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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Not perfect, but the market needs such phones

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In Japan, where flip phones are popular,Galaxy Z flip sold nearly 1000 units in 7.5 hours

In mainland China, where the flip has been out of the market for a long time, the first batch of Galaxy Z flip has been out of stock.

Different from last year's Galaxy fold, Samsung's promotion of folding screen mobile phones this year has had a visible change. In addition to the promotion of bloggers of traditional technology stream, this time, it also added bloggers of beauty and fashion department to make evaluation.

Of course, the changes have much to do with the product itself, and this year Samsung did not dryly explain the technology, but gave it an attribute


By doing so, Samsung has spread its folding-screen phones to the makeup and fashion community, not just the business people and geeks that Galaxy Fold targeted last year. Even the old students who don't pay attention to digital usually send me a message after Li Jiaqi's live broadcast ," Where can Samsung's new mobile phone be bought? 」

Obviously, Samsung successfully let more people know the existence of folding screen mobile phones this time.

So, although this article is an evaluation in essence, I don't want to talk about parameters and technologies. At the beginning of the article, I joined in the interaction with several consumers, first listening to their voices, then adding my interpretation of this product.

Why choose

Among the five friends I interviewed, some of them have already achieved success, some of them have been persuaded to leave because of some reasons, some of them are urban white-collar workers, some of them are digital experts, some of them are beauties and fashion bloggers (the interviewees are pseudonyms).


But to my surprise, not all girls like galaxy Z flip's make-up mirror design, and there are not only girls but also a certain number of boys who choose it.

The first friend I interviewed was Fiona, an old classmate mentioned earlier. She was a white-collar worker in CBD.

The reason why she is interested in Galaxy Z flip is that, like most female users, she goes for the same flip as the vanity mirror and is still robbed of Pandora purple in an instant. So the galaxy Z flip she finally bought is not bought from the official website, but from scalpers.

I ask, if cyberblack has goods and Pandora purple has no goods, will you still look for scalpers to increase the price? Fiona said:

Now online purple is the hottest, as long as the price increase is not excessive, it can be accepted.


But Fiona doesn't seem to care about the hardware part of the mobile phone. When I asked her about the folding screen and some performance issues, she said that she didn't play games, so the sex can be used. Except that the 22:9 screen is a little narrow, and it's not suitable for operation, and it's not very used to watching movies, there is not much essential difference between the use feeling and ordinary mobile phones.

However, although the Galaxy Z Flip's powder box modeling can attract many users, face judger Jerry, another visiting designer, was discouraged halfway.


At first, Jerry, like Fiona, paid attention to the mobile phone because of its unique design. However, Jerry, who always advocates "rational consumption", found that he could not ignore the existence of creases after seeing the real phone:

I think Samsung has overcome the crease problem, but it's quite obvious to see the real machine. I think it's better to continue to use the straight phone.

Indeed, after the launch of Galaxy Z flip, many users are concerned about not only the hinge problem, but also whether the screen crease is as obvious as the galaxy fold. However, even though Samsung uses flexible glass this time, the hinge part of the crease is still obvious.

But strictly speaking, this is not only the problem of Samsung folding screen phones, but also the problem of all folding screen phones at present. Before the breakthrough of new screen and glass technology in this respect, the folding screen phones will continue to exist.

In a short period of time, consumers who pursue perfection will still be persuaded by this crease.


Although "cosmetic box mobile phone" is the label of Galaxy Z Flip, it is not limited to female users. Zijun, a digital talent, is one of the first users of Z Flip.

As a former Motorola V3, Nokia n92i and a series of Japanese flip phone users, Zijun originally wanted to start with the Motorola Razr at the beginning of this year, but finally started with the black Z flip. He said to me:

Samsung used to be the leader in flip color phones. At that time, it was famous for its excellent screen colors. This year's Z flip is one of the milestones of Samsung flip phones, which once again highlights the advantages of Samsung as a role in the industry supply chain.

But Zijun also added that the majority of people who choose this mobile phone should focus on the beauty value, not the performance. Its function is to supplement the blank user groups that galaxy fold and W20 fail to cover. These three mobile phones should be the same positioning, not surpassing each other.


▲ Motorola Razr

As mr. zi said, song xiaomin, now in south korea, was one of the first fashion bloggers to start Z Flip. When I asked her how she felt, her response was "fun ".

I was wondering here. Is there anything interesting about this mobile phone?

In fact, can not use ordinary mobile phone thinking to see it, because ordinary mobile phone is straight board, this mobile phone is flip, the form is very similar to the makeup box, itself very popular, is a very good platform. And now some trendy people will be on it DIY, just like putting stickers on the suitcase, is a manifestation of cultural creativity.


DIY stickers shared ▲ netizens

"Will anyone care about screen creases and performance? "I asked.

Most of them will not. If they are not digital consumers, they will not care about the configuration. As long as they can meet the use needs, it will be enough. As for the crease problem, under this appearance, not too many people will care about its existence.

However, even though the performance of Galaxy Z flip can meet the needs of most of the current games, this mobile phone is not as suitable for games as Galaxy fold.


