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99 yuan 65W super value first built-in Chinese core gallium nitride quick charge depth disassembly

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In 2020, it ushered in the explosion of Gan fast charging. At present, it has begun to penetrate into the accessories market of mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices, and the market capacity is growing rapidly. According to charging head network, at present, mainstream mobile phone brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, oppo, Nubia, Meizu, etc. have entered the market one after another. In addition, major mainstream e-commerce and power supply companies have also been rubbing their hands. 17 home appliance brands have launched dozens of Gan quick charging products.

On april 10th, the well-known e-commerce brand ROCK rock recently released a 65 W 2C1A gallium nitride fast charger, this product adopts folding pin design, has the output interface rich, the support protocol many, the voltage gear complete, the high power density and so on characteristic, is very suitable for the light and thin notebook use.

Most notably, the charger is the first built-in china core gallium nitride fast charging product, has been shared for the detailed evaluation of the product, the following continues to bring ROCK lock 65 W 2C1A gallium nitride fast charger detailed dismantling.

1、 Appearance of Locke 65W Gan charger

The front of the box is printed with the appearance of rock brand, charger and data line, and relevant parameter identification.

The background of the packing box is the actual use scene of the charger, and the relevant parameter information of the product is printed on it.

Open the package, the charger is placed in the plastic box groove for fixed protection.

The package includes charger, CC data cable, instruction manual and warranty card.

USB-C to C 3A data line model is RCB0778, cable body white and 2 meters long, the maximum power transmission capacity is 20 V3A..

The cable is made of TPE material, which is smooth without burr.

using ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C detection found that this data line has no E-Marker information. only support 20 V 3A, maximum 60 W charging power. Also worth mentioning is ROCK 65W 2C1A gallium nitride fast full for single machine version and with wire set version with this charging cable.

The charger is made of PC flame-retardant white shell, the surface is bright and painted, the side body is curved and the whole body is white and smooth, easy to use.

Fuselage front printed with ROCK brand, simple design.

Charger parameter information marked on the back

Model: RH-PD65W

Input: 100-240V ~ 50 / 60Hz 1.5A


USB-C1:3.3-11V/3A、5V3A、9V3A、12V3A、15V3A、20V3.25A Max

USB-C2:3.3-11V/2.7A、5V3A、9V3A、12V2.5A、15V2A、20V1.5A Max

USB-A:4.5V5A、5V4.5A、9V3A、12V2.5A、20V1.5A Max

USB-C1USB-C2:45W 18W (63W)

USB-C1USB-A:45W 18W (63 W)


USB-C1USB-C2USB-A:45W 15W (60W)

Manufacturer: Dongguan Ruiheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Production: Shenzhen Renqing Excellence Technology Co., Ltd.

product has passed the CCC certification, certificate number :2020160907180811.

The input terminal uses foldable national standard pins, which can be folded and carried conveniently when not in use, and can not scratch other electronic products in the bag.

At the other end, there are two C1A three output interfaces, all of which are marked to help distinguish. andApple Compared 61W the size of the charger, Locke this gallium nitride charger is much smaller, the volume advantage is obvious.

It's a little thicker than the diameter of a dollar coin.

The net weight is about 122g.

Use chargerlab power-z kt001 to detect the output protocol of usb-c1 port, which shows that it supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5V / 2a, DCP protocol, qc2.0 / 3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP and other fast charging protocols.

Its PDO message shows that the usb-c1 interface also supports the USB pd3.0 fast charging standard, with five groups of fixed voltage gears of 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v3a, 15v3a and 20v3.25a, and a group of PPS voltage gears of 3.3-21v/3a.

Similarly, usb-c2 port also supports apple 2.4a, Samsung 5V / 2a, DCP protocol, qc2.0 / 3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP multiple fast charging protocols.

PDO message shows that usb-c2 interface also supports USB pd3.0 fast charging standard, with five groups of fixed voltage gears of 5v3a, 9v3a, 12v2.5a, 15v2a and 20v1.5a, and two groups of PPS voltage gears of 3.3-11v/3a and 3.3-16v/2a.

