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SpaceX successfully launched 60 Starlink satellites into the space Internet Era

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[new Zhiyuan guide] today, musk satellite chain plans to launch the 7th batch of 60 satellites successfully. This means that the subversive space Internet era is near! There is no end to human imagination. After the completion of the star chain plan, it is expected to cover all the Plateau glaciers on the earth that are difficult to set foot in, mountains and rivers, rivers and rivers, which can be described as going up and down the sea.

Although the whole earth is still worried about the new crown, but did not delay Musk's star chain plan (Starlink).

At 12:30 p.m. local time on April 22, the Falcon 9 rocket was launched from the Kennedy Space Center Base in Florida.This time it sent the seventh batch of 60 satellites into space


With this mission in mind, the total number of satellites to be launched will reach 422. SpaceX plans to send more than 1000 satellites to the sky by the end of this year. As early as 2015, musk threatened to launch a total of 12000 satellites. Recently, he changed his mouth and said that he would put 42000 in total! It's really the sea of stars.

This also means that the era of space Internet is just around the corner! When we talk about 5g and 6G, what we are talking about, of course, is the faster speed and lower delay of communication. At this time, you don't know the star chain plan anymore.

Musk has said that star chain plans to achieve personal user bandwidth of more than 1Gbps, and access speed can reach more than 30 times of the current home broadband.

It launched not just 60 satellites, but the dream of the modern internet.

5g base station climbed to Mount Everest, the imagination of human beings is endless. After the completion of the star chain plan, it is expected to cover all the Plateau glaciers on the earth that are difficult to set foot in. There are mountains and rivers in daze, which can be described as mountain and sea.


Astronomers can count stars with telescopes when they are free.

The Internet wants heaven, netizen: Starlink than 5 G fierce

What's the use of so many stars?

The vision of the star chain program is to achieve the science fiction movieSpace Internet

The star chain plan is to build a global and low-cost broadband Internet communication system through satellites and ground base stations.

Is it possible to make a video call to Mars?

WiFi can be connected from space. These satellites are routers. Is the satellite Internet created by star chain stuck? Can I connect to VPN?

Starlink most obvious advantage is fast propagation speed, low delay.

The signal propagation speed of star chain is close to the vacuum300, 000 kilometers per second while the optical signal travels at a speed of 200,000 km per second in the optical fiber.

In addition, the star chain does not need to be connected like long-distance optical fiber communication. It can be directly point-to-point, so even if air-to-ground round-trip is considered, the star chain is still faster.


Although the cost of satellite building is high, 60 satellites are launched at one time, and the total cost of launching is controllable. 5g has been talking for a long time, but a large number of base stations need to be built, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming. It's really unknown when 5g will be commercially available all over the world.


Some netizens said that star chain may be more powerful than 5g. The cost of 5g global layout is absolutely much higher than that of star chain. I feel that 5g cost is too high, so I can only layout in big cities. Many small cities with low population density can be replaced by star chain, which is much cheaper than 5g!


In fact, star chain is not the first one to think so. The competition of Satellite Internet began in the 1990s. Motorola's famous iridium system wanted to do this for a long time. As a result, 66 satellites had not been launched, and the project went bankrupt. Bill Gates' teledesic also collapsed after burning $9 billion.

This satellite costs a lot of money.

But the satellite chain is the best one in the commercialization of LEO communication satellites. Oneweb, one of its competitors, has gone bankrupt because of financing problems. However, SpaceX can build its own rocket and reuse it. It can deliver 60 at a time, saving a lot of costs. According to this speed, it's just around the corner to build a giant constellation.

Think carefully, Starlink satellite can serve a wide range of customers, especially Those who do not have access to the Internet in remote areas For example, a wealthy private plane, a small island in the Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Trench, Mount Everest, and the East African savannah

71% of the earth's surface is ocean, Mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, heaven and earth, can even wifi

Musk is not only a business genius, but also a science fiction reader.

SpaceX sent two test satellites in February 2018, and Musk tweeted that they were already working, WiFi ID the Tintin A and the password were

In October 2019, musk excitedly tweeted with his satellite's network.