Mobile game player Sam although one of the Z Flip users, but he will not use it to play games, in addition to because the surface of the softer screen will affect the hand feel, folding design is not easy to overdo.

These configurations are more like a game for running a App, even though the CellCellon 855 and 8 GB are not out of date today.

It's good-looking, but if it's used to play games, you'll find it awkward.

Obviously, players are more likely to choose Galaxy S20 ultra than Z flip.

For me, it's a lovely mobile phone

I haven't used Galaxy Z flip for a long time, only for three days. To say what kind of feeling this mobile phone can give me during this period, I think on the one hand, Samsung's new attempt to fold screen device, and on the other hand, popularize this mobile phone.

The main task of this mobile phone is not to make a splash, but to let everyone know the technology of folding screen and guide more users to adapt to this device.


In short, it is to educate users to accept and use folding screen mobile phones, not to let it replace the traditional straight phone, but to accept this new form on this basis.

As I got inspiration from an interview with song Xiaomin, from positioning, promotion to the product itself, this mobile phone is not for professional geeks, but for consumers in another field. These consumers don't care too much about its configuration parameters. What's more, it's not good-looking and trendy.

So, the mobile phone itself is developing towards "good-looking", which is actually different from last year's Galaxy fold.


Galaxy fold tells us by folding the screenMobile phones can be transformed into personal tablets through screens, so they not only have the properties of mobile phones, but also have the properties of office tools.

And Z flip is still a mobile phone in essence, which is a smaller and more lovely mobile phone based on the folding screen.

How does it become likable?


Folding up the mobile phone, we can get a mobile phone only the size of the palm. It can be easily put into jeans, pockets, tops and pockets. It will have a sense of security to master the whole situation.

This is slightly different from galaxy fold. Z flip's fuselage is square in combination, more like a square charging treasure than a long TV remote control.


Whether it's black, purple or gold, the three colors all use mirror glass design with high reflection, which makes me spend a lot of time focusing when taking photos in the sun.

But it is undeniable that the color matching of the two mobile phones in my hand are very good-looking. Black will be dark blue in the light, purple will have a kind of light purple and blue mixed feeling, eye-catching but not vulgar.


▲ one handed mobile phone

The disadvantage of "beauty" is that it's because of the mirror design of the shell, so the mobile phone is also very slippery on the hand, especially for my kind of Maha, which increases the risk of accidental falling every time I open the mobile phone.

If I put it in my trouser pocket and sit on it, I will occasionally slide out of the phone because the shell is too slippery.

So put on a shell.


Samsung didn't use big chunks outside the phone this time AMOLED, but instead used a 1.1-inch Super AMOLED as an information window, which made the phone like a flip phone.

  • When calling, the screen will display the call number and contact information;
  • When receiving the text message, the screen will display the text message content;
  • When receiving new messages, swipe the screen left and right to see which app has new messages;
  • When playing music, song information will be displayed;
  • When the camera is turned on, it can project the contents of the main screen;
  • When the cover is closed, the screen will turn off automatically. Double click to view the clock and battery information;
  • When charging, the power information and the required time will be displayed.

Although the function of this screen is mainly used as a message reminder, it is an AMOLED after all. Long time display of fixed content will still have the risk of burning the screen, so Samsung also uses the anti burning screen technology here.


For example, when charging, the icon will move globally every 1 minute. This kind of design has been used in the off screen display of the galaxy S8 since the time when the home key was shifted by 1 pixel to prevent the screen from burning.


However, since there is no external screen like the galaxy fold, when I receive a message, I need to expand the screen, unlock and click the app to view the message first, so this also increases the steps of viewing the message every time, especially for social elites, at least 50 times of the above actions should be repeated every day.

So when my information comes frequently, I will place my mobile phone like this:


Speaking of the screen, this time Samsung uses a 22:9 scale, 6.7-inch drill hole folding screen. It feels like holding Xperia 1 in hand when unfolding the mobile phone.

But in addition to being able to fold and drill holes, the specification of this screen is not particularly high. The resolution of 1080p and the refresh rate of 60Hz are the conventional configurations of ordinary mobile phones at present.


Of course, the breakthrough of Samsung technology is not the specification of folding screen, but the use of UTG flexible glass in mobile phones.

According to Samsung, Z flip's screen will be more durable and smooth compared with the plastic film surface of Galaxy fold, and the touch will no longer be like touching a piece of plastic, but closer to the ordinary hard screen.

But in fact, the touch touch feeling of this screen is more like a mobile phone with glass film than that of a fold, but it is still soft as a whole, and there is not much change in perception.


▲ UTG glass

What's more, even if UTG glass (actually a mixture of plastic and glass) is used, it doesn't mean that the screen is as scratch resistant as an ordinary mobile phone.

In a previous article about Zack Nelson testing screen strength report The internal screen strength of Galaxy Z flip is still level 3, Razr Fold、 Motorola

Therefore, UTG glass is mainly used to increase the folding life of the screen and change the touch touch feeling. Scratch prevention is a secondary addition.


