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One thousand yuan hot money reservation! Huawei Changxiang Z first hand: 90hz screen / 1699 best choice

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It's almost June, and the graduation season when thousands of students bid farewell to the ivory tower and enter the workplace.

As a new employee in the workplace, of course, there should be a mobile phone that can not only meet the needs of work, but also meet the needs of daily audio-visual entertainment.

Configuration review

Huawei Changxiang Z is equipped with a 6.5-inch pearl full screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080,Support 90 Hz refresh rate and 180 Hz touch sampling rate, with 6 GB storage 64 GB/128GB storage space ,8 GB storage 128 storage space-capacity configuration.

The Android 10-based EMUI 10.1 system is operated with 48 million pixels main camera 8 million pixels ultra wide angle 2 million pixels micro-range rear three cameras and 16 million pixels front camera.


Huawei Changxiang Z is equipped with 4000mAh battery and supports 22.5w fast charging.

Appearance design: 90hz smooth sliding screen, high screen proportion and large field of vision

According to the characteristics of generation Z young people's love to play, Huawei Changxiang Z not only brings the screen design with larger size and higher screen share, but also introduces 90hz screen refresh rate and 180hz touch sampling rate to bring better visual experience of the game.


Huawei Changxiang Z adopts a 6.5-inch 20:9 pearl full screen * design. The length, width and height of the mobile phone are 160 mm (length) × 75.32 mm (width) × 8.35 mm (thickness), and the weight is 182g.

The resolution is as high as 2400 * 1080, the screen proportion is as high as 91.2% (AA / TP), the large screen and small fuselage, the PPI is as high as 405, the 3D plate fuselage, coupled with the exquisite technology, brings the super visual experience and long-term grip.

Split screen and multi task processing enables entertainment and social interaction without delay, browsing documents and communicating at the same time, with higher work efficiency.


Huawei enjoy Z brings 90 Hz refresh rate 180 touch sampling rate screen.

90 Hz refreshes the screen every second, an increase of nearly 50% compared with 60 Hz. The operation time of 11.1 ms per frame makes the game screen display more coherent and smooth, and the screen scrolls more smoothly.

The 180hz touch sampling rate collects touch response every 5.5ms. Compared with the 120Hz touch sampling rate, the touch scanning frequency is increased by 50%, which can catch a flash of sliding in time and effectively improve the chirality.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei Changxiang Z also supports Huawei's intelligent dynamic frame rate engine, which can intelligently identify applications requiring 90hz high frame rate and start high frame rate mode, so as to ensure the balance between high-speed smooth screen experience and low power consumption, and finally obtain the best screen use experience.

48 million full scene AI three shots

Inheriting the strong photographic strength of Huawei's brand, Huawei Changxiang Z introduced the rear full scene three camera configuration.

Three camera system composed of high-pixel main camera, super wide angle camera and depth of field cameraWith the practical photo taking function, it can meet the photo taking needs of more scenes of generation Z young people.


At the same time,Huawei enjoy Z with 48 million pixels f/1.8 main lens ,8 million pixels f/2.4 aperture 120

The photographing system composed of three cameras has the photographing ability that four cameras are usually needed for products of the same price, including ultra-high definition, ultra wide angle, large aperture virtualization and micro distance, which can meet the photographing needs of young people in all aspects.


Main camera opens HDR sample



This is due to the fact that high sensitivity devicesIt can reduce the noise of multiple frames by AI algorithm, stabilize the picture, support up to 4.5s countdown photography, and improve the dynamic range of night view photosTo make sure that a large dark area with bright picture can also be shot in a very dark environment.


IPhone x r night shot sample (left) and Huawei Changxiang Z night shot sample (right)

It can be clearly felt from the samples that Huawei Changxiang Z has better night scene shooting ability and wider dynamic range, and its clarity and light texture are much more comfortable than that of iPhone x R.

Huawei enjoy the Z brings the rare rapid capture function in the thousand yuan machine, aiming at the image, children, pets, outdoor scenery several core scenes, combined with shutter priority and shutter delay algorithm, identify the motion scene, according to the motion state, automatically adjust to the shutter priority mode, and select a reasonable shutter speed, capture the moment of motion, and finally let the capture


Huawei Changxiang Z is equipped with 2 million pixel macro lens, f / 2.4 aperture, and 4cm macro function, so that users can easily capture flower stamens and find the beauty of details.


