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MIUI 12 evaluation: an upgrade that may bring the domestic Android system to a new height

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Tencent technology news (bread) millet is probably the most high-profile announcement in recent years that they will release MIUI 12, enough to see how much they expect from the new UI system. Today's domestic smartphone UI market is not that year's cross brush system, the brand is more closed, the full support for its own IoT plus the strengths of each family, has become the characteristics of the current domestic mobile phone UI system.

MIUI is one of the oldest in all domestic UI systems, and it is also the product with the highest user perception. In the early years, there was a saying that MIUI was the best in the world. It can be seen that countless third-party mobile phones broke through the head to develop the third-party version of MIUI.

Over the past two years, however, with the full rise of wamy's OV, each firm has stepped up its research and development efforts in the system, EMUI、ColorOS、Funtouch OS has now become a product that will be highlighted at conferences.


But this time, MIUI 12 is a little different, which makes me more expecting. As the ancestor of domestic UI system, Xiaomi can so vigorously publicize his new system, it is obvious that they have made quite excellent response and change. Sure enough, after the April 27 conference, Xiaomi randomly released the test version update of MIUI 12. Many users who have experienced MIUI 12 are very satisfied with the new system.

In the end, what is the new magic of this system, so that Xiaomi, a manufacturer who often acts as a black role on the Internet, this time the word of mouth appeared quite unified flip? I want to go to the MIUI 12 to find out.

Change, starting with "move"

I once hated MIUI for a very simple reason. Before MIUI 12, the system of MIUI was very unfriendly to the setting of icon size. When Xiaomi released mix 3 in that year, the scattered icons on the huge screen made me want to change the size of icon, but MIUI did not provide the function of icon maximization, which made me very disappointed. Although everyone's needs for beauty and visual perception are different, it's your fault not to give me the right to choose.


Millet mix 3 with MIUI 10 official version

MIUI 12 may really want to understand this this time. They give users a high degree of freedom. The size of the icon allows users to adjust more freely. As long as you can accept it, you can enjoy the feeling of "crowded" icon on the desktop. It's a small change, but it's telling us that one of the fundamental improvements MIUI 12 has made in its design is that it's being "magnified" as a whole.


MIUI 12 has a freer vision as a whole, including more bold fonts by default

Icons give users more freedom, allowing me to adjust the size of my phone when I get it. This is actually a microcosm of the change of the new system. In the end, Xiaomi hopes that MIUI 12 is a dynamic system as a whole.

In order to achieve this goal, Xiaomi has added more animations for MIUI 12 than the total dynamic effects of the previous 11 generations. This change is reflected in all levels of the system. If you carefully compare the effect of icon opening with that of multi task background opening, you will understand what I said.


MIUI 12 the animation effect after closing the reading application

Xiaomi's official animation, which is closed for reading, is very illustrative.


Animation is full of the interface design of MIUI 12, and the newly added visualization information greatly increases the usability of the system

When I saw that the memory capacity effect in the "system my device" interface can achieve the effect of one bottle less than half of a bottle sloshing according to the gravity induction, I really enjoyed playing for a long time.

Xiaomi has designed an obscure name for the UI on the MIUI 12 itself

In a word, the so-called "Synaesthesia visual design" defined by Xiaomi may be "to be beautiful, but the beauty is useful, not to be a vase".

This change is fully reflected in various parts of the phone, such as memory space, power consumption time, drop-down status bar and so on. I feel that Xiaomi's approach is very forward-looking, and this combination of beauty and practicality is likely to be the object of the other three systems UI emulate in the next year. MIUI 12 brought the easy-to-use hierarchy of the system to a new height, which I think is Xiaomi's contribution.

Love and hate of super wallpapers

Among the MIUI 12, one of the biggest visual improvements is super wallpaper. This is not a new feature, but it is the first of the four major domestic systems to incorporate it into system-level applications.


MIUI 12 Super Wallpaper Full Process Display

The so-called super wallpaper is the wallpaper animation effect on the mobile phone through the chain of "AOD - lock screen - regular screen". You can see a complete animation over effect when the screen is closed to the completion of unlocking. This kind of wallpaper effect is very magical, and the experience is also excellent. It effectively connects the previously split interface effect.


MIUI 12 super wallpapers offer two broad categories, the choice of three wallpapers

MIUI 12 gave two options for super wallpapers, Mars and Earth, and Xiaomi officially claimed that the resources for this wallpaper were copyrighted from their NASA. Dynamic wallpaper unlock process can give people a sense of time and space shuttle, the beginning of the hand to give me the feeling is cool to no friends of the operation, so that the original from the rest screen to unlock this routine process, become interesting and wonderful.

