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Huawei Changxiang Z brings dual-mode six band 5g to the stage to make 5g purchase in one step

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24 May ,Huawei Enjoy New Products


As we all know, Huawei Changxiang series is a thousand yuan high-quality model designed for college students and young users entering the workplace. The new Huawei Changxiang Z is further upgraded in terms of model and product characteristics. Z stands for zest in the product name, which means that young people are passionate, loving, active and energetic. Mobile phones themselves bring 5g mobile phones with more advanced design, configuration, functions and higher cost performance to the generation Z young people affected by the Internet, smart phones and other technological digital products, to meet their unwillingness to mediocre and new demands.

5g dual-mode all network has multiple frequency bands, strong signal and wide coverage


In line with the background of 5g era, Huawei Changxiang Z has more 5g band support and dual card and dual pass functions in products of the same price, bringing a 5g network experience with wider coverage, more stable connection, faster speed and more intelligent use, so that generation Z young people can enjoy the fun and life application brought by fast network.

Huawei enjoy Z support more complete n1/n38/n41/n78/n79/n77 six frequency bands in the same gear products, covering 5 network usage requirements of various complex communication scenarios. For example, n79 band coverage


Meanwhile ,Huawei enjoyed Z five G.

Pearl screen, large field of vision, smooth play


For the visual experience that young people pay attention to, Huawei Changxiang Z adopts a 6.5-inch pearl comprehensive screen, with a 20:9 screen ratio, accounting for 91.2% of the total. While the large screen and small body bring a wide visual experience, it is also more suitable for the use and operation of the integrated design of fingerprint key and power key. It can be unlocked by light touch, press the interest screen, shut down by long press for more than 3S, restart by long press for 10s, and support fingerprint payment , making mobile life faster and safer. 2400 * 1080 resolution and up to 405 PPI, on the basis of large screen and large field of vision, also achieve a clear and delicate picture display effect. In addition, the split screen and multi task processing capability of the mobile phone enables entertainment and social interaction without delay, browsing documents while communicating, and making work more efficient.


Huawei Z introduced a touch-sampling screen with 90 Hz high refresh rate and 180 touch-sampling rate. 90Hz high refresh rate can make the game screen display more coherent, more smooth, screen rolling more smooth. The 180 Hz touch sampling rate is collected once every 5.5 ms, which can catch the flash slip in time and effectively improve the chirality. Huawei the support of intelligent dynamic frame rate engine, more intelligent recognition needs 90 Hz of high frame rate applications, and start high frame rate mode, and finally get high speed smooth and low power both screen use experience.

Huawei Changxiang Z also supports the eye care mode, and has passed the Rhine low blue light eye care certification, so that the screen can effectively filter the blue light that causes human eye fatigue, and with the adaptive color temperature and brightness adjustment, care for the eyes. The intimate global e-book mode brings a bigger and healthier reading experience for young people who like to read e-novels and comics.

After 48 million scenes AI three high sensitive night shot captures the beauty of night


Huawei brand strong photo-taking strength heritage ,Huawei enjoy Z previous camera hardware configuration, with rich photo-taking function, fully meet the needs of young people from Z generation of full-scene photography. Huawei enjoy Z rear by 48 million pixels f/1.8 optical coil main camera ,8 million pixels f/2.4 aperture 120


Among them ,48 million pixel main camera has the ability to direct out of high-definition large film ,8 million pixel depth of field camera, with a large aperture to make the photo more hierarchical sense of virtual effect more natural, at the same time, the camera also has 120 degrees super wide angle characteristics, vast land, mountains, lakes, family photos, can take a panoramic view. A 2-megapixel micro-range lens with four cm of micro-range features allows young people to easily capture stamens and discover the beauty of detail. The fast-speed capture function, for people, children, pets and other scenes, according to the state of motion automatically adjust to the shutter priority mode, and select a reasonable shutter speed, capture the moment of motion, let capture


