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Qualcomm launched the world's first 5g XR platform, which can span AR, VR, Mr

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Flying elephant news(yuanchu / Wen) on December 6, Beijing time, Qualcomm announced the launch of the world's first 5g x r platform, which is the world's first extended reality (x R) platform supporting 5g. Combining Qualcomm's innovation in 5g and AI fields with the industry-leading x r technology, it will usher in a new era of mobile computing. This top-level platform supports many customization features and many industry initiatives, and can be widely expanded across AR, VR and Mr fields.


Qualcomm snapdragon XR2 concept glasses

Compared with the highly acclaimed Qualcomm's top-level XR platform, snapdragon's XR2 platform has achieved significant performance improvements, including 2x CPU and GPU performance, 4x video bandwidth, 6x resolution and 11x AI performance. Xiaolong XR2 platform is the first one in the world that supports seven parallel cameras and has a special processor for computer vision. In addition, the platform is also the first to realize the real MR experience by supporting the camera pass through, allowing users to observe, interact and create in the world of virtual and reality integration when wearing virtual reality devices. In order to meet the needs of truly immersive xrexperience, based on the basic AI and optional 5g connection support, the platform has been customized and optimized in terms of vision, interaction and audio technology.


Hugo swart, vice president and business director of Qualcomm, announced the launch of Xiaolong XR2 platform

Vision: in order to create a stronger sense of reality in the xrworld, we must narrow the visual gap between the real world and the virtual world. This requires state-of-the-art display and graphics processing capabilities. The GPU processing capacity of Xiaolong XR2 platform is significantly improved, with 1.5 times pixel filling rate and 3 times texture rate to achieve efficient and high-quality graphics rendering. For example, the visual focus rendering supporting eye tracking and the enhanced variable rate shading supporting smoother refresh rate can work under heavy load while maintaining low power consumption. The display unit of snapdragon XR2 can support 3kx3k monocular resolution of up to 90fps, and it is also the first 8k360o video platform that supports 60fps in streaming and local playback, so as to realize realistic visual effect. Customized chips specially developed for AR display can help reduce the overall system delay to achieve immersive ar experience.

Interactivity: the user can be exposed to a new world never seen before. In order to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of this process, the seven way parallel camera supported and customized computer vision processor is introduced into the snapdragon XR2. The multi-channel parallel camera supports highly accurate real-time tracking of the user's head, lips and eyeballs, as well as 26 point hand bone tracking. Computer vision provides efficient scene understanding and 3D reconstruction. Together, these features help bring users to a new virtual environment so that they can interact intuitively in the digital world.

Audio: in augmented reality or virtual reality, sound is essential for every immersive experience. Xiaolong XR2 platform provides a new level of audio layer in the rich 3D spatial sound effects, while providing very clear voice interaction to deepen immersion. The platform includes a customized, always on, low-power Qualcomm hexagon DSP, which supports hardware acceleration features such as voice activation and context detection to help users immerse in the digital world and hear the real world voice.

AI and 5g: two technologies shaping the future of communication and computing. Qualcomm is leading the industry in the development of these technologies in the field of mobile computing, such as XRS. AI has helped snapdragon XR2 enhance its visual, interactive and audio features to immerse users in a more intelligent reality. Xiaolong XR2 platform is the first one supporting 5g connection in the world. It can provide support for the experience requiring low latency and ultra-high data rate, and has the strong potential to open a new wave of innovative experience of XR2. For example, 5g can create a lifelike high-quality experience by supporting the separation between the terminal and the edge cloud, so as to get rid of the shackles of any cable or space, and realize the real unrestricted XRS.

The XR2 platform of Xiaolong brings much-needed innovation in the new digital era. Many OEMs have planned to launch commercial terminals equipped with the XR2 platform, and other customers are in different stages of prototype design and evaluation.

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