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ZTE AXON 11 hand :168 g/7.9mm 2698 yuan pull down 5 G threshold

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ZTE Tianji axon series has always been the same existence as the masterpiece, and is the representative of ZTE mobile.

At the end of March, ZTE released Axon series of new machines

As far as products are concerned, the zte Axon 11 materials cover all the latest technology.

Xiaolong 765G chip integrates 5g baseband, flexible surface water drop screen, four camera module and optical screen fingerprint. The price starting from 2698 yuan is full of sincerity, which makes ZTE successfully enter the market competition of 3000 yuan range 5g mobile phones.

Then we'll review it and we' ll learn more about it and experience it.


In appearance, ZTE Tianji axon 11 adopts a comprehensive screen design. The screen size is 6.47 inches, and the screen scale is 19.5:9.

Because of cop encapsulation and screen fingerprint identification, ZTE's axon 11 chin is reduced to 1.8mm, and the overall screen share is 92%.


ZTE Tianji axon 11 is designed with a water drop screen, and the earpiece and front camera are set on the top of the front. The edge of the screen has been polished for 2.5D, which is round and has a degree.


This screen is a curved screen, and the surfaces on both sides further reduce the border width visually.

So compared to the average high screen proportion of mobile phones, it seems that the screen proportion is higher. Almost achieved the front full screen of the true full screen vision.


The back side of the fuselage also uses curved surface design to optimize the grip of the mobile phone.

In general, the joints of the two materials are prone to uneven cracks,ZTE Tianji axon 11 frame and the back of the glass is very smooth, the glass and metal frame are closely connected, reflecting a high level of production technology.

The fuselage edge angle also carries on the smooth transition processing, further optimizes the grip handle.The overall thickness is only 7.9MM, and the weight is controlled at 168g.


In terms of camera, ZTE's axon 11 is equipped with four camera modules, which can meet the needs of shooting scenes such as portrait, wide-angle, micro distance, etc. The design of the camera adopts square matrix arrangement, which is simple and orderly.


The complete machine of ZTE Tianji axon 11 embodies a high level of workmanship. The curved surface and the glass texture of the fuselage are different from the traditional Zhongxing Tianji axon series, which are more business oriented and stable.

More in line with the mainstream aesthetic of the public and provide a comfortable grip. In terms of appearance, design and workmanship, ZTE has shown full sincerity in this product.

Axon best technology and the most perfect design can always be seen in the sky machine series, as ZTE's main 5 G products, we are also very concerned about its actual performance.

Then, we can understand the performance of ZTE Tianji axon 11 through hardware configuration and actual performance test.

Maximum upgrade of Qualcomm snapdragon 765G

zte sky machine Axon 11 used qualcomm celldon 765 G mobile processing platform, using the current top 7 nm EUV process, compared with 8 process power consumption reduced by 35%.

The 765 G uses the current state-of-the-art 5 G SoC scheme, which integrates the Cellon X52 modem and RF system and supports SA NSA 5G dual-module network.


The 5g module is integrated in SOC. Compared with the earlier separate 5g scheme, it has many advantages such as higher integration, smaller volume and power consumption.

5g integrated chip scheme, AP and modem are directly connected through the system bus, and the data exchange rate between them is faster and more efficient.


It is not only Qualcomm's first 5g integrated SOC, but also the largest upgrade since the release of the 7 series. GPU performance has increased by 40% and AI computing power by 100%.

On the CPU hand, Kryo 475 has the same architecture as Cellon 855. A new eight-core Kryo 475 processor ,1 1 The three-cluster architecture of 6.

Configure a 2.4GHz super large core, a 2.2GHz performance core and six 1.8GHz efficiency cores.

The 765 G graphics processor uses a new Adreno 620, thanks to the same architecture as the new flagship 865, which G nearly 40% better than the 730 graphics.

From the results of running test, ZTE Tianji axon 11's score of 310000 is enough to meet the needs of daily use.


The Xiaolong 765G adopted by ZTE's axon 11 uses the same fifth generation AIE as the Xiaolong 865. It is a multi-core heterogeneous AI computing solution composed of kryo 475 CPU, Adreno 620 GPU, hvx and tensor accelerator HTA. It uses the same generation of AI hardware accelerator HTA 220 as the flagship 865, with the main frequency up to 700MHz.

The overall AI performance of the HVX, Celldragon 765 G with 1.4 AIE doubled compared to the fourth generation, up to 5.5 trillion operations per second (5.5 TOPS).

New generation integrated 5g scheme, faster and more stable network speed

zte sky machine Axon 11 adopted the integrated 5 G solution to support the SA NSA 5G dual-module network, because the SoC of the 765 mobile platform integrated 5 modules internally. compared with the early separated 5 G scheme, the integration is higher, the volume is smaller, and the power consumption also has some advantages.