The final detection found that USB-A mouth also supports Apple 2.4A、Samsung 5V/2A、DCP protocols, as well as QC2.0/3.0、AFC、FCP、SCP multiple fast charging protocols.

2、 Dismantling of Locke 65W Gan charger

Disassemble the input end housing and take out the PCB board, and two black heat conduction pads are pasted on the back of the board.

One end of the red black wire is welded with the metal spring piece and fixed with glue, the other end is welded with the small PCB board, and there is a transparent plastic sheet beside it for isolation and insulation.

Remove the heat conduction pad on the secondary side and list the back of PCB.

Innogan switch tube of innosecco inn650d02, with pressure resistance of 650V and resistance as low as 0.2 Ω, meets the industrial application requirements of JEDEC standard. Inn650d02 "innogan" switch tube has good high-frequency characteristics and small on resistance, which is suitable for high-frequency and high-efficiency switching power supply applications. It is packaged with dfn8 * 8, with ultra-low thermal resistance, and the application end does not need auxiliary heat dissipation measures, which is suitable for high-power density switching power supply applications.

Innocenco disclosed to the charging head network that the innogan switch tube, based on the industry-leading 8-inch production and processing technology, is the first advanced manufacturing process of gallium nitride power device on the market at present, marking the large-scale commercial use of this technology in the field of fast charging.

Inn650d02 details.

The main control chip is on ansemy ncp1342, which is a high frequency primary PWM controller with active x2 capacitor discharge and multiple perfect protection functions.

Details of ncp1342.

The Ansonme FAN3111 gate driver for driving the "InnoGaN" switch tube.

Details of ansemy fan3111.

From Shenzhen Wald Industrial Co., Ltd. rectifier bridge WRABS40M, a total of two, spread heat. It is understood that this soft bridge through a softer recovery curve, a relatively smooth turn-off characteristics, can reduce the diode junction capacitance to achieve very little harmonic oscillation effect.

Or-1008 optocoupler, across the primary and secondary, for primary secondary communication, feedback output voltage.

Secondary synchronous rectifier controller, ncp4306, supports up to 1MHz switching frequency.

Ansonmy NCP4306 details.

Hengtaike hgn070n12sl secondary synchronous rectifier MOS, NMOS, withstand voltage 120V, dfn5x6 package, large area through-hole heat dissipation at the bottom.

Hgn070n12sl information of Hengtai Technology Co., Ltd.

According to charging head network, hengtaike MOS tube has been used by dozens of power products of Belkin, ravpower, jingzao, Nubia and other brands before.

The charger adopts the secondary step-down structure, in which the USB-C1 interface is a one-way output, and the USB-C2 and USB-A two interfaces share a step-down circuit. The two outputs are based on the smart fusion SW3516 master chip, which is used as the USB-C2 and USB-A interface for step-down control and protocol identification.

Zhi Rong SW3516 is a high integration multi-fast charging protocol dual-port charging chip, support A C port arbitrary fast charging output, support dual-port independent current limiting. which integrates 5 A of high-efficiency synchronous buck-down converters, supports PPS、PD、QC、AFC、FCP、SCP、PE、SFCP、 low-voltage direct charging and other fast charging protocols, CC/CV modes, and dual-port management logic. Only a small number of peripheral devices can form a complete high-performance multi-fast charging protocol dual-port charging solution.

Through the disassembly of charging head network, it is found that sw3516 is also used by many products, such as aa2c 65W PD Gan charger, byaz 65W 2c1a Gan charger, jingzao 63w USB PD three port fast charging charger, Beisi 18W USB PD dual port travel adapter, iclevel USB PD charger, etc. in addition, smart Rong's fast charging chip can also be used in the field of USB PD fast charging mobile power supply, fast charging, etc.

Two external MOS are from Ruijun semiconductor, model ruh4040m2, NMOS, withstand voltage 40V, used to output synchronous rectification and voltage reduction for two interfaces of 1a1c.

Ruichips RUH4040M2 details.

According to the charging head network, the products using Ruijun MOS include byaz 65W 2c1a gallium nitride charger, jingzao 63w USB PD three port fast charging charger, Beisi 45W USB PD fast charging charger (1a1c), Beisi 60W 2a1c USB PD fast charging charger, aifenkai 1a2c 65W PD gallium nitride charger, etc.