But after a whole day of experience, I chose to look at it again. The first is freshness, which decreases with the increase of usage time, followed by my "power consumption obsessive-compulsive disorder ". There's no doubt that cool animation can add to the fun of mobile phone use, but the power consumption behind it is a major reason why I need to balance whether or not this feature should be turned on.

I hope Xiaomi can open the function of this super wallpaper to more developers, so that they can bring more cool wallpaper functions. In this way, maybe the new MIUI 12 function that Xiaomi attaches great importance to will gain more long-term vitality.

Privacy, the general trend

I've used a couple of phones that close personal privacy to perversion, like the coolies of the year and the 8848 phones that have been mysteriously on the margins of the public eye. But the sense of security that comes from that dual system now looks more like an obscure psychological comfort.

I never expect that a system developed through AOSP, such as a domestic Android phone, will have the ability to stand on the same starting line as Apple's IOS in terms of security. But things are changing. In the past two years, with the development of the four major mobile phone systems in China, mobile phone security has become a bottom technology that the system must pay attention to.


Three new security functions officially provided by MIUI 12

Xiaomi did the same. MIUI 12 has a complete privacy protection system with three new functions. Xiaomi gave them the names of "flare", "interception network" and "hidden mask", which are a bit of two-dimensional.

However, it's not hard to understand their functions from these names. The flares can expose all the actions of APP calling sensitive permissions. The interception network can solve the problem of Android App rogue permissions. Concealing masks can hide personal privacy to the maximum extent.

In fact, in the past two years, almost all mobile phone manufacturers have been talking about a problem when they do their own systems

Xiaomi's approach on MIUI 12 is forward-looking. It is not so much that "flares", "interceptors" and "masks" are three completely independent functions, but rather that they are closely related.


MIUI 12 provides statistics and behavior records on the use of application privacy rights, exploring the crazy reading of mobile application list

The flare is used to view and intercept APP sensitive permissions, which can record APP use sensitive permissions for you to document, and at the same time will be called by the APP including camera, recording and other sensitive permissions through the top special state to give a hint.

The intercepting network realizes the active prohibition and prompt for the authority of sensitive authority, including the functions of using camera and recording in the background, and also includes the information that the user can actively erase the location and time of the pictures and photos.


When wechat transmits pictures, MIUI 12 can erase photo information / apply sensitive information and use a blank pass

The mask can give APP a blank business card when you can't refuse APP to call sensitive permissions, so APP can run smoothly without collecting your personal information.

Through these three security logics, MIUI 12 has realized from the management of APP application rights to knowing, ordering and forbidding to hiding. This security chain on MIUI 12 can be said to successfully lock up the possibility of the third party app to do whatever it wants on some sensitive rights.

Just by the way, I'm going to despise UC and probing these apps, UC reading and writing my phone's storage space crazily when installed unused, and even worse, losing the list of apps many times in just a minute. If it hadn't been for all the features MIUI 12 had, I would never have known that rogue software was all sheepskinned.

Although MIUI 12's security strategy may not be able to shake the rules of the game in the domestic android app industry, at least Xiaomi is doing something positive. I also believe that such a permission management chain will be quickly copied to other brand mobile systems.

Ease of use has been raised to a new level

The ease of use of MIUI has been its advantage since its birth. Although many fans and manufacturers are reluctant to admit it, I can't believe that other domestic systems don't learn some skills from the ease of use of MIUI.

However, with the development of mobile Internet, there are more and more scenarios for the use of smart phones. Almost all manufacturers have begun to actively think about how a set of systems should achieve better ease of use to enhance user loyalty. In such a competition, the advantages of MIUI are not so obvious.

However, in this version of the MIUI 12, Xiaomi still found some of the features that can try to improve ease of use, in which the global suspension window is a.


The suspension window function provided by MIUI 12 can be opened on any application layer

Before, when dealing with instant messaging software on all mobile phones, the greatest convenience came from the quick response of pop-up window. Xiaomi's approach on MIUI 12 is to give wechat chat tools a suspension window with higher authority than all apps. The suspension window can be enlarged and narrowed to facilitate wechat reply without blocking the line of sight. This is another innovation made by MIUI in the push and view mechanism of WeChat after the official account of the suspension.

I've been using this function for a day, and I think it's very easy to use it. You don't need to go back to the previous application through the multitasking background. In theory, this suspension window function, which is higher than the global function, can appear above any MIUI 12 interface.