As at 18 March SpaceX a total of 360 satellites had been successfully launched six times. Each weighed 225 kilograms, about the same as a car, with a large solar panel reflecting sunlight.


The seventh launch, the name of the unmanned marine barge that recovered the rocket, was also romantic.

After the launch, the satellites used their own ion engines to rise to 340 to 550 kilometers in orbit over the next few months.

During this time, these satellites will appear clearly in the night sky because of the surface reflection.

Every evening and dawn, when the sun just below the horizon, the satellite will reflect the sun back to the ground, shining brightly. It was at this point that the observers could see them

Visual observation guide: Starlink enthusiasts count stars Online

During the outbreak, isolated western europeans looked up at the stars and found a gleaming array of light spots, this time

Recently, Starlink satellite flashed across Western Europe from the United States to the United Kingdom in a clear night sky. European stargazers saw a satellite track on Monday, and then netizens from Wales, England, Germany and Kosovo shared their sightings on social media.


This is a picture of Starlink's orbit taken in saltburn, UK, on April 20.

All 60 in March were visible to the naked eye.

Affected by weather and satellite orbital positions, when can be seen through the naked eye Starlink it is really difficult to predict, for the convenience of watching stars, some feverish levels


Enter the current location in the website to find the best observation time.

Enthusiasts are so good, the international space station is not to be outdone.

Astronauts from the International Space Station have recently observed Starlink groups of satellites, in addition to the naked eyes of people on the ground. A row of Starlink satellites flashed as astronauts from the International Space Station observed the aurora over Antarctica on 13 April. It shows that at least 16 satellites are evenly distributed in near-Earth orbit, flying in half-line and looking like a row of stars.


The Dutch satellite expert Marco Langbroek based on photo recognition that the satellite in SpaceX picture was launched on 17 February 2020

(真实) true

Astronomers are angry. So many satellites are in the sky. How can we observe the celestial bodies well?

These satellites are realBrighter than 99% of the other satellites, the telescope will show bright stripes, very dazzling.

As a result SpaceX gave a very perfunctory reply, the company has blackened the bottom of each satellite, but the solar panels are still the same reflection, what is the difference.

If you want poetry and distance, you should choose satellite WiFi.

Some people say that it will cause a lot of space junk and threaten other satellites in earth orbit. If you accidentally hit it, it will explode and produce thousands of pieces.

Each of these pieces could hit other satellites, and the worst case scenario would be



There is a reason to say that. One satellite of the European Space Agency (ESA) was out of orbit in September 2019 to avoid a Starlink satellite.

Google balloon across the sea to send the net

In addition to satellites, balloons can also send nets. Alphabet subsidiary Loon brought internet balloons to kenya for the first time. Loon the company's ideal is to send nets with hot balloons.


When the balloon is lifted up, it will rise to the stratosphere. To determine the route, engineers used software to automate the construction of a map. First of all, the time needed to reach Kenya from anywhere in the stratosphere is estimated through digital weather forecast.


At the same time, the navigation system analyzes the wind direction around each balloon every minute to ensure that it always moves to its destination.

The little balloon will span thousands of kilometers, just to send the Internet to the African prairie. The balloons were launched from various stations in Puerto Rico or Nevada, with a navigation distance of about 11000 km to reach Kenya. For example, hbal125 takes off from Puerto Rico, crosses the Atlantic Ocean, and then flies southeast along the coast of Brazil. After entering the South Atlantic, the jet stream quickly bypassed the Cape of good hope and then turned north back to the equator. Finally arrive at the destination.

After the balloon arrived in Kenya, it moved up and down in the stratosphere to capture different air currents and flew short distances in a fixed geographical area, providing Internet services for users in Kenya.

Because considering different weather, pressure difference, air flow and other factors, each balloon flight journey is unique. At the same time, Alphabet also optimized balloon safety and travel time.

The satellite is in the sky, the balloon is over the sea. Which one do you choose?

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