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The cloud road of traditional Chinese enterprises, Tianyi cloud helps the transformation of traditional enterprises

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By Krypton

Under the wave of digital economy in recent years, the demand of Chinese traditional enterprises is incisively and vividly. At present, the scale of China's digital economy has accounted for 34.8% of GDP, and the traditional enterprises are also actively seeking changes. today, we have come to Luzhou, and at the same time, we have come to Luzhou's well-known enterprises.


Luzhou Laojiao Group, as a state-owned wholly-owned controlling enterprise, is also the key enterprise of Sichuan Province. As of the end of 2018, the total actual assets amount to CNY 183.99 billion. Luzhou Laojiao Group adopts the organizational structure of 13N, and the enterprise's territory is not only in Sichuan, but also a large-scale enterprise group across the region, across the industry and across the system of ownership. Therefore, Luzhou Laojiao Group has the same demand for resources, management and data security in the very rapid expansion of the business, and also opened the road to the top of Luzhou Laojiao.


The sky wing clouds have been completed throughout the country.

  1. It is the server side, which cloud the traditional physical server, especially in Luzhou.
  2. The network support end provides safe network services and promises never to touch user data;
  3. It is the system operation end, including financial, ERP, small loan, transaction and other business operation systems, with high available technology to ensure uninterrupted service
  4. It is the follow-up server. In Sichuan, it provides on-demand customized services with a team of 5000 account managers, 3000 technical service personnel and more than 200 cloud computing experts.

Combined with these big cooperation backgrounds. We took some questions to Li Jingshu, vice president of big data center of Luzhou Laojiao group

Zhu qunchao, director of it operation and maintenance of big data center of Luzhou Laojiao group, interviewed:

Q1: there are many well-known cloud service manufacturers and operators at home and abroad. Why does Luzhou Laojiao group choose to cooperate with Tianyi cloud of China Telecom?

A1: compared with Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and Huawei cloud, including Tianyi cloud, and some other cloud service providers, we mainly consider the following four aspects when selecting cloud service providers:

First, Luzhou Laojiao is a state-owned enterprise, which is sensitive to security, needs urgent and reliable. China Telecom is also a state-owned enterprise, including the innovation and transformation of its own Internet. It is also seen that China Telecom is more consistent with Luzhou Laojiao in terms of actual capacity and security, on the one hand.

2. We consider that after data is stored in the cloud, we can access these systems very well, and how to access them faster. One of the factors we consider is the network, how to truly realize the cloud network integration, and Tianyi cloud in the cloud network integration. We consider that these four companies are relatively strong. For the leaders of China's telecom network communication industry, they also have the cloud end line, Including cloud private network certification, it should be the first batch of certification service providers in China.

Third, the global coverage, we have many industries, the subsidiaries are wide, including some cross-border business, including some provinces in China all have subsidiaries and industries, how one-to-one service, we also see China Telecom Tianyi Cloud built.

IV. personalized customization scheme: we not only move the main data force to the cloud, but also integrate the industry. For example, the financial industry is a relatively important industry, including information industry, trade industry, manufacturing industry, etc., which is relatively wide. If we want to tailor some cloud solutions for different industries, we also see that China Telecom has this ability Power. Through the just said security and trust, cloud network integration, global coverage, customization and other considerations, cooperation has been achieved.

Q2: it can be said that the traditional enterprises' going to the cloud is the general trend under the wave of digital economy. Many traditional enterprises choose to go to the cloud. But is the business of going to the cloud just needed or the trend? What are the substantial changes brought by shangyun to Luzhou Laojiao group?

A1: in our internal view, the improvement is mainly in four aspects

1. Improve efficiency. As a whole, through the cloud platform, the software, even hardware, and hardware of the whole group have also been optimized, including the effective integration of the four main information elements of the network and data, the co construction and sharing to enhance the linkage and improve efficiency, which is also decision-making.

2. Reduce costs and increase efficiency. Because we don't need to invest such a large amount of resources on our own. We can realize the server by renting. The investment in the server is relatively large. After calculation, we can also reduce the operation cost of the entire ID by 40% based on experience and transaction ratio, simplifying the entire IP operation and maintenance management. Now we can flexibly increase resources according to the entire traffic demand, which is more reasonable and more in line with the whole The regional end, industrial end and deep data precipitation can flexibly support business and improve system operation efficiency.

Third, data commercial. Through what I just said.

4. Group structure. Tianyi cloud can ensure that our business availability can reach more than 95.5% and data persistence can reach 99.99%. It can achieve such a level. In these four aspects, we can make decisions faster, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and be more assured and safer. It also supports our next step of big data business intelligence and intelligent transformation.

After understanding the cloud road of Luzhou Laojiao, we also found that Tianyi cloud's partners have been involved in many fields including government, health care, education, finance, industry, transportation and emerging services. I believe that driven by the digital wave in China. The road of enterprise's digital economy construction will also grow rapidly with the services of companies like Tianyi cloud.

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