Another change that I think is good is the global dark mode on MIUI 12. Before MIUI 12, Xiaomi released a notice about dark mode 2.0. Although some manufacturers took him off track and played x.0, after experiencing this function, I still think Xiaomi has done a very pleasant thing.

And apple can force third-party software developers to use the IOS 13 SDK to develop applications, so the dark mode becomes a necessary choice for the application layer. But Android is different. Although Google provides the dark mode SDK in Android 10, due to the properties of open platform, Google cannot force the third-party app developers to include the dark mode in the required items of development.


The dark mode of MIUI 12, from left to right, is the system interface, Jingdong, and Gaode map

MIUI 12's dark mode matches more applications, such as JD. There may not be an adaptive system level dark mode on general Android phones, but in MIUI 12 With the support of, Xiaomi has done the dark mode adaptation processing for the third-party applications. Although it is not as perfect as the native application adaptation, it can indeed improve the dark mode adaptation rate of common applications.

When it comes to iOS,, we have to talk about its relationship with Android. Now the convergence of Android and iOS is becoming more and more obvious, the dark model is Android first used, but has been carried forward by the iOS. Android manufacturers copy most of iOS interface design, such as... drop-down status bar.

MIUI 12 is not the first company to refer to the IOS status bar design. Previously, vivo copied the IOS status bar from the bottom to the top. In a strict sense, the completion of MIUI 12 in the status bar is much higher than that of vivo.

The original Android integrated drop-down status bar, which is designed on MIUI 12, is the same as IOS 13, which distinguishes the sliding action on the left and right sides of the screen. The sliding on the top of the left screen is information pushing, and the sliding on the top of the right screen is quick setting, which does not interfere with each other. The original functions such as Wi Fi and Bluetooth, which need to press the icon for a long time to enter the final setting page, also realize the floating window operation mode like IOS.


MIUI 12 new control center

Apart from the reference elements, the whole logic of the pull-down status bar on MIUI 12 is very clear and the usability is improved compared with the previous one.


MIUI 12 new reading information collection page card

A message alert page on the left, MIUI 12 made an aggregation page at the system level, bringing the collection of all the information flows into a page card, click will open a page card similar to the multitasking interface, tile display of all the information flow. In terms of visual perception, the interface is better visible, and the first layer of the message bar outside will not cause the status bar to roll wirelessly because of the bombing of various information.

The emergence of MIUI 12 may bring the domestic UI system to a new height


Lei Jun at the MIUI 12 Conference

Actually there are still a lot of MIUI 12 functions, I just chose some features with obvious features of the label to do a detailed interpretation. From the simple use of feelings, this generation of MIUI 12 to achieve a large level of user feelings of the promotion, although the system has done addition, but these a sense of meaning.

MIUI 12 impressed me the most in three aspects. One is that the interface contains more useful information at the same time of jumping, so that users will feel that such a complex design is useful; the other is the improvement of the security level. Three sets of new functions form a complete chain, which to a certain extent solves the adnroid app The last is the excellent experience in fluency. Although so many animation effects have been added to render, and I still use a beta version of the UI which is still in the development stage, the excellent fluency of MIUI 12 is impressive.

If MIUI 12 will succeed, I think I have the answer. I think the emergence of this UI system will bring the domestic Android system to a new height, and its appearance is also a kind for the other three. If I see similar functions of MIUI 12 on Huawei, oppo and vivo mobile phones six months later, I won't be surprised at all.

Attached MIUI 12 Upgrade Model:

The first batch of upgraded models: Xiaomi 10 pro, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, Xiaomi 9 Pro 5g, Xiaomi 9 exclusive transparent edition, Xiaomi 9, redmi K30 Pro Series, redmi K30 series, redmi K20 pro, redmi K20;

The second batch of upgraded models: Xiaomi mix 3, Xiaomi mix 2S, Xiaomi CC 9 pro, Xiaomi CC 9, Xiaomi CC 9 customized version, Xiaomi 9 se, Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version, Xiaomi 8, redmi note 8 pro, redmi Note7 pro and redmi Note7.

The third batch of upgraded models: Xiaomi CC 9E, Xiaomi note3, Xiaomi max3, Xiaomi 8 Youth Edition, Xiaomi 8 se, Xiaomi mix2, Xiaomi 6x, redmi note 8, redmi 8, redmi 8a, redmi 7, redmi 7a, Hongmi 6 Pro, Hongmi 6, Hongmi 6a, Hongmi note5, Hongmi S2.

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