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Nut cell phone Nirvana rebirth! Wu Dezhou / Fang Chi: we will do it if we don't lose 5g

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On October 31, the nut mobile phone team held the autumn new product conference in Beijing, and officially released its latest product, nut Pro 3.

442 days have passed since the release of Pro 2S, the last generation of nut products. It's a long time since we met again. We want to know that there are many questions about the nut team.

After the meeting, Wu Dezhou, President of Xinshi laboratory, and Fang Chi, designer of smartisan, accepted an exclusive interview with the media, and explained in detail many problems related to the new nut machine and product plan. Without much talk, we went directly to dry goods~

About Xinshi laboratory: connecting the past with the future, we didn't lose

For the outside world, Xinshi lab is the biggest change of nut mobile phone team at present. Wu Dezhou said that the advantage of hammer technology in the history has always been industrial design, operating system and the whole user experience, which has always been the advantage of the firm fruit.

Our later products will continue to innovate in these aspects, which is a huge difference that we will always distinguish from all other mobile phone brands.


At the same time, I think we all know that byte skipping has a very strong technical strength, whether it's in video or in operational capacity, it will be very strong.

Today, we also combine many technologies of byte and make a lot of innovations, so we hope that we can make the user experience of the whole mobile phone better through the blessing of byte skipping technology.


Our strength is in more hardware and operating system, while byte skipping is very strong in software, especially in video, image and other aspects, which give us a great complement.

As you may see today, we have a lot of functions from byte skipping, but we are a team.


But Fang Chi also said that we have experienced some setbacks in the past, but we don't think we lost, and we think there is such a team that can make good products, we should not give up it, and we think we can do better, which is our sense of destiny.

We think that we may not be particularly successful in the commercialization of mobile phones, but our products are no worse than others in the updated platform.

We feel that we still have greater potential to introduce our good products to users, so that they really like our products, rather than being affected by many resources or other aspects, so that this product cannot really contact our users.

Question 2 about nut Pro 3: positioning the middle and high end, focusing on practicality

There are also many controversies about this brand new mobile phone. Wu Dezhou and Fang Chi gave detailed answers respectively. First, in the design of nut Pro 3.

Fang Chi said that at present, the design of the water drop screen is the best design before the camera under the screen is mature. It has the space between the screens and its functionality, and it is very light, which will not bring more weight to the mobile phone like the lift camera.

We still integrate our choices and think we should focus on practicality instead of abandoning some functions in order to pursue a better shape. This is not what we want.


Before we release it, we should have a poster that says

For example, we didn't put the logo in the middle anymore. Although this thing is very important to us, we still didn't put it in the middle. We still adopted some more novel designs. At the same time, we also felt that it's worth sticking to something like our square modeling, our preference for solid colors, or our choice.


In terms of hardware, Wu Dezhou said that nut Pro3 is still in the middle and high-end position. As we said at this conference, we haven't had a mobile phone for a long time.

We hope to give our hammer friends a better experience, so we have made a lot of innovations in software, so we also hope to have hardware configuration to match it.

We do choose and choose some hardware. We still hope to use steel on the blade. For example, we use the real flagship CPU, including the image. We use Sony's 586, which is to do a good job in these real experiences.


Of course, at the same time, we have a lot of old users in the interior. In fact, we have done a lot of research on our own. We also find that some quick charging functions are indeed a point. Of course, compared with other configurations just mentioned, they may be less important.

Question 3 about future products: 5g must be available, more and more useful

About the future products, you are most concerned about 5g mobile phones, smartisan OS and other product lines. Wu Dezhou also gave a clear response.

Regarding 5g, Wu Dezhou said that we will definitely do 5g. To be honest, we are a little late on 5g, but I don't think it matters. We will keep up with it quickly. I think 5g is a very big opportunity for everyone. And we also think that in the 5g state, our products may have more room to play.

So in this area, our 5g will continue to do. Just said 5g era, how can we guarantee products? I think we will continue to innovate in our user experience, industrial design, and the entire operating system.


With regard to the future development of smartisan OS, Wu Dezhou stressed that we still hope to optimize around your use experience, use efficiency and various use scenarios. As Haizhou said, it may be a mobile phone, it may be a computer, it may be something else.

In general, we hope to use it better and better, and now we have a larger team support, so in the past, to be honest, we have a lot of places to do is not enough.

For example, image and other aspects, so these aspects may be very different from those before, because we will invest a lot more than before.

So we believe that in these aspects, especially with the support of the whole team, we may gradually become our strong point in these aspects.


As for the development of future products, Wu Dezhou said: we will still follow the route of high-end products. In fact, we are still making products for our users, so if our users have needs, we will continue to do it, which we may always do.

At the same time, we have just said that in addition to mobile phones, we will launch more intelligent hardware products later, which may involve a lot of key information that is not necessarily convenient to say.

As we said just now, we will still go in the direction of smart hardware for mobile phones, especially the intelligent hardware for education. Of course, we may also have other smart hardware in addition to that.



Through the answers of Wu Dezhou and Fang Chi, we can see that the current situation of the nut team is very good, and the development plan for future products is very clear, I believe that the nut team will develop better and better after adding byte beating.

I also hope that they can adhere to the unique design concept and style of nut mobile phones, keep going along the road of making good products, and support the ideals and feelings of nuts with stronger strength.


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