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Lessons from the Internet workplace in 2019

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After leaving the campus and entering the workplace, the life is always very fast, especially in the Internet workplace, under the city forest made of steel and iron, there are vague figures. They are moving in a hurry in the breathless xi'erqi subway station, on the road of Houchang village where congestion has become normal, in various software parks full of progress and schedule, and in large and small cafes where projects are far more than investment.

There is no fastest, only faster, after all, there is a giant beast running in front of time that may turn around and bite you at any time KPI. The leisurely moments of dress, drink and preparation are probably just the irresponsible imagination of film and TV series. These days, if you are like Huang Xuan and angelababy in the era of entrepreneurship, when you are in love and start a business, love is the main thing and entrepreneurship is the auxiliary thing, maybe there will be no era at all.

The first step of the draught bubble is to pull the user platform, which is totally dependent on the users' willingness to spend money. The platform is racking its brains to make money. The Internet is cruel, and the Internet workplace is no better.

It's the end of the year again. I believe that in a short time, there will be "the year-end bonus for employees of a core project of an Internet company for decades" and "a large factory will reward all employees with the latest versionIPhone”Such news, which is called encouragement, is actually stimulation.

This is the carnival of a few people after all. For some people who are wandering in the Internet workplace, the year 2019 is just from one winter to another.

They want to change, and it's hard for them to change.

If we can change the leadership

"I'm ready to leave naked." Bei can, an employee of a medium-sized Internet company, told sina science and technology that although it was not a wise decision to know that some companies had blocked their recruitment quota at the end of the year and it was difficult to find a job after leaving naked, she couldn't wait because "leaders don't understand anything, they just command blindly".

In less than two years, beCan's main work is new media planning and daily operation of wechat and Weibo. When she first joined the company, she was confident that she could push the number of fans and reading volume of the account to a new level through appropriate original content.

But she soon found that leadership was her "biggest obstacle" to achieving that goal.

"Leaders don't know what new media is, and they don't know which direction the account is going to follow." BeCan sighed, "but he is very stubborn and always adheres to his own ideas. For example, I think it will be better if he doesn't agree, so he must do it according to his way. Even if the data proves that it is wrong, it will still be the same next time."

Beckon's leadership is typical. "I don't want you to think, I want me to think that" the leadership of the "Chinese restaurant" in the third quarter of the season, Huang Xiaoming, director of the restaurant because of this arbitrary and strong leadership style is full of Tucao. However, in the eyes of beCan, Huang Xiaoming is a little better, at least he "has a bowl of level water".

At the end of the quarter, she was the only one criticized, although the other groups' operating data didn't meet the requirements, Mr. Bei said. "Later, the leader's attitude towards me was relatively cold. I guess he thought I was not" obedient. "

Source: Research Report on employment experience 2019 of LinkedIn China

According to the 2019 job experience research report released by LinkedIn China, the proportion of naked words in the Internet industry is 52.8%, and more than 40% of them are chosen due to company factors such as leadership, team and salary. HR, an Internet company, told Sina technology that the working atmosphere of most Internet companies is relatively relaxed and equal, which is why many young people are willing to choose to work here. However, Peng Zhang, who has run many Internet companies, doesn't think so: "it's the same everywhere. The leader must say that you are very good. First, let you be energetic. Then there will always be a day of frustration. When you are discouraged, it's the time for new employees to enter the job."

Where is the growth space

Peng Zhang is now working for a well-known Internet information product company for three years. His only promotion may be to become a full-time employee.

"Screw" is Peng Zhang's definition of his role in the company. "As long as you stay there and make sure that there are no problems in the tasks you undertake, the leaders don't care, and the company doesn't care about the rest."

Daily, weekly, monthly... Peng Zhang's work was recorded one by one by countless emails. He derided himself that "the content is basically the same" because every day is a repetition of the previous day. He didn't understand why he didn't get a "wait a minute" reply after he proposed to change his post with the leader, and why he had worked here for three years and still did the same thing, trivial, plain and uninteresting.

The growth space promised by hr before entry has become empty talk. Peng Zhang hopes to get to know more new things and have the opportunity of continuous charging and learning. Now he can only "consume himself, no matter ability or patience". Peng Zhang said that he once talked about this topic with other colleagues, and everyone felt that "what promotion, what potential, big companies are like this, normal".

Guo Sheng, CEO of zhaopin.com, said in an interview with sina science and technology that if an enterprise only treats its employees as screws, it is actually difficult to survive. When the contribution of employees is the same as the value the enterprise gives its employees, the enterprise cannot develop. He believes that most excellent enterprises do not want their employees to be screws, but engines. "In the era of manufacturing industry, the spirit of screws is emphasized, because it requires a systematic mass production. But in the era of service industry or knowledge industry, enterprises need creative people and intelligent manufacturing." Said Guo Sheng.

Peng Zhang started to think about job hopping, but he confessed that after working on the big platform for a long time, he was used to all orderly modes and processes, and gradually lost his fighting spirit and spirit, "going out is a little bottomless.". According to the above HR analysis of Internet companies, large companies have formed a systematic workflow, and employees may feel mechanized, but a stable mode is also equivalent to a kind of protection for employees to some extent. The HR further explained: "to put it bluntly, it's a comfortable area. Everyone has it. If you want to make a breakthrough, you have to break it by yourself."

To get a raise, you have to pay overtime

"I have turned into AI, how can I break through?" Ji Ling, who is engaged in content audit, asked back.

Thanks to the development of technology, Internet news information and audio and video platforms have achieved relatively accurate personalized information recommendation through data collection and user portraits, but there are limitations in machine distribution, which is difficult to prevent the spread of false, vulgar, violent and other content. Therefore, human intervention has become the direction of Internet UGC content review.

