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Tencent introduces Nintendo switch for 2099 yuan

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Tencent Science and Technology News, 10:30, December 4, the theme is

At the conference, Tencent and Nintendo announced that Tencent's introduction of Nintendo switch will be officially released on December 10. The Nintendo switch of the Guohang version is the enhanced version of the endurance and pre installed with the experience version of the new super horsepower Europe brothers u luxury version. The official suggested retail price is 2099 yuan. It will be pre sold at the official flagship stores of jd.com and tmall.com at 12:00 p.m. on December 4. Tencent also said that the introduction of Nintendo switch Lite is under preparation.


In terms of game lineup, in the next few weeks, the premium Mario related games on Nintendo switch will meet with Chinese users one after another. The first one to arrive is the new super horsepower Europe brothers u luxury edition. The official suggested retail price is 299 yuan. It will be officially released in Nintendo e store on December 10. The game exchange card will be released later. The physical game card will be released around the Spring Festival next year. "8 luxury version of manio go kart" and "super manio Odyssey" will be launched in the next few weeks. The official retail price is 299 yuan.

In addition to the host computer and games, the conference also announced the amiibo? Wedding modeling series game interaction model, a variety of colors joy con?, joy con charging handle, joy con steering wheel, joy con wristband, Nintendo switch professional handle, Nintendo switch power adapter, Nintendo switch base kit, Nintendo switch charging bracket, Nintendo switch portable bag and other officials Square accessories to further enrich and enhance the user's game experience.

Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent group, Qian Geng, general manager of Tencent's game Nintendo Cooperation Department, and Takahashi, a Nintendo Co., Ltd.'s banning service and special executive serviceman, also attended the conference, sharing Tencent's listing information on the introduction of Nintendo switch and the progress of cooperation between the two sides. Nintendo Co., Ltd., on behalf of Miyamoto Miyamoto, who is the leader in banning military service and specialized field development, said hello to Chinese consumers through video and delivered a speech.

Tencent and Nintendo: bringing more smiles to Chinese users


Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent group

Ma Xiaoyi said that adhering to the new brand concept of Tencent games,


Subsequently, Miyamoto through video form, in Chinese to the vast number of Chinese consumers to say hello. As

Three modes of a main engine: mahiou series


Qian Geng, general manager of Tencent game Nintendo Cooperation Department, introduced three kinds of play modes of Nintendo switch of Bank of China, namely, TV mode, palm mode and desktop mode. He said that under the TV mode suitable for playing in the living room at home, Nintendo switch is not only helpful to cultivate the tacit parent-child relationship that every family hopes to have, but also suitable for entertaining friends at home, turning the happiness of two people into that of three people, turning the happiness of three people into that of more people, and generating more resonance in face-to-face interaction. At the same time, the ultimate portability of Nintendo switch allows users to enjoy the happy experience brought by it and share it with more people anytime, anywhere. Even in all kinds of leisure time out, users can still enjoy the high-quality game content of Nintendo switch anytime and anywhere. No matter in the spare time of ordering meals, after high-intensity meetings at work, or in the air, Nintendo switch can be placed on the desktop to play and start a relaxed moment with peers.


Invited guests Takahashi also appeared on the stage to say:

Later, he announced the first game of Tencent's introduction of Nintendo switch, "the new super horsepower Europe brothers u luxury edition", and introduced "the 8 luxury edition of horsepower Europe kart" and "super horsepower Europe Odyssey".

"New Super Mario Brothers u luxury edition" is a masterpiece of Mario 2D horizontal axis action game. Mario and his brother Luigi take risks in 164 kinds of game routes with multiple mechanisms, such as plain, sea, desert, etc.

In the 8 luxury edition of Mario go kart, Mario and his friends ride in karts and run in various lanes. Users can have fun with their family and friends.

In super horsepower Odyssey, users will incarnate horsepower Odyssey, take the flight ship Odyssey with capi, a hat country partner with the ability to attach themselves, and embark on an adventure journey on the stage of the unknown country.

In addition, Gaoqiao said, Kirby StarAllies>

In addition to Nintendo's games, Qian Geng said that there are also famous overseas game makers, Chinese game developers and publishers will provide game content support to BOC Nintendo Switch in the future, they will enrich the Bank of China's Nintendo Switch game lineup and provide consumers with a richer choice. For domestic game developers, Qian Geng said:




Provide quality localization services

Tencent and Nintendo have launched a number of high-quality localized services to enable Chinese users to better experience Nintendo switch.

