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wechat "dark mode" hot eyes? These six new features are the real fragrance!

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Source: Operational Research Institute (ID:U_quan)

Yesterday, WeChat finally supported the dark (night) mode, related topics on the Weibo hot search list number one.


The little friends shouted: dark pattern is too ugly, it is hot eyes!

Interestingly, the topic review area was startled by the large-scale teaching Zhang Xiaolong to do the product scene:

WeChat when out of the chat box do not delete chat records ah, kneeling;

I hope WeChat gives me a chance to change the account name to make up for the mistakes made by youth ignorance;

Can you update other points, such as delete chat box do not delete records, friends can send 30 seconds (video) do not paste


Obviously, everyone is not satisfied with this update of WeChat. However, we found that in addition to this dark mode, WeChat also quietly online a lot of small features.

So what has WeChat changed recently? What do we do with it?


What did WeChat change?

Since this month, WeChat has begun to make some minor changes, unconsciously it has updated seven features. (For ios users only, some Android users are testable)

1) dark pattern

Some partners may wonder why their WeChat is already the latest version, why not see the dark pattern. Because the dark pattern of WeChat is following the system settings, You can turn it on or off in your system settings


In addition to system settings, there is a place where dark mode can be turned on or off in more ways. Long press


After opening, you can also enjoy dark mode during the day. But I'm sure few people will



Left light pattern, right dark pattern

In dark mode, sometimes it's not just hot eyes, like some


2) cluster tools

In addition to the dark pattern, there's a small change, In the group chat page more than a small group tool features. After you click on the group tool, you will find the Mini Programs that the group members have sent in the group.


Group owners or administrators can also top these small programs that you've used for use by members of the group, up to 8 tops.


When a group owner or administrator forwards a small program to a group, you can set it up All group members can receive


In addition, group owners can also set up when publishing group announcements All group members see the status of group announcements at a glance.


3) circle of friends didn't mark

The circle of friends does not see the mark this function, can jump to the position you did not brush.


This function can be said to be very humanized, for the kind of friends who do not have time to brush the circle of friends, friends circle content more small partners to be very friendly, do not worry about missing whose circle of friends.

4) Voice Interface Update

WeChat voice interface update after the experience is better, long press the voice box left slide cancel, upper right slide conversion text, conversion text operation is very smooth.


5) emoji packets moved or deleted

The management of WeChat facial expression bag also has a new way.

we can long press delete the unwanted emoji bag to make new space for emoji bag library. You can also like or commonly used expression package one button to move to the front, more convenient to fight.


In addition to this, on the whole face pack page, Added From this small change can be seen, WeChat for the creator of facial expression bag more attention.



And we found out, WeChat started

Such as in the Subscription account message interface, appea

Besides,The message area at the bottom of the article is folded and appears Read the recommended article and it's one of the topics I' ve been studying recently: fast hand ecommerce.


But there are only a few hundred readings to read. Although I don't have a hammer to prove

7) new focus portal

When you're sharing a public article, you can see the addition As can be seen from this small change, WeChat has always been thinking of trying to guide content creators, so that quality content creators are paid more attention to.




This revision for ordinary users, the impact is not big, anyway, if not like, the system

The most complained points are basically:

Originally full of soul wild expression bag, now the most eye-catching is not matting clean white border;

And once a simple line of black words can express emotions, is completely submerged by the darkness.


There are also some students, hair friends circle will be ingenious map, in


But for students who do public names,This update is an unprecedented challenge in typesetting.Let's take a look at the mined areas in the dark pattern and how to avoid stepping.

1) segmentation line

First of all, most of the public numbers are carefully designed to split the line,


So what to do?

The simplest, of course, is to ask the designe Change the split line of all white bases to transparent bottom in png format.


If the designer can't get busy (or no designer), Direct use of simple plain text or third-party material segmentation line, also OK.


2) Expression Package

Many students like to use facial expressions to convey emotions, but with


One way to be lazy is to try to use a rectangular expression pack.


3) font colo

Besides the pictures, You'll never know what you' re doing in light color mode,


In this case, Using a black-gray system is the safest, or with a color that is not so saturated as we have always stressed, the high probability is not too blind. (Of course, be sure to preview to see the end result)


It is worth noting that before some students in order to get enough original 300 words, will be filled with white words, in light color mode these words can not be seen.

And in dark mode, you put together the numbers


More crucially, it's easy to be monitored by WeChat, and because

4) editor template

Finally, there are a number of public numbers, including the operational research community in typesetting using a number of third-party editor templates to increase typesetting fun.

But here comes the problem, Most of these templates didn't come back So the light text looks hot-eyed and the heavy text goes straight


In general, The simpler the typographical problems, the less, and the more Before finding a good solution, you might as well return to simplicity.



The recent WeChat, can be said to be from time to time a little update, a little surprise.

But experience it, While some functions improve efficiency in one area, many have been shown to be For example, it is uncomfortable at present

As Zhang Xiaolong said:

Get used to being complained by 500 million people every day, and 100 million people want to teach me to make products.

So, you complain, anyway, you want the public number message ah, group brush friends circle ah and other functions will not appear.

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