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Four times, he was interrupted by wechat backstage, but he could not stop his passion for transferring money to cheaters

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Lin Wu works as a sailor on an oil transport ship. He is still single at the age of 30 because he has been on the ship for a long time. On the morning of November 1, Lin Wu added a netizen nicknamed "really beautiful" through wechat after work,Lin fei'er, 28, is divorced for half a year and runs a dance yoga training shop in Futian, Shenzhen.

"It's my birthday after 12 o'clock tonight. If you could be with me now, how happy you would be."On the evening of November 4, Lin Wu received Lin fei'er's wechat, which made a ripple in his heart.

"Happy birthday baby!"At zero o'clock on November 5, Lin Wu sent Lin fei'er a birthday wish on time in wechat, and took the initiative to transfer 520 yuan via wechat.

"At that time, the other party did not respond to me, and the money transferred by wechat was not received."Afterwards, Lin Wu said that he thought Lin fei'er didn't receive the money, which showed that the other side really liked him.


What Lin Wu doesn't know is that it's just a trick set up by a liar to cheat for more money and fish with a long line.


Ignored reminders

"Would you like to live with Phil?"At about 9:00 on November 5, Lin Feier sent a wechat to Lin Wu.

"Of course I will."Lin Wu said that seeing this wechat, he felt that he was the happiest person in the world.

"Then can I have a 3344?"See the time is right, Lin fei'er begins to ask Lin Wu to transfer money.

Lin Wu has been confused by "love" for a long time. Without much thought, he immediately used the wechat transfer function to start the transfer operation of 3344 yuan.

"There is a risk in the transaction and this operation has been interrupted for the sake of your capital safety."At this time, the wechat background stopped Lin Wu's transfer operation and sent him a risk reminder.

"Why not?"The Risk Reminder didn't wake up Lin Wu's vigilance. He sent the screenshot to Lin fei'er and asked why he couldn't transfer money.

"Then transfer it to my uncle's brother, who will transfer the money to me."At this time, Lin fei'er sends Lin Wu a QR code and asks him to scan the code for transfer.

In the process of code scanning transfer, the wechat background stopped Lin Wu's transfer and sent a risk reminder again.

But unfortunately, Lin Wu, who was immersed in love, didn't take it seriously at all.He took another screenshot and asked Linfield why.

Later, Lin fei'er sent Lin Wu a new QR code, and Lin Wu succeeded in the transfer.


In fact, the swindler's wechat account is limited by the official background of wechat because of frequent transfer, but this has not attracted Lin Wu's attention at all.


Refuse to realize one's error

"The other party's account is abnormal, and login has been restricted. The message cannot be delivered."

At about 10:00 on November 5, when Lin Wu chatted with Lin fei'er via wechat, he found that the news couldn't be sent. At the same time, the official background of wechat sent him another reminder.

But Lin Wu had been blinded by "love" for a long time and didn't realize the risk at all.

Racking his brains, Lin Wu thought of the QR code of the previous transfer.

"Do you know Phil? I can't reach her. My phone number is... "Lin Wu swipes the code, transfers 3 yuan to the other side, and tries to leave a message "find Fei Er".

"Her other micro signal is XXXXXX"One and a half hours later, the payee replied to Lin Wu,

Lin Wu quickly adds the wechat provided by the other party as a friend.

"I don't think I'll be able to reach you again." "How did you find me?"In the new micro signal, Lin Feier asked pleasantly.These "intimate" words make Lin Wu feel very happy.

"Honey, the money will be returned to you then."During the chat, Lin fei'er told Lin Wu this way.

"It's OK. I'm afraid I'll lose you if I have no money to earn."Lin Wu tells the other side.

Lin fei'er sends Lin Wu a "beautiful photo" in order to keep Lin Wu's heart in check


Cheat the savings

"Would you like to send me a 5200?"Seeing Lin Wu's initiative, Lin fei'er asked him to remit money again.

As last time, although the wechat background reminded me many times, Lin Wu still collected the money by scanning the QR code.

"My biggest wish is 9999."At about 22:00 p.m. on November 5, Lin Feier sent Lin Wu a "wish" via wechat.

At this time, Lin Wu didn't have so much money, but in order to please his lover,After he borrowed 4000 yuan from the Internet, he collected 9999 yuan and remitted the money again by scanning the code.

"I would like another 8888..."Once again, Lin fei'er opened up.

"I really don't have any money now. I'll remit it before I get paid?"Lin Wu said that he could not raise money

However, when Lin Wu contacted Lin Fei via wechat on the morning of November 6, he found that he had been blackmailed by the other party.


Finally, seeing that Lin Wu has no room to continue to squeeze, the cheater directly pulls it black. Poor Lin Wu does not wake up until this time.



In this case, Lin Wu's loss could have been avoided, but he was trapped in a "sweet trap" and ignored the risk warning.

In such scams, cheaters oftenMake up one's identity, play one's role, falsely claim to be successful in one's career, but the love road is bumpy and the emotion twists and turns,Looking forward to finding a reliable life partner. They contact the victims online in the name of making friends and falling in love,After deceiving the trust, the victim's money will be drained for various reasons.

What we should do is to improve our awareness of self-defense. When encountering unusual enthusiasm and short contact time, the person who actively requests to establish a relationship needs to be vigilant, keep his or her normal heart and guard against the trap behind sweet talk.

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