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Comment: Huawei, who refuses to apologize, is afraid of its lack of empathy

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"Tell me!" We can use these four words to summarize Huawei's response to Li Hongyuan's case, which the public has been waiting for a whole day: no apology, no explanation, no communication, no power and no power. On the evening of December 2, Huawei issued a response to the incident of Li Hongyuan, a former employee:"Huawei has the right and obligation to report suspected illegal acts to the judicial authorities based on the facts." "We respect the decisions of the judiciary, including public security, procuratorates and courts. If Li Hongyuan believes that his rights and interests have been harmed, we support him to use legal weapons to protect his rights and interests, including suing Huawei. "

In a word, Huawei has the right to sue. There is no mistake. If there is something wrong, please call the police!

Indeed, it was the Shenzhen judiciary that detained Li Hongyuan for 251 days. However, the judicial organ of Shenzhen city has already "admitted the mistake" in the form of state compensation. Li Hongyuan's decision on non prosecution, like the decision on state compensation and the judgment, is an effective legal document, and its contents are "legal facts": Li Hongyuan has no crime! He is innocent! However, Huawei is the one who reported him and jailed him!

When stepping on someone else's foot on the road, I still have to say sorry. Because Huawei's report resulted in a citizen's loss of personal freedom for 251 days. Shouldn't Yu Qing and Yu Li say sorry? Do you have to wait for the other party to file a lawsuit before you can say that? Law is the bottom line, and the values of enterprises should not struggle with the bottom line of law. Wolf nature should not devour human nature.

From the heart, before that, many people secretly prepared a "step" for Huawei: I hope this is a misunderstanding, I hope that Huawei's response can give a "reversal" message, I hope this is the trespass of some middle-level cadres, I hope that they do not represent Huawei's values, I hope that any cadres who can always deal with dereliction of duty in a timely manner can meet Li Hongyuan and smile Vengeance " They sincerely hope that Huawei can't do such a thing to push the resigned employees to prison.

However, Huawei's cold response hit everyone's face: I have the right to report!

It should be understood that Huawei's report is a "false" report confirmed by an effective legal document. Even Li Hongyuan's decision on criminal compensation made it clear: "to Li Hongyuan's former employer (Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.) Send a letter to eliminate its influence and restore its reputation. "

With the size and strength of Huawei, the life of an employee can be turned upside down within the scope of law. However, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility; besides wolf nature, there should be empathy and compassion. The enterprise has a big goal, and the employees have a small dignity. We should not casually despise the individual's small dignity for the big goal. This case is only 300000 yuan of compensation for Huawei's resignation (Li Hongyuan had the right to ask for an indefinite contract if he had worked for 12 years, and Huawei would have to bear the liability for breach of contract in labor law if he did not renew his contract), but 251 days of imprisonment for the employees, the separation of his parents and grandpa, and the collapse of the family.

In these two days, the massive "pollen" turned black because they felt that Huawei had changed: it had become a strange monster, it had lost people's sense of sympathy, it had become tyrannical, even unbridled.

Now that Huawei has kicked the ball to the Shenzhen judicial organ, it also hopes that the Shenzhen public security and procuratorial organ can come forward to clarify: what kind of reporting materials did Huawei provide at the beginning, which made you successively use the two crimes of "occupation crime" and "extortion crime" to detain a citizen? Are there any false elements in the report materials? If not, does Huawei staff constitute a "false accusation and frame up crime"?

Huawei's giant ship rumbles over, but it disdains to say an apology to the overpowered grass! So all the grass got angry. No matter how big an enterprise is, it is also made up of workers; no matter how big a moral halo is, it cannot erode the dignity and personal freedom of a citizen.

Shen bin, chief commentator of surging

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