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Huawei's matexs experience: stronger design brings higher availability

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Huawei matexs is not the first folding screen mobile phone I used, but as an immature new technology, different models of folding screen mobile phones have their own characteristics at present, almost no duplicate.

So when today's headline staff said that there was a Huawei folding screen new product to experience, curiosity urged me to break through the lazy and heavy seal at the door and go downstairs to get express delivery (thanks for the headline's machine experience).

When Huawei matexs is actually in hand, the first thought is to try to unfold and fold it, which is different from the folding screen mobile phone that we have experienced before.

Inherited thin touch and 8-inch screen

Like the previous generation, matexs is also a horizontally folded mobile phone, mainly to increase the visible area and switch between the mobile phone and the small tablet. So, like the previous generation, it's full of weight. When folded, the thickness is close to the mainstream mobile phone cover.


MateXs also uses the same external folding design as before, bending the screen to the back and fixing it through a clasp. When you want to expand into a flat plate, press the button with the red line behind it. The folding part bounces automatically, but the automatic recovery is only up to 90

The expanded matexs is thinner than any mobile phone today. Only there is a bulge twice the thickness on the camera side, which can integrate the screen when it bends. This design is the same as last year. It's not easy to change at present. Maybe it doesn't need to change.


The crease is still there, and still the bright screen will not affect the appearance. In fact, the appearance is also in line with expectations. It is better that Huawei and Samsung are unable to eliminate this defect at present, and it is useless to talk more.

As a rare folding mobile phone, the first problem I encountered was "no place to put it". When I don't use matexes, I'm used to folding it up. On the one hand, it's easy to carry, after all, it can be put in my pocket. On the other hand, it's also a habit. It's like two books must be stacked instead of tiled.


But the folded matexes, as I said, are screens on both sides of the external folding screen. Whether it is placed on the front side or on the back side, it may cause scratches when the screen contacts with the table or other objects. This made me feel anxious about placement, and I felt that every moment was wearing away the most precious screen.

As a member of folding mobile phones, matexs also has its own unique advantages in similar products, that is, when folding up, the screen size and effect are the latest to receive traditional mobile phones. The resolution is 2480 x 2200, and the front main screen size reaches the mainstream level of 6.6 inches when folding. The resolution is 2480 x 1148. Between 1080p and 1440p, the folded back part also reaches 6.38 inches (this data is useless).

A year later, is folding screen useful, easy to use?

Due to the use of external folding, matexes has no concept of internal and external screens. It is the same screen used for cutting in different use scenarios. This has some advantages over the folding screen phone I used.

Almost seamless screen to screen conversion

Last year, I saw a near disaster level application adaptation on the internal folding screen. When switching from a smaller external screen to a larger internal screen, in addition to a few applications that can be seamlessly switched, most applications need to be restarted once. This discontinuous cutting experience is a huge obstacle.


But there is no such problem in matexs. I tried common social software, such as Weibo and wechat, which can automatically expand to full screen, and BiliBili Bili video has no big problem. Comics will jump back to the home page, and the live video of douyu will recover after a short pause.

All in all, on matexes, not only is the screen larger when folded up, but it can also seamlessly link up any task at hand after deployment.

And when the screen is used, the suddenly doubled visual area brings more than twice the pleasure of dopamine secretion. Before using the greasy folding screen, the freshness really brings a pleasant use experience.

It's like an ipad Mini

But, let's talk about the practicability and necessity of folding screen. First of all, I think from the aspect of screen scale, it is not the best scale that is close to the square after expansion. The larger the screen is, the more advantageous it is in the convenience of audio-visual entertainment. However, in the aspect of the proportion of the screen, the currently popular slim screen is the best proportion of audio-visual entertainment.


But since the screen scale of matexs before expansion is close to 2:1, the screen scale after expansion is close to a square. However, if you want to reach a 4:3 screen after expansion, the screen scale at the time of folding must reach 3:2 (15:10). This kind of short and fat screen is believed to be unacceptable to all of you now, which is a compromise that I don't think can be solved at present.

But after all, the screen area is actually increased. When playing anime, the visual area is still a little larger than the current mobile phone with the largest screen (6.8 inches, 19:9). But the black edge of the upper and lower parts is also very large.


On the nearly square screen after deployment, we can use it to lean on the use scenarios of ipad Mini or Kindle oasis. In addition to the fact that instagram can be very cool to brush, reading is a better scenario to reflect the advantages of matexs.

I tried to use matexs as a Kindle. I felt good about it, but I also encountered some small problems. First of all, matexs has a higher screen share, which has a great advantage in displaying content. Whether reading through the web page or the built-in reading app, fine performance effect and full content bring excellent reading experience.

However, it is because of this that there is a little obstacle in the grip. On the one hand, when the frame is very narrow, it may be blocked and touched by mistake. On the other hand, the back camera is slightly narrow, so it cannot be a good grip.

The above is the experience of matexs in a single use scenario. Obviously, the attraction of this use mode is not enough. In order to further explore the immersion experience and ease of use, both the depth and breadth dimensions must be further advanced.

Depth and breadth of folding

How to understand the extension of depth and breadth? Depth can be understood as the re mining of experience and use methods when folding screen is used in a single application. Huawei's answer is the "parallel horizon" function.


