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[multi figure] learn about the windows 10x system for dual screen devices

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Microsoft Windows 10x is the latest operating system for dual screen devices, which is also suitable for traditional notebook computers. It was first unveiled at the Microsoft Surface Conference on October 2 last year. This week, Microsoft released its first emulator for windows 10x , allowing developers to learn as early as possible about the new operating system changes for dual screen devices, and hopes to let developers optimize their applications ahead of time before the device is launched later this year.

On Microsoft 365 Developer Day,Major functional innovations of windows 10x OS have also been officially announced:

1. Quick update:

Unlike windows 10, the upcoming windows 10x system will allow consumers to really update their devices quickly. The update will be installed in the background, and users only need to restart to complete the update process. Microsoft claims to be able to install updates in 90 seconds.

2. Safety:

Windows 10x is designed to be secure by default. The whole operating system is read-only. Applications can only access the operating system through specific APIs, without more registry access rights.

3. Performance:

Microsoft claims that windows 10x will provide continuous performance over time. Even after a few months of use, the performance of the device will be the same as your experience on the first device.

Four applications you expect and trust:

Windows 10x can run all the applications you expect and trust. It will support uwp, Win32 and PWA applications. Microsoft specifically mentioned that applications can be installed in any channel other than the Microsoft Store.

In Windows 10x, all applications run on containers. Running applications on containers ensures that applications do not overwrite each other or the operating system. It also enables application data isolation without application changes. The new Win32 container enables application compatibility, allowing windows 10x devices to run all existing 32-bit and 64 bit applications in a fast and secure manner.

There are some restrictions on Win32 applications on Windows 10x. For example, startup tasks do not start at login, background tasks may hang, and system tools and utilities cannot see content outside the container.

Windows 10x has a simplified shell experience. Most windows functions (such as window, input, startup, drag and drop, clipboard, etc.) work as expected. However, some desktop shell functions (such as system taskbar applet, file explorer add in, namespace extension) and other functions cannot work properly on Windows 10x.

After the official windows 10x simulator was released, we also learned more about this operating system dedicated to folding and dual screen device preparation through the use experience of major media.

The verge commented:“Windows 10x feels like a more modern version of windows 10 and is ready for future devices"


The first change you'll notice in Windows 10x is the new start menu. It no longer includes the dynamic tiles common on Windows 8 / 10 and windows phone, but also has a more concise appearance design.

The windows 10x start menu contains fixed applications and a list of recent documents. It looks more like the current task launcher. Users can search applications, documents and even network content, which also supports basic voice input. However, Cortana's settings were not found in the windows 10x settings.

Unlike windows 10, you can't float an application anywhere on the desktop. By default, apps open on a single screen, and you can drag them to both displays with the mouse or touch to fully extend and span the dual screen device.

For example, to open the mail application in Windows 10x is to display all applicable tools and mail columns on one side of the screen, and the content of the mail on the other side.

The task view, which allows you to view applications running on Windows 10x, is also updated to allow users to deploy applications to specific displays.

At the same time, the traditional file explorer is also updated. The new version will guide users of windows 10x to use the content library and support external devices for file transfer.

Microsoft also uses gestures for multitasking, some of which feel like gestures in Windows 10 and windows 8. In addition to the tiny minimize and close buttons, it's sometimes inconvenient to touch them in Windows 10x.

In terms of gestures, users can slide up from the bottom of the screen to access the start menu or the list of running applications on the taskbar, and also access the updated operation center from the taskbar, including quick access to settings such as volume, brightness, Bluetooth, rotation lock, etc.

For the sake of security, windows 10x also adopts a more closed management mode, which limits the access rights of some system level files and application data.

Wonder Bar

It is worth mentioning that another new feature of windows 10x: Wonder bar, which is equivalent to a new user interface, can distinguish windows 10x from other tablet operating systems. It is in the area above the hard or soft keyboard. By default, the application can access 50% of the space, and the area can be easily accessed using existing APIs.

The application can use the existing "compact overlay mode" to display the mini interface of some functions in this area, and the website will be able to use the "picture in picture" pop-up window to place content in it. Windows 10x will also automatically insert applications that display system wide media controls, such as spotify, to display controls in them.

Microsoft states that the wonder bar is an area that can be used by notebook computers to help customers improve their work efficiency by providing other input options to enhance the keyboard. It also provides customers with an application experience that complements tasks they have at hand through tools, environmental information, and so on.

This area will provide text advice as you type, which will also allow access to a rich input panel with rich content such as emoticons, gifs, etc.

According to the evaluation of MS power user,Wonderbar is the most interesting innovation in Windows 10x。 The verge agrees“It's a really interesting part of windows 10x, but ultimately it's up to the developers to actually use it"

In general, windows 10x is still in an early state, which feels like a more complete and modern version of windows 10. Many functions of windows 10x need to be further adjusted and polished, but the overall experience is still close to that of windows 10. We should see more results at the Microsoft build conference in May this year.

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