Qian Geng said that in terms of network services, users can enjoy a more convenient and smooth game experience through the localized network services set up by Tencent. With the support of Nintendo, Tencent has also optimized the built-in Nintendo Switch

In terms of after-sales service, Tencent and Nintendo promise to bring convenient after-sales experience to users. With the technical support of Nintendo, the Nintendo switch host of the Bank of China version can obtain the one-year official warranty service provided by Tencent, and the rich official peripheral products of Nintendo will also enjoy the corresponding three guarantee service.

Tencent will also set up offline purchase channels and user communication centers, where users can easily experience products and games offline.

Official accessories more happy collocation

In addition to a pair of joy con brought by the host, users can also buy more joy con to experience the fun of more people playing on the same screen. Joy con charging handle can realize the function of charging while playing. The Nintendo switch professional handle provides a long-term and comfortable grip feeling, which is more in line with the use habits of users familiar with traditional handle.

When playing racing games such as the 8 luxury version of manio go kart, joycon can be put into joycon steering wheel accessories to bring users more intuitive control experience. A set of combination configuration that provides two joycon steering wheels is also convenient for you to share such control experience with your family and friends.

In addition, the amiibo wedding modeling series is actively under preparation, these three amiibo support in the "super horsepower ood race" and "horsepower ockart 8 luxury version ". Wedding modeling amiibo in super horse power oodles can be used to get in-game wedding costumes and help on the road.

Tmall and Jingdong official flagship store open for pre-sale on December 4

Finally, Qian Geng announced that Nintendo switch of Bank of China opened pre-sale at the official flagship stores of jd.com and tmall.com at 12:00 p.m. on December 4. The official suggested retail price is 2099 yuan. After the official sale on December 10, in addition to the above two channels, consumers can also go to offline stores cooperating with the official to purchase. For more details, please visit the official website.

In terms of the first game, the official suggested retail price of the new super horsepower Europe brothers u luxury edition is 299 yuan. It will be officially released in Nintendo e store on December 10, and the game exchange card will be released later. The physical game card will be released around the Spring Festival next year. In addition, the "8 luxury version of manio go kart" and "super manio Odyssey" will be launched in the next few weeks, with the official suggested retail price of 299 yuan.

Regarding the related work of Nintendo switch Lite, Qian Geng said that it was in preparation.

In the media salon after the press conference, Qian Geng gave detailed answers to other questions that everyone cared about. He said that Tencent and Nintendo will strive to have 10-20 high-quality games in the game lineup of Nintendo switch of BOC in 2020. In the future, they will plan the limited version of the host and game based on the host sales and game distribution nodes.

Media salon full text appendix:

Q1: three games have been released in this conference, and I'm looking forward to more information about the next few weeks, i.e. the 8 luxury version of Mario go kart and the Super Mario Odyssey. What was the reason for determining these three games at that time? In addition to the announcement of the three first games, many Nintendo games and third-party games in active preparation have also been announced this time. What is the basic distribution rhythm of BOC games in the future? Will there be a limited version plan for consoles and games in the future?

A: why choose these three games, the main considerations are also based on our theme, that is,

Q2: at this conference, we saw three games with Mario as the main role. What are the current preparations for other games?

A: in order to let you play more high-quality games, we are localizing various games. Some of the games, such as the legend of Zelda, need more time because of the complexity of localization. Please wait. Thank you for your patience.

Q3. A better localization service is the biggest advantage of the Bank of China Nintendo switch. What is the specific scope of our warranty and network services? Do you want to cover users of non-state bank?

A: the current warranty service is responsible for the related hardware, software and accessories of the Bank of China according to the relevant service terms. For the network service, it is also responsible for the hardware and software of the Bank of China that need the network service.

Full text of Miyamoto's video speech:

All right. I'm the palace of Nintendo. or,

Please allow me to speak Japanese. About 40 years ago

As the game of all of us, the horse is a racing driver, and the adventurer, who is a tour of the magic world, is transformed into a great horsepower and a square, and we can control the game through the game

I was asked why Mario's game series has been popular for 40 years since its launch. Even if it is a sequel to the game series, we will still attach great importance to providing you with a new game experience when developing the game.

At the same time, every time Nintendo launches a new game console, we will also launch a new way of using the new functions of the game console.

In addition, it's not only mahlio's game. When I create the game, I always try my best to use my brain to think and challenge repeatedly to design the game. Then try this one, try that one, and make multiple attempts to gain some results. That's the interest of interactive games, and the creative play method of players also makes the games more interesting.

There is another point that we attach great importance to. It's our game that we must let our family get together and play together. We hope that when Chinese customers play Nintendo switch in the future, they can feel these characteristics of Nintendo games together. We will also be very pleased. Nintendo has long hoped to provide Chinese customers with Nintendo's game entertainment. Now that this dream has been realized, I am very happy and grateful.

Thanks to our partner Tencent.

Chinese friends, please enjoy the fun brought by Nintendo switch and games.

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