Young people's night life is rich and colorful, but it's hard to capture the wonderful moments in the dark. In this regard, Huawei Changxiang Z has brought the handheld super night view mode. It uses AI algorithm to reduce noise and stabilize multiple frames of images, supports up to 4.5s countdown photography, improves the dynamic range of night view photos, and ensures that large dark light films with bright pictures can also be taken in dark light environment. At the same time, ultra-high ISO can also bring higher stability and sensitivity in dark light environment, and achieve better dark light shooting effect. In the night view portrait mode, the multi frame algorithm in raw domain is upgraded to upgrade the brightness of dark light scene. The highlight suppression effect is better, and finally the bright background of the portrait is clear. In addition, for the popular short video shooting, the new product also supports 4K delay video and EIS electronic anti shake, so that young people can enjoy the wonderful video.

16 million HD selfie cameras in front of us

In order to meet the self shooting needs of young people in different scenes, Huawei Changxiang Z has 16 million high-definition cameras in front of it, and has added a new and upgraded HDR backlight image technology. Whether it is self shooting in smooth, side light or backlight scenes, it can keep more details in the photos, restore real colors, and make people as clear and moving as the scene. Night view portrait mode, even in dim light environment, can easily get clear and bright self portrait. The self-adaptive AI beauty camera function can customize the 3D beauty scheme according to the age, gender and skin color of users. At the same time, intelligent skin grinding, intelligent skin color adjustment, light and shadow effects and many other beauty functions bring natural beauty experience to beauty loving young people.

Powerful performance and super fast experience


To better satisfy young people's playful nature ,Huawei enjoy Z eight-core Abas 800 with 7 nm process 5G SoC chip ,4


It is worth mentioning that Huawei Changxiang Z has also added a 22.5w (10V 2.25A) Huawei super fast charging scheme, which can be used for two hours in a row after charging for only ten minutes (the test results of Huawei laboratory, depending on the network conditions and the content watched). 4000mAh battery with Huawei AI power-saving technology also brings ideal endurance. According to HUAWEI laboratory data, full grid capacity can be achieved under WIFI network or continuously for 10 hours, or 10 hours of continuous pursuit, or 40 hours of continuous online listening to music or 12.5 hours of continuous 4G calls, to meet the needs of young people for tiktok.

New emui 10.1 smart and fast experience

Huawei Changxiang Z is equipped with the latest emui 10.1, which not only adds full scene intelligent acceleration, but also ensures a stable and smooth machine experience through kernel scheduling optimization, storage IO optimization and network transmission optimization. The new system also introduces functions such as finger joint unlocking, healthy use of mobile phones, etc., so that young people's experience of using the machine is more intelligent and fast.


Huawei Changxiang Z also supports the new experience of Changlian call between Huawei's full scene devices in the 5g era, video call (540p), HD voice call between mobile phone and smart speaker, and video call also supports screen sharing during the call to meet the needs of young people.


Of course ,Huawei enjoy the Z in terms of the price is also very interesting ,6 GB 64GB version of the price of 1699 yuan ,6 GB 128GB version of the price of 1899 yuan ,8 version of the price of 2199 yuan, and at 20:08 tonight in Huawei Mall and other major e-commerce platforms to open pre-sale, June 1,00:00 full sale.

Facing the purchase demand of generation Z young people, the newly released Huawei Changxiang Z is obviously well prepared. In the products of the same level, the advantages of dual-mode dual card six band 5g capability, high-quality 90hz Changping screen, photo configuration in line with the flagship machine, and super fast charging are all supported, bringing high cost-effective 5g mobile phone options for generation Z young people who pursue high-quality experience of using the machine. They want to have a try For users with fast 5g network experience, Huawei Changxiang Z, a thousand yuan 5g mobile phone boutique, must not be missed.

Huawei official mall pre-sale link:

PC end: https://www.vmall.com/product/10086754564180.html

Mobile end: https://m.vmall.com/product/10086754564180.html

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