seconds year on year, and the number of additional products in Suning e-commerce main station increased by 139% year on year.

Among the 20 high-end night Star products, there are 12000 pieces of national rice light and thin down clothing sold in one minute, over 10000 sets of three piece ski suits sold in two minutes, over 5000 sets of Chivas first-class sofa sold in 10 minutes.


Suning has four benefits for global users. 4000 new Huawei mate 305g mobile phones were sent to super members free of charge. In addition to the physical gifts such as mobile phones, Suning e-commerce launched the exclusive red bag rain of relevant stars at the same time of the live guests' performance, and the 1 billion red bags were sent out in 10 rounds.

In addition, 10 Suning super members got the chance of zero distance interaction with idols in the second live room outside the scene.

Some people are just at the time of chopping their hands, while others are at the time of fulfilling their dreams.

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