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The company has just been "blocked" by the United States, and then its limit has been increased. Net friend: the U.S. Department of Commerce helps to select stocks?

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Trump suddenly

Original title: Too unexpected! The company has just been

As of around 11:15, more than 680000 people were still dead on the trading board.


It is worth noting that due to the suspected violation of credit and investment rules, dongfang.com has been put on file by the CSRC for investigation. Meanwhile, the company's huge losses last year, shareholder's illegal guarantee, high proportion of pledge and other risks occurred frequently.

However, the technology sector company with a lot of problems has seen its share price soar because of Trump's roll call. Some netizens joked: the US Department of Commerce stock selection, trump concept came out.

But on the same day, several others were listed

List of entities

This security concept stock unexpectedly rose

Last week, US technology sanctions escalated again, with Trump including 33 Chinese companies

At the opening on May 25, dongfang.com's stock price rose and stopped. The stock price was firmly sealed on the trading board. Within half an hour of the opening, more than a million people paid for it. On the previous trading day (last Friday), the stock price of dongfang.com also closed at the limit.


For two days in a row, dongfang.com was sought after by market funds because of its involvement in the concept of technology security. Its stock price closed two limit boards in a row, and its market value soared from the original 3.2 billion yuan to 3.9 billion yuan.

On May 22, local time, the Commerce Department announced the inclusion of a total of 33 Chinese companies and institutions

According to a statement by the U.S. Department of Commerce, a total of nine businesses and institutions are responsible for alleged


According to the public information, dongfang.com is an enterprise focusing on security video monitoring, and a provider of domestic video management platform and security AI platform. The company has many core technologies of intelligent IOT solutions with video data and human image recognition as the core, and has independent R & D intellectual property rights.

After being added to the list of entities, OrientNet also responded quickly. On the evening of May 24, the company was concerned about the inclusion of Chinese technology companies, research institutions and individuals, including the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen DeepNet Vision Technology Co., Ltd., on the official website of the U.S. Commerce Department


At present, the company's business covers all provinces, cities, autonomous regions and parts of Southeast Asia. The company's overseas market revenue mainly comes from Southeast Asia. At present, it has no business in the United States, and there is no plan to carry out business in the United States in the foreseeable future.

Orient net force said clearly, this is included

Trump named the problem company

Net friend: US Department of Commerce helps to select stocks

It is worth noting that the security concept as the core of the listed company, its own corporate risk is not much. The stock's unexpected trading limit also made many investors feel

In the evening of April 15, dongfang.com released a notice that Liu Guang, the company's original controlling shareholder and then director, received the notice of filing investigation from CSRC on April 15, 2020, because the company was suspected of illegal information disclosure. On April 17, dongfang.com announced that Liu Guang, the company's director, resigned for personal reasons.

Analysts believe that this may be related to Liu Guang's previous illegal guarantee. On November 25, 2019, the company received the CSRC's decision on administrative supervision measures.

According to the above penalties, it is mainly dongfang.com's self inspection and announcement that it and Liu Guang jointly guarantee the amount of RMB 77000000 for other debtors, jointly provide the guarantee amount of RMB 300000000 for the factoring financing of accounts receivable of other debtors, jointly undertake the repurchase obligation amount of RMB 380000000, with a total amount of RMB 145000000.

It is understood that Liu Guang failed to perform the review or disclosure procedures stipulated by laws and regulations and the articles of association when the above-mentioned guarantee events occurred, which is illegal guarantee. At the same time, the company announced that it found that there was a situation of capital occupation, involving 250.77 million yuan.

In addition to the problems of internal control disorder and shareholders' illegal guarantee, there are also many problems in the operation of dongfang.com. According to the financial report data, in 2019, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company of dongfang.com lost 3.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1109%. In the first quarter of 2020, dongfang.com continued to lose more than 130 million yuan, down 254% year on year.


In addition, the proportion of shareholders' pledge is high, and the company's debt pressure is huge. Among them, the equity pledge proportion of Liu Guang is as high as 99.19%. In the third quarter of 2019, the asset liability ratio of dongfang.com reached 46.53%, and the interest bearing liability ratio reached 62.00%.

However, it is such a company, but there are signs of flying stock prices, which also let many netizens joke:



Leading stocks plummeted to close

Communication sector was hit by collective funds

But the same thing happened

On the morning of May 25, Fenghuo Telecom, the leading stock in the communications sector, opened lower and jumped at the beginning of trading, with its share price falling rapidly. At one time, it plummeted by more than 9%, approaching the limit of decline, and its market value quickly evaporated by more than 3 billion yuan.