The biggest feature of "parallel horizon" is that it can present different levels of the same application at the same time. For example, with today's headline application, the parallel view can make the article list page and the article details page appear on the screen in a similar split screen way. When you click an article on the left, the details inner page on the right will jump to the details of the article. In essence, it improves parallel task processing in the same application in the form of multitasking.

However, not all applications can use this function. After some common applications are installed, only Baidu, today's headlines and mobile Taobao applications appear in the list. This function does have some imagination, but which applications are more suitable? I think Huawei officials can rediscover and guide users.

In terms of breadth, it is the cooperation and cross application operation between different applications. In this respect, folding screen mobile phones have been favored in the past. You can also find the guidance of "smart split screen" function in the auxiliary functions of matexs.


I used matexs to try to use Weibo and wechat, two of the most high-frequency applications, separately. Due to the insufficient screen area and proportion, I can only split the screen symmetrically in the middle, but this usage feels strange. I can't divide my attention equally into two social applications at the same time.

Matexs does provide the split screen function I imagined, but in the actual experience, I have to say that such improvement is limited. After all, the screen of matexs is only the size of ipad Mini, so it is difficult to provide a good split screen experience. In my personal experience, the lower limit of the function of split screen, including floating window multitasking, is that the horizontal screen uses 10.5 inch iPad pro, and these multitasking operations are also difficult on the small screen ipad Mini.


After the iPad minimized the screen splitting of spotify, Netease cloud, Weibo and wechat, the left side still provides a larger browsing experience than the full matexs screen. Of course, the better way is to hover and auto hide, and to quickly switch iPhone scale applications through the navigation bar.

Of course, I can't simply say that the multi task processing experience of the folding screen is not good, because for most applications, how to present the folding screen in a proper form needs to be jointly promoted by Google, manufacturers and developers.

At present, I think the advantages of matexs in office may be greater, which is different from the multitasking requirements created earlier. It is a common and necessary requirement to insert pictures, words and attachments into work emails. This multitasking ability of dragging words and pictures, matexs, will play a better role in this situation.

Configuration is not the key, Huawei flagship expected

As Huawei's second folding screen mobile phone, matexes is actually equipped with our old friend Kirin 9905g SOC. This processor has been leading the market for half a year since it was used last year in terms of comprehensive strength. Its performance is quite balanced in all aspects, and it is at a high level at present.


Naturally, matexs is a dual-mode 5g mobile phone supporting SA / NSA networking mode, and it is also a dual card mobile phone. Another strength is the AI performance brought by NPU.

Oh, by the way, the change of the screen proportion will bring some changes to the game playing, which was also said last year. In some games, the vision of the upper and lower directions will be broader, such as peace elite. However, in some games where the view will be zoomed, it may have a negative effect. For example, the left and right view of glory of the king will be shortened.

In this case, due to the strong usability of the front screen after folding, matexes can more flexibly choose which proportion to play the game, so it is also a good tool for playing the game.


Due to the thin body and the folding design, this has become a barrier for matexes to use larger batteries. The typical value of the actual capacity is 4500mAh, which is the mainstream level in 5g era. However, users may expect a higher volume and weight of folding screen mobile phones, especially for large screen use, after all, a little more capacity and a little more endurance.

However, Matex still has a foundation. Like Matex, Huawei has a 55W fast charging technology on it. The official claim is that it can be charged to 85% in 30 minutes. In fact, Huawei's power saving ability is really strong. The endurance feels better than some 5000mAh ones.


As a folding screen mobile phone, Huawei's strong photo taking is not the focus here. Configuration is still Leica four shot, in the left behind the raised part of the vertical arrangement.

It includes a 40 megapixel wide-angle main camera (F / 1.8 aperture), a 16 megapixel super wide-angle lens (F / 2.2 aperture), an 8 megapixel long focus lens (F / 2.4 aperture, supporting OIS), and finally a TOF depth of field lens.

Mate XS supports up to 30x hybrid zoom. Because of the design of folding out, the rear camera can also be used as the front camera when the screen is folded up, which also makes the screen of matexes do not need the front camera, and the screen shape is more complete.

Matexs part of the sample, the details of the site compression is more serious.

Main photo:







Ultra wide angle:




Super night view:


On the whole, matexs's photography also shows Huawei's level and supports super night view and other functions, but there is still a gap compared with the more luxurious photography flagship model.

Last year we solved "yes", this year we solved "use"

In the face of new things like folding screens, the exploration time of one year seems to be a little short. Matex is more of a sense of inheritance, making some details better than last year's Matex. For example, the screen is covered with double-layer space class polyimide flexible material, which can improve the screen strength, it is said to be more expensive than gold. The hinge adopts the eagle wing folding design, which uses the zirconium base liquid metal with the hardness of titanium alloy.


With so much effort to improve the design and high cost materials, matexs's biggest goal is to solve the usability of the folding screen mobile phone's own structure. Because last year's stumble of folding screen mobile phone is not smooth, but this year, everyone has come up with a better design almost regardless of cost.

In today's era, it is obvious at a glance what products are made perfunctorily and what products are made seriously. Now it's too early to say that folding screen is the future direction, but from my own point of view, these manufacturers and products that try to mature the immature technology and promote it to the public are all worthy of awe.

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