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Lower 5g flagship price threshold, associate with Chen Jin: it's just a small test

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On November 15, 2019, Beijing time, 2019, Lenovo held a FY19 Lenovo China consumer strategy product launch in Beijing, at which it released the cheapest 5G flagship mobile phone.

The price of the flagship performance freezing point became the highlight of the press conference. In addition, it has attracted a lot of attention.

After the press conference, Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo's China mobile phone business department, received an interview from the media and asked questions from the media,Chen Jin described Lenovo's strategy after launching its cheapest 5g flagship, its future planning and some guidelines for moto Razr's domestic layout. Let's get to know.


What supports Lenovo's slogan for the future?

It is reported that Lenovo's strategy is to achieve many different things and make more innovations in the original technology.

This year is the first year of 5g, which brings about a subversive change for China. Generally, when this industry is upgraded or changing, including the mind of consumers, the policies of operators, and the subversion and change of the whole supply chain, it is a great opportunity for Lenovo.


First, Lenovo has the world's first brand in the field of computers. Second, in the world,Lenovo Group's mobile business also has an annual scale of tens of millions of units, with a very strong supply chain capacity.

Another, why does Lenovo do 5g? Indeed, in 4G, Lenovo is not a first-line brand in China.

There are two sides to everything, not in the front-line brands, nor too much burden of pricing, idols and leaders. This one can also make Lenovo have a greater ambition in 5g.

How does Lenovo survive in the face of head brand?

Some people think that, in addition to Huawei, Xiaomi and ov, if we want to enter this market again, it is basically impossible to rob some customers. Chen Jin also gave his own opinions on this idea.

First of all, it is said that the head effect of China's mobile phone market is very obvious, which is almost the common recognition of the media.

If a market is relatively static, this is true, but consumers are constantly changing.


For example, 5g includes the upgrade of the whole communication foundation; for example, moto Razr folding screen mobile phone, for example, how powerful is its actual driving effect?

Ordinary consumers don't care if they want to send a mobile phone, but today I see a data. A dealer basically has no fans when it comes to buffeting. He sent video of moto Razr folding screen mobile phone, and in just 20 minutes, he got 20000 compliments. It shows that consumers still call for something different.

On the one hand, industrial upgrading and supply chain upgrading; on the other hand, the market does have such an obvious head effect.

Lenovo is sure to find some opportunities in the development direction of the industrial chain and Lenovo can lead.

In some market segments, such as the game market. Lenovo savior Game PC has a large user base, which is easy to be converted into lenovo mobile users, because the target customer base of game mobile is relatively close. These two points are what Lenovo strives to do in 2020.

Third, in the entry-level direction, it is actually the continuous decline of some costs brought by the industrial chain.

Lenovo will definitely firmly seize this opportunity to continue the concept of national excellent products and push out products with better and more valuable competitiveness. These are Lenovo's three clear product line strategies.

What is the reason why Lenovo launched the cheapest 5g mobile phone to start the price war?

This year, Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo and other brands have all released 5g mobile phones, and the price continues to decline. But Lenovo has now released the cheapest 5g flagship. What is the reason why some brands have provoked the price war?

First of all, make it clear that Lenovo does not take the initiative to start a price war, but it is not afraid to fight a price war。 First of all, Lenovo has this foundation, because Lenovo itself is one of the top 500 companies in the world, and indeed has a foundation in the supply chain.

In the 5g market, Chen Jin wants more consumers to recognize and choose lenovo mobile phones, so the team has made efforts in all aspects, including the layout of product lines, including with the whole Chinese regional consumption platform, using more customer orientation, customer marketing, allowing customers to intervene in products, even allowing customers to intervene in pricing, etc., to fully embrace customers and listen to customers Voice. In 5g, Lenovo not only does not lag behind in pricing, but also hopes to maintain a certain position in product and market intention.

What does Lenovo think of the game mobile phone and the future mobile game and e-Competition market?

In fact, the insight into all segments and an industry market is nothing more than the insight into users and user scenarios.

It is not only the technical characteristics of 5g itself, but also the experience brought by its high network speed and low delay. Its biggest application scenario is in the game, so this market is the one Lenovo aspires to compete in.

Whether it's the savior or others, Lenovo will definitely have a great investment in this area, and it will also bring continuous and better applications to users.

When 3G is hot, it's online, when 4G is video, 5g includes games, AR, VR, and personal applications are very strong.


Mobile games and E-sports market, at present this has been with the strongest domestic partners.

Specifically in the e-sports market, Lenovo is also looking for partners, but in the short term, Lenovo Mobile may not, or China has not seen any further plans.

When can the moto folding screen be sold in China?


First of all, it can be confirmed that the product Razr will definitely be introduced to China.

But now this product only supports ESIM card, not physical card. Lenovo will introduce China, specific time and pricing, and tell users when it is convenient.

Write to the end

Through one by one answers by Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo's China mobile phone business department, we can roughly understand Lenovo's future planning and layout of the mobile product line, as well as Lenovo's confidence and confidence in its own products.

After today's launch of the cheapest 5g flagship, Lenovo's Z6 Pro 5g version has maintained its performance strength, while at the same time making a small test in the 5g field.

The appearance of moto Razr folding screen mobile phone fully shows that Lenovo is a manufacturer who dares to innovate and thinks about user experience.

I believe that Lenovo will bring us more wonderful devices in the future, which is what every digital enthusiast is looking forward to.


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