According to the expansion

According to the public information, Fenghuo technology is the main part of China credit science, the youngest central enterprise established in 2018. At present, Fenghuo technology has 4 listed companies, namely, Fenghuo communication, Guangxun technology, science, technology and optical technology, and Changjiang Communication. It is a pillar enterprise generated in Guangyuan.

On the morning of May 25, several other listed companies of Fenghuo technology also suffered a collective decline. Among them, the decline of lightfast technology once exceeded 5%, the decline of Yangtze River communication once exceeded 3%, and the decline slightly narrowed after the slight drop of about 1%.


At the same time, the communications sector was also hit by market funds. On the morning of the same day, the index of communication equipment fell more than 2%, becoming the leading decline plate of the two cities. Within the board, six concept stocks including Shida group, Fenghuo communication, Gongjin shares and Kaile technology fell by more than 5%.


From the perspective of disk, related concepts and themes such as light index, network visualization and satellite navigation all fell.


360 shares open low and go high

Zhou Hongyi:

In addition to the above-mentioned artificial intelligence, optical fiber communications and other related technology companies, well-known Internet companies 360 included

However, in terms of market performance, the stock price of 3600 is relatively strong. On May 25, the stock price opened at a low price at 3600, but then it opened at a low price and went higher, rising more than 4% at one time.


On the evening of 23 May, the 360 Group responded by saying that

It is reported that the media asked 360 group chairman Zhou Hongyi whether there is prevention,

It's worth noting that in addition to responding

360 Officially,

360 said that it has helped Apple, Google and Microsoft find thousands of security holes through the network security brain, indirectly protecting Internet users around the world, and won the praise of the above-mentioned enterprises; it has also helped us law enforcement agencies to solve global cyber crime attacks for many times, which has been internationally recognized.

But 360 also revealed,

US attacks Chinese enterprises frequently

Short term or renewed pressure on technology stocks

The continuous upgrading of restrictions has caused short-term pressure on the domestic chip sector and technology related sectors. Last week, the net outflow of 447 major stocks exceeded 100 million yuan, accounting for 11.7% of the total number of a shares, more than 10 times higher than the net inflow of stocks, according to data treasure. Among the stocks with the largest net outflow, most of them are technology leading stocks, such as chip stocks Wentai technology, Huatian technology, Zhaoyi innovation, Changdian technology, Zhongke dawning, etc. Wentai technology ranked first with a net outflow of 2.605 billion yuan, with the share capital down 14.79% in the week.

However, in the view of insiders, China's domestic substitution trend is irresistible. In the long run, it will become an opportunity for Chinese enterprises. For the chip sector, US sanctions may cause short-term impact, but in the medium and long term, with China focusing on high-tech industries such as chips, the potential for domestic substitution is still great in the future.

Everbright Securities believes that although the United States sanctions against Huawei slightly more than the market expected, but from the perspective of the big game, this is not surprising, this is inevitable in the expectation. Since 2018, China and the United States have entered the big game stage, so even without the impact of the new crown pneumonia, in the context of this year's US election, it is inevitable that the game between China and the United States will escalate or the risk of international conflict will rise. In the short term, the escalation of trade friction into a technology blockade will affect market trading sentiment and risk appetite, but in the long run, market ups and downs more reflect the ability of enterprises to create monetized profits.

Everbright Securities said investors need not worry too much about the future market. The greater the pressure of external blockade, the smoother the logic of internal loose policy hedging, and the greater the domestic investment in science and technology, which will be conducive to enhancing the ability of domestic science and technology enterprises to create monetization profits.

BOC Securities believes that the U.S. restrictions on upgrading Huawei chips will accelerate the localization of semiconductor software, equipment and materials. Although the upgrading of Huawei's events will put great pressure on the domestic semiconductor industry chain in the short term, China's semiconductor industry chain has formed a virtuous circle, including packaging, OEM technology, equipment, materials, etc The event itself will reverse the process validation and application of semiconductor specific software, equipment, materials and other basic technologies in local wafer production lines or design companies. Therefore, we should be optimistic about semiconductor equipment and materials, and focus on the equipment, materials and software that are still stuck in the neck.

According to Hengtai securities, the trend of high-tech shares is divided, and ETFs in the industry are also subject to large redemption. In addition to HENGQIANG, the leader of some high-tech industries, most of the fake technology shares are facing the risk of valuation return.

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