Another close-up.

VBUS switch tube, model ru30d20m2, dual NMOS, withstand voltage 30V, from ruichips Ruijun semiconductor, used for usb-c2 and usb-a fast charging port distribution.

Rui Jun RU30D20M2 details.

The usb-c1 interface also uses the intelligent sw3516 main control chip.

In addition, two Ruijun ruh4040m2 MOS are also hung outside.

Without standard chip, the information is unknown, so it is speculated to be used for multi port output automatic power regulation.

At the front of PCB, the top is covered with a brass heat sink, and the low-voltage side of the edge of the heat sink is pasted with insulating tape for insulation protection.

When the heat sink is removed, it can be seen that the components on the board are arranged in order, and the transformers and capacitors are cemented and reinforced.

Board side view, the left input small plate vertical welding on the main control PCB board, the middle is a transformer, the right side is a solid state capacitance.

Two black components are delay fuse and NTC surge suppression resistor.

At the other end, the three components are varistor, common-mode inductor and safety gauge X capacitance.

The specification of delay fuse is 3.15a 250V, from Dongguan Chengrun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

NTC surge suppression resistance is used to suppress up surge current.

Angui x capacitor is from Dongguan Cigu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. with a capacity of 0.047 μ F.

The common mode inductor is wound in two wires to remove EMI interference.

Varistor, 10d471k, for input overvoltage protection.

The transformer is wrapped with tape, with information printed on the top, RM10 core.

At the other side of the board, there are four primary filter electrolytic capacitors, I- inductance and polyester capacitors, blue Y capacitance across the primary secondary.

After the removal of four primary filter electrolytic capacitors, it was found that their specifications were all 400V 27 μ F, and four capacitors in parallel totaled 108 μ F.

I inductor jacket heat shrink tube protection.

2j222j polyester capacitor, used in RCD absorption circuit.

Y capacitance close-up for output anti-interference.

The output terminal has two step-down inductors and three solid-state capacitors, and the three busses are welded on the small PCB.

Both pressure-relief inductors are coated with heat-shrinking tube and fixed with glue.

One of the three solid-state capacitors is 25V 470 μ F, which is used for secondary synchronous rectification and filtering. The other two are 25V 220 μ F, which are used for step-down output filtering. They are all from Fujian Yunxing Electronics Co., Ltd. "YX" brand solid-state capacitor is specially designed for USB PD fast charging, which can still guarantee 2000 hours of service life under the working environment of 105 ℃, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, large ripple resistance and low ESR.

The charging head network has learned that the power supply products using Yunxing solid-state capacitor include aivoke 1a2c 65W PD gallium nitride charger, aivoke F1 multi port USB PD charger, Beisi charger mobile power two in one, etc.

Close up of USB base, all with white rubber core.

Break it all up, take a family photo.

Disassembly summary of charging head network

Rock rock's 65W Gan charger has a smooth, white body, rounded side, small size and easy to carry. 2c1a interface supports qc2.0 / 3.0, AFC, FCP and SCP fast charging protocols, with good compatibility. The two C ports also have more than 5 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 20V fixed voltage gears and PPS voltage gears, with complete gears. The maximum output power of port C1 is 65W, which can meet the charging requirements of most light and thin notebook computers. Even when multiple ports are output, the output power of port C1 is 45W, which can meet the simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

Through disassembling the charging head network, it is found that the core device of this charger is innoseco's inn650d02 Gan power switch tube. The high frequency switch realizes high efficiency and low heating, which is helpful to realize the small volume of the product. The AC-DC part adopts the full set of ansemy controllers with constant voltage output, and the DC-DC part is equipped with two intelligent sw3516 controllers to support intelligent power distribution and high integration.

The internal design layout of the charger is reasonable, the components are welded neatly and compactly, the input filter adopts four electrolytic capacitors, the output end adopts three solid-state capacitance filters of Fujian Yunxing Electronics, and the silica gel is strengthened between the components to enhance the internal stability.

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