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The perfect moment blooms between the wrists! Huawei watch GT2 frost white picture experience

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The watch GT2 launched by Huawei last year, with its long endurance and rich sports functions, has rapidly exploded all circles of sports, fashion, health and so on. Whether it is a fashion expert who pursues the trend or a sports blogger who enjoys the experience, it has been planted with grass by Huawei watch GT2! With long endurance, rich sports functions and special functions optimized for physiology and health, Huawei watch GT2 has become the accompanying health care master.


And what I'm bringing to you today is HuaweiWatch GT2 frosted white map. As a fashionist digital blogger, I'm pretty much reading


Appearance: quiet, elegant and transparent

As my friends may know, I have brought you the 46mm Huawei watch GT2 Cabernet orange version. This time, the protagonist is Huawei watch GT2 with the classic 42mm dial released by Huawei P40 on the same platform. The design of integrated 3D curved glass surface continues in appearance. The body adopts champagne gold as the main metal case, and the 3D curved glass with large radian adopts advanced packaging technology to create a perfect transition of seamless docking. The AMOLED screen with a resolution of up to 454 * 454 has a wider color gamut and fuller color.


In the watch GT2 market of Huawei, there are many styles and themes of dials to choose from. At the same time, Huawei watch GT2 frost white version adds a dynamic dial to create your own dial style online at any time. The pure white leather strap adds a bit of composure and texture to the watch GT2. Wearing it between wrists, the cool dial and the texture strap are a beautiful scenery.


The back of the watch is made of skin friendly material. The design of frosted texture makes it more comfortable to wear, and it doesn't stick to the arm when sweating. The upper and lower metal contacts on the back of the watch are used for charging the watch. The four contacts in the middle are optical heart rate sensors. After wearing, the watch can intelligently monitor the user's heart rate and sleep quality all day.


Function: sports expert, always online

Whether you're a sports expert, a cool runner, or you like rock climbing, climbing, etc .,HuaweiWatch GT2 can always record data and highlights for you. Watch GT2 frosted white version adds 85 custom motion records to the original 15 motion modes. Including parkour, hip-hop, skateboarding, rock climbing and other limits, leisure, fitness, water sports, ball games, ice and snow sports and other six major sports types.


At the same time, six kinds of sports pattern recognition are added, including outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor walking, indoor running, elliptical machine and rowing machine. When these sports are carried out, the watch will recognize and ask the user, click to confirm to start the sports, and the experience is more intelligent than before. During exercise, it supports the warning of too high and too low heart rate, records the data of exercise time, heat, heart rate interval, exercise effect, etc., and finally helps users to make exercise plans more scientifically and healthily through intelligent analysis!


Healthy housekeeper, close care

In addition to recording and guiding our exercise and fitness, smart wear products actually have a greater role in monitoring our physical and mental health online at any time. monitoring heart rate, sleep quality, pressure values and other commonly used functions have brought new upgrades to the HuaweiWatch GT2 frosted white version. Continue the previous 24 hours heart rate monitoring, add 301 hospital heart health research to support atrial fibrillation premature beat screening, this heart health study continues to upgrade, new atrial fibrillation risk prediction study, can predict the risk of atrial fibrillation patients in the next few hours, and remind users to take timely response measures; add 301 hospital sleep apnea study, accurate screening of respiratory sleep apnea risk; support blood oxygen saturation detection, long-term mental workers, snoring people and so on very practical.


In today's fast-paced, busy work every day, many female friends are easy to ignore their own physiological cycle, often made frantic by sudden embarrassment. Huawei watch GT2 frost white version added female physiological cycle management this time. Input the time of next life cycle to get the calendar of menstrual length and cycle length, and then you can get cycle prediction on the interface, including menstrual reminder and easy pregnancy reminder. Better management of physiological period is helpful for pregnancy preparation.


Endurance part: the feeling of not charging for a week is really cool

The thickness of Huawei watch GT2's frosty white version is only 9.4mm, but such a thin body has so many functions, which not only worries me about its endurance. So when I got the product, I first did a simple test on the endurance. The Huawei watch GT2 was charged to 100% of the frosted white power. It was worn on Monday. During this period, all functions were fully open. Occasionally, I listened to music. The power was still 15% in a week. According to this frequency, it's OK not to charge for a week.


Big energy ,HuaweiWatch GT2 frost white can have such excellent performance, of course, with


Benefiting from the blessing of smart chips ,HuaweiWatch GT2 frosted white has more possibilities. Disrelish dial is not personalized enough ,HuaweiWatch GT2 frost white



As a new color upgrade version of Huawei watch GT2, Huawei watch GT2 frosted white once again sublimates the exterior design, and the new color highlights luxury. Add more features, bring more intimate health care. Especially for the increasing female physiological cycle management, more attention should be paid to female health care. Of course, no matter how intimate a man is, he can't be online 24 hours a day, so you might as well consider sending her watch GT2 cream white to take full care of your girlfriend's sports and health.

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