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Infected new crown pneumonia to take medicine for life? WHO think China's new crown outbreak of the second outbreak?

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Recently, an online article entitled who authoritative expert elwald: the second outbreak of China's new crown epidemic will be a high probability event! 》The article said that elwald believed that the second outbreak of the new crown epidemic in China would be a high probability event.



March 23 Times magazine vs. BruceBruce

At the same time

No matter what our academicians say, or what WHO officials say, we should pay attention to the news reports of the formal channels, and don't trust them easily

Does China's aid phenanthrene nucleic acid test kit meet the standard?

Rumors: philippine media reported that fei ministry of health officials said china's aid to feixin crown pneumonia test reagent accuracy of only 40%, due to substandard and temporarily not used.

China novel coronavirus pneumonia released in March 29th. The Chinese Embassy in Philippines issued a statement on the quality of the new crown pneumonia detection reagent, which indicated that the Philippine Ministry of health confirmed that China has received 2000 Chinese genes and 100 thousand people's Saint Xiang nucleic acid test kit, and the quality is very good. There is no accuracy problem, and is fully consistent with the relevant international standards of the WHO. The above-mentioned kits have been put into use, and played an important role in the Philippine government's rapid response to the epidemic.

The Chinese Embassy firmly opposes the irresponsible speech and report based on hearsay without scientific test, misleads the public and public opinion, and interferes with the overall situation of China Philippines joint anti epidemic cooperation.


A large number of overseas personnel crowded Shenzhen port?

Rumour: March 28th news said


Refutation: on the afternoon of March 28, The Shenzhen Municipal People's Government's Port Office refuted rumors that after verification, the above-mentioned


Chongyang County, Hubei Province, is it necessary to seal the bridge and seal the community?

Rumors: Recently, in Chongyang people WeChat group, circle of friends, someone forwarded the spread


Rumor: the reporter and the relevant departments to contact confirmed that the Internet for rumors. At present, Chongyang County to resume production and rehabilitation work is in an orderly manner. On March 27, at about 3 p.m., the reporter came to Chongyang County, the city of 12345 bridge and part of the road for on-site inspection, in 12345 bridge, people and cars passed smoothly and orderly, and did not set up any duty card points and prevention and control inspectors.

For disinformation


Affected by the epidemic situation in Gansu in 2020 institutions do not recruit previous students?

Rumor: There's news recently

Rumour Refuting: Gansu Provincial People's Social Affairs Department responded to the above-mentioned online message, saying

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the employment of college graduates. In particular, in response to the outbreak of pneumonia in the new crown, the Central Organizing Committee and the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs have issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in Publicly Recruiting College Graduates to Address the Impact of the Epidemic in New Crown Pneumonia.


After infection new crown pneumonia need to take medicine for life?

Rumor: there are some online claims: new crown virus infection like hepatitis B, if there is a new crown virus-specific antibody in the body show that the cure, if no antibody production will become a chronic carrier, you need to take medicine for life.

Rumor dispelling: Hou Jinlin, director of infection department of Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, told reporters that the network legend method is unscientific, and the new coronavirus and hepatitis B virus are totally different.

Because hepatitis B is a chronic infectious disease, hepatitis B surface antigen antibody will be produced continuously to neutralize the infection of hepatitis B virus, so as to protect patients from the virus. Therefore, if the antibody is not detected, it is because the virus is constantly replicating and the antibody is constantly mixing with it; however, if the HBsAg antibody is found, it indicates that the virus has been suppressed.

A new crown virus is a RNA virus, without the characteristics of the above hepatitis B virus, can not form a chronic infection, so it is impossible to take medicine for life.

Because the infection of new coronavirus is an acute infection process, patients usually have less virus. If the patients have strong resistance, they can usually clear the virus within 14 days, and the antibody of new coronavirus can be detected.

Someone in Qinhuangdao returned from Thailand without isolation?

Rumor: in recent days, Qinhuangdao has a message: someone has returned to Qinhuangdao from Thailand, not isolated at home, but also around.


Refutation: according to the Internet news, the Network Information Department of Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County in Qinhuangdao city has refuted the rumors. A completely fabricated message caused unnecessary panic.

Someone in a community of Shenzhen pretends to be an epidemic prevention person and robs the house?

Rumor: recently, a district in Shenzhen, Guangdong posted a notice that illegal elements impersonate epidemic prevention personnel into the house robbery.

Rumor dispelling: the reporter contacted the property of a community in Shenzhen in the above-mentioned online news at the first time. The property staff said that there was no robbery in the community as an anti epidemic personnel, but they saw similar incidents in other provinces, so they quoted the news to remind the residents to pay attention to safety.

The announcement was posted by the person in charge of the property in the community out of good intentions, and he has taken the initiative to remove the announcement after he realized that there was a misunderstanding.

Hebei Province Weixian No .1 Middle School issued a school notice?

Rumor: some netizens have reported recently that "Notice of the first middle school of Weixian" has been spread on the Internet.


Rumor: Weixian No.1 Middle School solemnly declared: this notice is false information, County No.1 Middle School has never issued such notice. After the official opening time is fixed, the school will notify each student and parents at the first time.

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