In this context, Jiling has bumped into the field of content audit, becoming what she calls "Ai", together with the real AI, to "escort" the content ecology of the platform.

The task is heavy. Even if you get home from work, you should continue to complete the audit. "It's normal to work overtime until night if you really decide whether to delete or not," said Jiling

Behind the huge workload, there is no high salary at all. "There is no technical content, just repetitive labor." Jiling is helpless, the content review post threshold is too low, there is no salary conditions. "But I don't want to make another machine just a little bit."

It consultant Shu Chun is also regarded as a machine. "To put it mildly, we are consulting. To put it mildly, we are outsourcing. We are nannies. We are cheap and easy-to-use labor." In order to meet the needs of customers, Shu Chun and his colleagues often have to work overtime until 11 or 12 o'clock at night. Weekends are no exception. The longest record is four weeks of continuous work. "The company takes our efforts as its due, there is no overtime pay at all, and the leaders will only comfort our hard work. As long as there is no trouble, everyone is still alive by default."

Is living in the Internet workplace the minimum requirement?

According to the labor law of our country, the employer should pay the employee not less than 150% of the wage when it arranges the extension of working hours, and not less than 200% of the wage when it arranges the work of the employee on the rest day.

It is a fact that it is illegal for employees to work overtime without paying overtime pay. However, it is a reality that there are still employees working overtime without overtime pay. It's true that there are few successful cases that employees prove that they need to work overtime to ask the company to pay for overtime.

Lay off the company that is laying off workers

Some people are worried about working overtime, others are worried about layoffs.

From 2018 to 2019, the march of layoff in the Internet workplace is tireless and never stops.

From the structural adjustment and personnel optimization of Internet giants to the suggestion of salary reduction and verbal persuasion of start-up companies, layoffs are being pushed forward in different reasons, and the dust is settled.

Yue Feng now recalled the conversation with HR of the company and thought it was funny: "HR told me that the company was considering to reduce my salary, because I was the highest paid person in our group, even beyond the technology, and they didn't think it was appropriate." Speaking of this, she added: "I think it's so funny. I'll just throw over a sentence:" what's wrong? Didn't you agree that it was quite right when you invited me? "

In the end, the company got the investment from a large education group, and the CEO of a well-known Internet company also took a stake. But Yuefeng disclosed to Sina technology that the company's last round of financing has not been fully in place, and the following financing is not very smooth. In addition, new projects other than the main projects have been launched, which put the layoff on the agenda to save costs.

Technology, operation, product, sales... The employees who once worked overtime for the company's new projects were asked to talk by HR one after another. "It's to ask you to take the initiative to resign, and the leader will send us a message. If you disagree, the next step is to reduce your salary and transfer." In three months, the company lost more than 200 people.

The company's behavior was described by Yuefeng as "crossing the river and demolishing the bridge". "It's disgusting. I really have nothing to say. Since the company wants to lay me off, I can only lay off the company first and wish it close down as soon as possible." She quickly offered to leave and spent all her time looking for a job during the vacation. Now, she is about to enter the next company, seamless connection. Although it is still the Internet education industry, it is still a start-up company.

"On Feng wry smile:" can not go to start a business not to go, too unstable

Working life without life

According to the survey report on employment relationship trend in 2019 released by Zhilian recruitment, in the survey of job satisfaction, the overall satisfaction is only 2.71 points, which is lower than the general (3 points) level, of which 41.1% are generally selected and 38.9% are dissatisfied.

Source: survey report on employment relationship trend in 2019

In the distribution of reasons for job change, the proportion of people who quit because of the development prospect is not optimistic, the salary is too low, the work is not happy and other reasons is relatively high, which is summed up as "not before (money)" and "not happy".

Source: survey report on employment relationship trend in 2019

Dongwan, who works on a knowledge platform, complains to Sina technology that he has lost his life completely because of his work. "Can you understand what it is like to open your eyes to work, close your eyes with difficulty, and open your eyelids at work? Is that life? "

Screenshot of Japanese drama "I'm off duty at the end of the day"

Zhan Hong, an employee of the UI design group of a small e-commerce platform, deeply felt this. With more and more promotional activities, the demand for visual design also increased. "Operation will never let you get off work on time. All of a sudden, I'll come to you to make a picture. I have to hurry up, one version after another. Finally, I'm satisfied with the operation. The first version is the most ideal version when I send it to the business side."

Even the employee's circle of friends has been "bought out". According to the surging news report, employees of Guangzhou fission Institute Management Co., Ltd. disclosed that the company forced employees to send relevant information about the company's products, enrollment and other information to the circle of friends, with at least three work numbers per day and at least one private number per day. On Tuesday of every week, the company will check the implementation of employees at regular meetings.

Speaking of such Internet workplace phenomenon, Guo Sheng believes that employees have the right to choose freely, the release of the circle of friends should be based on voluntary basis, enterprises force employees to feel bad, and the publicity of the circle of friends will only bring short-term effects. "This is actually a destruction of corporate culture."

Source: survey report on employment relationship trend in 2019

According to the Research Report on the employment relationship trend in 2019, more than 80% of employees choose to "respect employees" among the elements of corporate culture, while the high-pressure wolf culture is resisted. Does success in business competition have to be at the expense of employees' quality of life? "I dare not even go to the physical examination this year. My work has invaded my life and destroyed my health," he said

Before sending a script, Sina Technology made a friend circle survey, received all kinds of Internet related workplace Tucao private chat, while welcoming the current work satisfaction of friends leave the name of the company, unfortunately, there is no public reply.

(at the request of the interviewer, Bei can, Peng Zhang, Ji Ling, Shu Chun, Yue Feng, Dong Wan and Zhan Hong are all pseudonyms.)

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