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Huawei's matexes experience: still 16999 yuan, stronger and better

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(摘录下来的要点) summary

Not only does it look cool, this time it has done a lot of upgrades and optimizations on the product side.

Last year, there were many new hot words in the mobile phone industry, such as 5g, high refresh rate and folding screen. Among them, 5g and high refresh rate manufacturers have followed up in time. At present, there are many related products on the market, but few involved in folding screen mobile phones. Huawei is one of the representatives.

They officially launched their first folding-screen phone at the MWC 2019 fair earlier last year MateX, and gained a lot of attention. A year later, it brought MateX upgrades


Upgrade screens and hinges while enriching application scenarios

Like many products named after the "s" suffix, Huawei's matexes did not break the previous structure, but further upgraded and supplemented the hardware design and application scenarios based on it. So although the new product looks basically the same as mate x at first sight, there are many differences in fact.


First look at the most concerned screen section. HuaweiMateXs still uses what is officially called eagle-wing folding screen design, the screen is opened to the left and right fold, the direct benefit is that the overall immersion of the screen feel better. In expansion, its screen size is 8 inches (2480


However, the HuaweiMateXs screen uses a double-layer space class polyimide flexible material, screen durability has further improved. In addition, it added a layer of flexible graphite heat dissipation material under the screen, the role needless to say, we all know, mainly to better transfer the heat generated inside the fuselage, while achieving a more balanced heat distribution.


As for the "crease" problem of previous folding screen mobile phones, Huawei's matexs still does not provide an ideal solution. Fortunately, it is not obvious when the screen is on, which will not affect the actual viewing experience. Of course, this is also expected. If you want to get close to the effect of traditional glass screen, it may still depend on when the material science can make breakthrough progress.


Besides the screen, the hinge part which plays a supporting role is also strengthened. The main change is that Huawei used zirconium based liquid metal and other materials in the key part of the hinge this time. One of the major features of this material is its high strength. In theory, the hinge of this generation of products is more solid.


changes in functional applications are more easily perceived than screen and hinge parts. supported by a large screen ,HuaweiMateXs brings two very convenient experiences. One is multi-application split-screen, and the other is the parallel horizon that they have emphasized emphasized on laptops and tablets.

Multi application split screen is easy to understand, matexs At most, three applications can work in parallel, two of which are displayed on the screen in the form of left and right screens, and the other is suspended on the screen in the form of floating windows. The biggest feature of parallel horizon is that it can open the two-level task interface of the application at the same time. For example, when you open wechat and gallery, you can directly send pictures by dragging, greatly simplifying The intermediate process is very convenient.


The volume control button and the power / fingerprint two in one button are set on the right side of the fuselage. According to our actual experience, the unlocking speed and recognition accuracy are satisfactory enough, which is nothing to worry about.

How about it?

For electronic products, whether mobile phones or PCs, people often pay too much attention to one of its parameters or functions, and the ease of use directly related to the actual experience is often ignored. In Huawei's matexes, hand feel performance and when the main and secondary screens are switched become two points we want to verify after getting the machine.


According to Huawei's official data, the fuselage length of matexes in the expanded state is 161.3 mm, the width is 146.2 mm, and the thickness is 5.4 mm (the thickness of boss is 11 mm); after being folded, the length remains unchanged, and the width is greatly narrowed, only 78.5 mm, because of the existence of boss, the thickness is 11 mm at this time.


In addition, because its screen size is much larger than the traditional mobile phone, and the existence of metal hinges, even if the thickness of the body has been controlled in a very ideal state, the weight is still up to 300 grams. However, the existence of boss improves its gripping ability to a certain extent, especially in the expanded state.


After that, let's talk about the screen shape switching. In theory, the actual viewing experience of large screen is naturally better, which is also the core problem that horizontal folding screen mobile phones want to solve. From this point of view alone, in fact, the tablet computer is deliberately competent. It does not need to spend huge human, material and financial resources to make folding screen mobile phones. Its real value is to be able to balance portability and large screen according to the needs of users.


However, it should be noted that in the folded state, because part of the screen plays the role of "back cover", it is relatively easy to have scratches and other problems, so you should be extra careful in the actual use process, after all, this screen is too expensive. As for the proportion of two screen forms, it depends on everyone's usage habits and actual application scenarios.

Familiar super sensitive Leica four camera

In the image part, Huawei matexes also adopts the super sensitive Leica four camera image system, including the familiar 40 million pixel main camera (F / 1.8 aperture), 16 million pixel super wide angle camera (F / 2.2 aperture), 3D deep sense camera, and 8 million pixel long focal lens (F / 2.4 aperture, supporting OIS optical anti shake).


Different from the common mobile phone products in the past, the front and back share a set of camera system, and there is no separate front camera, so the screen integrity is better. Correspondingly, the screen needs to be folded to complete the selfie, and it can't operate like a normal mobile phone in the unfolded state.

The following is a real sample without any post-processing:



3 times zoom


5 times zoom


30 times zoom



Ultra wide angle


Big circle


macro mode




Qilin 990 5g, 55W flash charge

Core hardware configuration ,HuaweiMateXs is currently home to the top Kirin 990 5G SoC, only provide 8 GB 5G SoC,12 GB one storage option.


About Kirin 990 5G chip we introduced before, it used 7 nm EUV process, CPU part is 2


In terms of network speed, according to the official data, Kirin 9905g can achieve 2.3gbps peak download rate and 1.25gbps peak uplink rate in the sub-6ghz frequency band. At the same time, it also supports 5g dual card, 5g Internet access, and the other card can answer the high-definition voice call of volte.


There is nothing to say about the performance, which belongs to the top level of the industry at present, so there is no problem in dealing with the popular mobile games on the market. As for the endurance part that everyone pays more attention to, its battery capacity is 4500mAh, and it supports 55W flash charging. However, it needs to be noted that its adapter is 65W, which means it can also charge some light and thin notebook computers.


In terms of charging speed, from our test results, 10 minutes can be charged from 0 to 31%, 20 minutes can be charged to 63%, 30 minutes can be charged to 83%, 40 minutes can be charged to 93%, and it takes 56 minutes to fully charge. In terms of actual endurance, it's difficult to have a relatively accurate number due to different usage habits of each person, but there's no problem in maintaining normal usage for one day.

More mature folding screen mobile phone

In the past, the standard that we used to evaluate a mobile phone product to be excellent enough may be whether its hardware specifications and parameters are gorgeous enough, but for a new form of product like folding screen, durability, ease of use and related ecological construction are undoubtedly more worthy of attention, which is exactly what Huawei focuses on in its second generation of folding screen mobile phones.


Of course, innovation is not an overnight thing. It needs to go through trial and error to find the right direction. At this stage, there may be a gap between the actual experience end and our ideal perfect appearance, but the progress is also obvious. From hardware to software, it is much more mature than before.

Finally, the official price of Huawei's matexes is 16999 yuan, which is not cheap compared with ordinary mobile phones. However, in the future, as the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain gradually mature, the price should gradually drop. If you want to taste the folding screen mobile phone, it will be a good choice.

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