The 48 megapixel main camera has an F / 1.8 large aperture, and the 8 megapixel camera is responsible for calculating the depth of field information, that is, the distance information of the object to be photographed. With the large aperture shooting, the photos are more layered, and finally the large-scale effect of the background virtual effect is obtained, which depicts the human life in virtual reality.


This 8 megapixel camera also features ultra wide angle features ,120

Huawei Changxiang Z's super wide-angle camera can not only take photos, but also record videos. Many interesting scenes in life can be recorded completely with this super wide-angle camera, such as taking pictures of vast land, mountains, rivers and lakes, and even the whole family.


Super wide angle sample

In terms of selfie, Huawei Changxiang Z also ushered in a major change. 16 million pixel HD selfie camera, combined with a variety of photo functions, fully meets the needs of young users in different scenes.


The newly upgraded HDR backlight image technology can achieve powerful backlight photographing effect. No matter in the smooth, side light or backlight scene, self photographing can no longer worry about the visual interference caused by the light, so that self photographing can retain more details, restore the real color, and people and the scene are equally clear and moving.


The new AI natural beauty algorithm can customize the exclusive beauty scheme according to the age, gender and skin color of the user, so that the selfie can keep the best skin state under the HD lens, while retaining more real details.

At the same time, intelligent skin grinding, intelligent skin color adjustment, light and shadow effects, eye bags and many other beauty functions, to create a three-dimensional beauty scheme in an all-round way.


Performance: 7Nm SOC chip, 5g capability in the whole scene

Huawei Changxiang Z is equipped with a new and upgraded super fast charging 22.5w (10V 2.25A). After charging for ten minutes, you can watch two hours of TV plays (WiFi network or 5g network Tencent video);

At the same time, Huawei super fast charging not only charges fast, but also is more secure, ensuring users have no worries about using it.

Collocation 4000mAh large battery and HUAWEI AI power saving technology, according to HUAWEI laboratory power model test, full grid power can ensure users to continuously brush and vibrate for 10 hours under WIFI network, chase 10 hours, tiktok 40 hours, 4G call 12.5 hours.

To meet the background of 5g era, Huawei Changxiang Z has brought more 5g band support and dual card and dual pass functions in products of the same price, covering a wider range, more stable connection, faster speed, more intelligent use, and better 5g performance, so that generation Z young users can enjoy the Changxiang entertainment and life application brought by 5g network.


Huawei Changxiang Z supports NSA / SA design, NSA: Joint networking, Sa: independent networking, SA support depends on the construction progress and software upgrade support of operators, and has the most complete six frequency bands of the same gear, and extremely fast downlink supports N1 / N38 / n41 / N78 / N79 / n77 frequency bands, covering the 5g network use requirements of different scenarios.

Huawei enjoy Z five G.

We have designed 5 G side independent antennas separately, and adopted 1 T4R rotation technology, smart antenna switching intelligent tuning technology ,12 antennas 26 antenna tuning states,It covers all kinds of communication scenes, such as one hand calling, one hand surfing the Internet, two hands holding game video, etc.

Emui10.1: full scene intelligent acceleration

Huawei Changxiang Z adopts the latest emui 10.1, which not only adds full scene intelligent acceleration, but also accelerates the task of associated lock. Through kernel scheduling optimization, storage IO optimization, network transmission optimization, it ensures a stable and smooth machine experience.


Intelligent puzzle, after entering the puzzle, the template will be automatically recommended.

Provide the corresponding puzzle template according to the number of photos, for example, provide at least 5 splicing templates for each scene of 2-9 photos.


Huawei Changxiang Z supports shortcut operation modes such as single finger joint double-click screen capture, double finger joint double-click screen capture, single finger joint S-shaped long screen capture, single finger joint area screen capture, etc., making users use it more easily.

Through the use of intelligent identification games, reading, social networking, multimedia, shopping and other applications for a long time, more scientific and reasonable use guidance is given to avoid long-term use of mobile phones.



The launch of Huawei Changxiang Z has filled a gap in the market of thousand yuan 5g mobile phones. With Huawei's quality and 5g's support, Huawei Changxiang Z can let you exchange the best 5g taste experience with the lowest price. Are you excited about this quality choice?

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