In 5g integrated chip scheme, AP and modem are directly connected through the system bus, and the data exchange rate between them will be faster and more efficient.

With a new 5 G SoC ZTE Sky Machine Axon 11 built-in new network fusion scheme, Link-Booster acceleration technology can achieve dual network concurrency and seamless switching of Wi-Fi 5G/4G mobile network.

With the increase of network speed, it can also guarantee the stability of network connection and avoid network fluctuation caused by poor Wi Fi or 5g signal.

We can see through the test that in the evening wifi the signal difference environment, after closing the mobile phone 5 G signal, the network speed can not be maintained at a very high level, there will be a drop, and the acceleration after opening 5 G will make the delay smaller and the connection more stable.


It needs to be mentioned here, because of the construction of 5g network and package tariff, many users are still using 4G network at present, but 4G card can also search 5g signal on Tianji axon 11. At this time, 4G card can run at a speed of about 300MB. Even if 5g is not used, they can still enjoy the high-speed 4G network experience.

Four camera lens module to meet different shooting scenes

The zte Axon 11 features in addition to 5 G, video recording features are also very outstanding, upgraded to a four-shot module, providing 64 million pixels of the main camera 8 million pixels of 120 degrees wide angle lens depth of field micro lens combination.


When it comes to the multi camera module, its significance is that on the one hand, it can improve the light input. In the same environment, it has a higher purity than the photos taken by a single camera phone.

On the other hand, taking more pictures enhances the adaptability of taking pictures, for example, wide-angle is more suitable for taking grand scenes, while macro lens can take close-up details of objects.

And on a multiphoto basis,ZTE's axon 11 camera also added AI technology to assist in optimization. It can accurately identify the object and scene, and give the best parameters and color style.

Due to the high pixel sensor and AI assisted optimization, ZTE Tianji axon 11 also has a good performance in the night shooting effect, especially in the details.



Functionally, ZTE Sky Machine Axon 11 implemented a variety of shooting modes such as supporting portrait, night view, large aperture, wide angle and so on. Below we look at the imaging performance of zte sky machine Axon 11 through real-time photographs under various scenarios.




zte sky machine Axon 11 also supports 4 K 60 frame ultra-high-definition video professional shooting, using the main super-wide angle anti-shake scheme, fusion AI technology ,64 million ultra-high-definition main camera can accurately perceive the direction and amplitude of jitter and intelligent correction.

In addition, the intelligent anti shake of 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens can also increase the viewing area and provide 120 degree ultra wide angle anti distortion.

Besides, zte sky machine Axon 11 also provides video editing function, more than 10 kinds of special effects, multi-video splicing and filter, soundtrack, even video novice can easily create professional level video, so that everyone can be the director of life.

With the high bandwidth and high speed in 5g era, hundreds of megabytes of 4K HD video can be uploaded without compression, allowing users to record, present and share a good life anytime and anywhere.

Mifavor UI 10 features, intelligent and practical

In terms of system software, ZTE Tianji axon 11 runs mifavor UI 10 system.

In fact, the system software, whether from the interface aesthetic, ease of use, functionality and other aspects of comparison, the gap between Android phones is not very obvious.

Some functions such as recording screen, long screen capture, application separation, red packet assistant and other application functions with domestic characteristics are available. In terms of experience of basic functions, the experience difference is not obvious.


feature function, ZTE MiFavor 10 mostly features speech recognition, AI intelligence optimization. Built-in in ZTE's Axon 11 system

Needless to say, voice assistant is basically added to every mobile phone now.

I think the driving mode is very practical. Under this interface, all voice controls can be performed, and interference of other apps or miscellaneous notifications can be reduced, so that the driver can be more focused on driving.


Smart screen recognition and document correction are also preserved. After this function is turned on, the double finger length press screen can quickly extract the picture or text in the screen.

Of course, you can also take a paper document, and then press and hold the photo for a long time to quickly extract the text.


The use of glass material makes the whole machine look more qualitative, and the addition of Cellon 765 G also realizes the simultaneous connection of Wi-Fi and 5 signals to ensure the stability of the network connection.

The Xiaolong 765G, with its light and thin body and flexible curved screen, also has a good experience.

Photo taking and endurance have also reached the flagship level. The most important thing is that 5g performance is stable. Even 4G users can experience the fast network connection.

As a 5g mobile phone, ZTE Tianji axon 11 has balanced performance in all aspects. With the price starting from 2698, the entry threshold of 5g products has been lowered, allowing users with limited budget to fully experience 5g.

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