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Millennium national treasure's first cross space-time Concerto Huawei mate30 series 5g version opens infinite imagination

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HUAWEIMate 30Mate 30 Pro

As the first year of 5G, this year, not only the first batch of 5G mobile phones went on sale, but also the 5G commercial package was officially launched not long ago, allowing public consumers to enjoy the high rate experience of 5G for the first time. But for the average user, the impression of 5G is only in the

On November 17, a joint venture between Huawei and the Museum of the North and the Shandong MuseumThis time-and-space concerto, with the help of the Huawei Mate30 series of 5G mobile phones, will hold the Museum of the North and the North of the Warring States and the time of the Warring States and the Tang Dynasty, as well as the collection of the Tang Dynasty.The forcefulness and profundity of the chime clock and the lingering charm of the Guqin complement each other, creating an audio-visual feast together. (Ps. the live performance musical instruments of the two museums are replicas, not the original collection.)


Zeng Hou Yi from the warring States period is the most unearthed in China, the heaviest, the most complete rhythm, the most magnificent set of clocks, can be called a rare treasure of human art. The Tianfeng Haitao Guqin, which came from the prosperous Tang Dynasty, is the only one of the ancient harps unearthed in our country to protect the integrity of the Tang Dynasty seven-string organ.



Huawei has always been a benchmark in the industry in terms of the combination of technology and humanities. Cutting edge technology has injected new connotation into human value. The cultural and historical sense carried by cultural relics has appeared a more modern presentation mode after a new interpretation of science and technology, and even made it possible for cultural relics to have a dialogue across time and space.

With the arrival of 5g era and the progress of technology, the heritage protection work has the possibility of innovation on the basis of inheritance and communication. With the help of the Changlian function of Huawei mate 30 series 5g version and excellent 5g communication ability, Hubei Provincial Museum and Shandong museum have realized the unique time-space Concerto of ancient music between the two places.

It is understood thatFour pieces of music have been performed in this cross time and space Concerto, namely, Chu Shang, Guan Shanyue, plum blossom Sannong and Zhuzhi Ci, all of which are representative works with ancient flavor。 In addition, in order to cooperate with the performance, Hubei and Shandong both have complete 5g signal coverage. According to the personal experience of journalists ahead,If you don't explain, you can't hear that two bands are playing, which are nearly thousands of miles apart. The live music is almost completely synchronized, and you can't feel the delay。 At the same time, the high-definition picture quality of Changlian video call makes the performers in the two places seem to be on the opposite side, bringing a harmonious audio-visual feast for the scene.


Thousands of miles apart, how can we make the two thousand year old rhymes achieve the cross space-time Concerto, which can also be combined into a natural one? This also benefits from Huawei's leading 5g technology and excellent 5g communication ability of mate30 series 5g version.

Cross time Concerto seems simple, but in fact, it requires high network delay and live broadcasting equipment.Due to Hubei, the two museums of Shandong are far from each other. Power. Even if the network delays the last beat, the rhythm of the whole concerto will be completely disrupted, unable to achieve the final Concerto effect.

The Huawei Mate30 Series 5G has the 5G SoC chip QIN 9905G, which is independently developed by Huawei, and the original integrated 5G base band, which realizes the support of the SA/ NSA 5G dual-mode networking and the 5G 4G dual-card dual-standby, supports more 5G frequency bands, and can fully meet the communication requirements of different networks and different networking modes.

In addition, thanks to the advanced 7nm EUV process and the native integrated 5G baseband, Kirin 9905G also performs better than other plug-in 5G baseband schemes, which also enables Huawei Mate30 series to achieve longer live broadcast with less power consumption in 5G application scenarios.

In fact, Huawei mate30 series 5g version of 5g communication capability has been recognized by authoritative operators. stayIn the latest 2019 intelligent hardware quality report released by China Mobile, Huawei mate 30 series mobile phones have won the first and five-star evaluations such as comprehensive mobile phone capability evaluation, and top 1 in antenna performance, power consumption, endurance and heating performance. In 5g chip test, Kirin 9905g achieved the best star rating in 5g multi antenna throughput performance, typical scene power consumption performance and chip weak coverage performance test, ranking first.

The test results show that the MIMO throughput of Kirin 9905g ranks first in multi scenario (good / medium / poor) test. Especially in the near test, the downlink throughput of Kirin 9905g is much better than that of other test chips. In terms of power consumption, China Mobile selects three typical user scenarios for testing: Daily standby, data transmission at different speeds, and voice call. The results show that the power consumption of Kirin 9905g is lower than that of other test chips, which can bring better endurance performance for 5g mobile phones.


In the early stage of 5g commercial application, weak coverage scenarios still exist widely, so signal is a key point of 5g chip test.In the actual test, the Kirin 9905g on Huawei's mate30 series 5g version is significantly ahead of other test chips in the downlink performance of weak coverage scenarios, and also keeps the lead in the uplink performance of weak coverage scenarios.

As a prelude to Huawei's super-brand day on Nov.19, this time.

It is reported that this technology will Shanghai Huawei X Labs capture shed real person


IfThe two museums of Huawei Mate30 series 5G mobile phones reconstruct people's imagination of 5G connection, so 5G VR reconstructs people's imagination of 5G experience scene in the future.

Before that, Huawei's 5g and photographic hard power of the 5g version of mate30 series have been recognized and affirmed by more and more industries from the Internet Conference, the China International Fair and the film Hero Festival.

But there is no doubt that this is just the tip of the iceberg for 5g applications. By opening a new experience, Huawei mate30 series 5g version brings infinite imagination of 5g application.

Future,Users may only need a Huawei mate30 series 5g mobile phone to visit concerts, ball games and large-scale exhibition reports without leaving home, while wearing VR glasses to bring immersive new experience

Behind the widespread recognition of Huawei's mate30 series 5g version is the hot sale of market terminals. According to the double 11 final battle report released by Jingdong, in the period of 10 days from November 1 to November 11, the cumulative sales volume of 5g mobile phones of Jingdong platform has reached 20 times of the total sales volume of 5g mobile phones of Jingdong in October, and the total number of users who pay attention to 5g mobile phones in Jingdong has exceeded 10 million, while Huawei mate30 series 5g version has won the second place in 5g mobile phone sales.

November 19 is the Jingdong super brand day of Huawei. On the day of the event, Huawei mate 30 series enjoy 12 periods of interest free, starting from 13.7 yuan per day. On the spot, there are multiple surprises, such as the whole point shopping win gift, 1000 yuan large amount coupon and so on. With the continuous hot sale of Huawei mate 30 series 5g, more and more consumers will be able to enjoy the new experience brought by 5g in the future.

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