To say what is the most obvious part of the upgrade, I think the hinge part is the most obvious part of the upgrade perception. After the first two adjustments, Samsung strengthened the hinge structure and added nylon fiber dust-proof belt to the hinge edge, although in the test before ifixit,The effect of dust belt is not very goodHowever, the rigidity of the hinge has a visible change.

Every time I open and close the mobile phone, or hold it in my hand, the hinge will not feel the looseness of the original fold. Every time I close the cover, I can hear a crisp "pa" sound, and there will be a pleasant feeling of pressing the green axis keyboard enter key after a paragraph of code.


Based on this hinges upgrade, Samsung also added Flex mode to mobile phone, so that the mobile phone can expand to the same angle as the powder box.

The biggest advantage of this function is that I don't need the mobile phone bracket when playing video or attending video conference at home, just fold the mobile phone into 90 degrees.


In addition, the system will also determine the current camera photographing mode according to the folding angle. For example, under the condition of folding the mobile phone at right angles, the camera will automatically enter the gesture photographing mode, and can automatically take pictures after staying in front of the lens for one second.


Of course, there are many ways to take photos of flip phones. If you adjust the cover to 45 degrees and put it on the plane, you can shoot the starry sky by turning on the night mode; if you set the cover up, you can shoot the delayed video.

All the methods mentioned above do not need extra bracket, just find a plane that can make the mobile phone stable.


The hinge can stay at multiple angles

From the perspective of configuration, the relationship between Galaxy Z flip and Galaxy fold should be parallel and positioning complementary, rather than the iterative update of the younger generation surpassing the older generation. Therefore, this time, Z flip did not use the most advanced configuration like the last year.

Of course, the current configuration is enough to run most of the App and games, even though it's almost meant by the parameters of GB 855 and 8, not to mention that fact that technology tree itself is not on the "performance ", so the more conservative configuration is understandable.


When you're more focused on performance orientation, entertainment orientation, the same price, actually 16 GB 512GB of S20Ultra is more suitable for you.

Like all folding screen mobile phones, limited by the limited internal space, the total capacity of the dual battery of Galaxy Z flip is only 3300mah, a little larger than that of Motorola Razr, but smaller than that of Galaxy fold.


In my medium intensity test of 50% fixed brightness and WiFi / 4G mixed use, the total duration of the mobile phone's on screen is 358 minutes, less than 6 hours. With standby, the total endurance can reach 14-16 hours.

This is a good result for a 3300mah cell phone. You should know that even the S20 ultra with 5000mAh battery,In the same test, it's only 30-40 minutes longer than Z flip

Innovation and popularization, the market needs such mobile phones

Whether it's last year's Galaxy fold or this year's Galaxy Z flip, we can see the word "dazzle technology" in the public evaluation. Indeed, in the era of performance, photo taking and software interaction, Samsung's folding screen mobile phone, which is totally different from the traditional mobile phone, is unique, which really makes people feel that it is showing off technology.

But while evaluating Samsung's dazzling skills, we also have to think about the intentions behind it


In my opinion, although Samsung has been improving the two key hardware of hinge and screen in the past year, the debut of Galaxy fold last year is not very smooth for a product using new technology. Instead, it allows the public to put unreliable labels on folding screen mobile phones.

In addition, Galaxy fold has great limitations in terms of pricing and positioning. Although folding screen technology lets you see the new form of mobile phones and tablet computers, the general public praise and high pricing in the early stage make the products fall into a sales dilemma.


▲ Galaxy Z flip Thom Browne Limited Edition

Therefore, the significance of this year's Galaxy Z flip is not only to reshape the image of the folding screen mobile phone in the market, but also to supplement the product type of Samsung's folding screen mobile phone family and consolidate Samsung's position in the folding screen mobile phone product.

As can be seen from the cross-border cooperation of fashion industry, Samsung wants to expand the influence of folding screen mobile phones through Z flip with beauty and fashion industry as the entry point.

This is not only to let more people know about Galaxy Z flip, but also to bring some communication help to Galaxy fold. In the previous interview, Fiona, who never paid attention to digital, didn't know that last year's fold was Samsung. She only knew through Z flip's advertisement that Samsung was one of the original manufacturers of folding screen mobile phones.

So on the surface, Galaxy Z flip looks like Samsung's dazzle technology, but in fact, it has the task of popularizing folding screen mobile phones.


Of course, Samsung's popularity of folding screen mobile phones is partly related to its role as a supplier. After all, although folding screen mobile phones exist at present, there are not many manufacturers of folding screen mobile phones, which is obviously unfavorable for Samsung, one of the folding screen suppliers.

So from the market point of view, Samsung is popularizing folding screen mobile phones through this more acceptable product, at the same time, it is also driving the development of folding screen mobile phones, and finding greater commercial value for the application of folding screen in mobile phones.

As a supplier, Samsung is still using folding screens to look for the possibility of mobile phone form change, and the market is indeed such a bold supplier.

Only if the suppliers dare to taste, the market will have more participants and pioneers.

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