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Microsoft: Xbox series X will be downward compatible with thousands of games

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Jason Ronald, director of Xbox series X project management, announced a new blog on the official website today, confirming that Xbox series X will be downward compatible with thousands of games from Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox one platforms when it launches.Microsoft said that the downward compatible game will run on the Xbox series X native computer with full performance support of CPU, GPU and SSD.

No boost mode, no frequency reduction, every downward compatible game will get the full support of Xbox series X. This means that all games will run at the peak performance of the original design, and its performance will be many times higher than that seen on the original release platform, so as to achieve higher and more stable frame rate and rendering with the highest resolution and visual quality.

The main points of the introduction of xsx host are as follows:

Starting with "Halo: Infinity ," Xbox Game Studios's 15 studio teams are working to create the largest and best-experienced Xbox stand alone so far. And we'll soon show you the many new games that are being created for XSX

:: Players' games and series, progress, achievements, friends can be cross-generational, hardware and peripherals will also provide support

:: Thousands of games are now available on the XSX after over 100,000 hours of testing

:: There will be XSX full-effect support for each down-compatible game, no boost and frequency reduction, HDR reconstruction technology can automatically add HDR effects and even provide HDR support for Xbox 360 and early-generation games, and new fast wake-up features will also support down-compatible games

The original website is as follows:

The game has left an indelible mark on all of us. Whether we play heroes to experience epic stories and world views, or experience the fierce competition and joy of victory brought by competition. The game unites us through the achievements of global players in the game.

At present, thousands of developers around the world are creating new generation games full of innovation and change, many of which can only be achieved through the strong performance and innovative features of Xbox series X. Starting with halo: infinity, our 15 Xbox game studio teams under Xbox game studios are striving to build the largest and best Xbox exclusive game lineup to date. We're excited to show you the many new games we're building for Xbox series X.

Keep your game

Our goal has always been to enable gamers to play the best version of Xbox across four generations when Xbox series X is released. These vital principles have had a profound impact on many of our design decisions since day one, as the journey began with the goal of creating the most powerful and compatible Xbox hosting space ever.

Compatibility Tour

Our exploration of higher compatibility began in 2015 when E3 announced downward compatibility for Xbox 360 games. I remember clearly that the magical experience of running one of my favorite Xbox 360 games, "Final Fantasy XIII" on Xbox one for the first time, immediately recovered to the progress I stopped playing a few years ago after entering the game, as if there had never been a blank time in the middle. I was immediately brought back to that period, and all the good memories I had left through the game. This experience, energy and passion from the players still inspires us today.

Through a lot of hard work, technological innovation and cooperation with industry-leading creators, we can not only bring more than 500 Xbox 360 games to Xbox one, but also go back to history and recover some classic series loved by players from the early Xbox. The team that is currently working on compatibility for Xbox series X is the one that brought classic games to Xbox one in an innovative way.

With the change of basic system and chip architecture, it brings great technical challenges to maintain compatibility. Developers will highly optimize the game according to the unique functions and performance of the game console to provide the best experience for players. To make Xbox series X become our most compatible host, we need to make major innovation in the design of customized processor, and at the same time, we need to design the core Xbox operating system and hypervisor of the new generation platform.

Through more than 100000 hours of game testing, thousands of games have been able to run on Xbox series X, no matter the popular masterpiece or the classic works highly praised by fans of the series. Many of our team play on Xbox series X as their primary console every day, and can switch seamlessly in different generations of games. When Xbox series X meets with a wide range of players, the team will have over 200000 hours of hard work to make sure your game library is ready to join.

Xbox series X makes games more fun

The Xbox team is not content to improve your gaming experience just by increasing hardware performance. We've developed new platform level features to ensure that all your gaming experiences continue to improve. Xbox series X works with the Xbox advanced technology group to provide new and innovative HDR reconstruction technology, enabling the platform to automatically add HDR support to games. Because this technology is handled by the platform itself, it enables us to enable HDR without affecting the performance of the game. We can also apply it to Xbox 360 and the original Xbox games developed nearly 20 years ago without introducing HDR technology.

In addition, the new quick wake-up feature is not only suitable for new games, but also for downward compatible works. Fast wake-up enables players to quickly return to the place they left in the game, quickly switch between multiple game works, and ensure that players can return to the game in an instant. All of these advances are platform level results, and do not require additional work from game developers.

Inherit classic works

In addition to retaining the experience of our loyal fans, we also allow a new generation of gamers to enjoy and enjoy the eternal game classics, so as to express our sincere respect for the classic games and their developers.

Starting with Xbox one X, the compatibility team has developed many new and innovative features and applied them to a carefully selected lineup of classic games to further enhance these games when they came out. With the help of our independently developed heutchy method and other technologies, the game can be rendered with a resolution of up to 4K, or anisotropic filtering can be applied to improve the final image quality, so that these classic games can reach the modern standard, and provide better game experience for players than before.

With all the extra features and advances of Xbox series X, the compatibility team now has truly new features to innovate and break through the limits of game retention and enhancement. The compatibility team has invented new technologies that allow more works to operate with higher resolution and image quality while still respecting the original creator's artistic intent and vision. We are also developing new and innovative categories, including doubling the frame rate of a range of classic games, from 30 FPs to 60 FPS or 60 FPs to 120 FPS.

Our team will continue to listen to community feedback on other game works that you want to add to the compatibility program. Reproducing classic games from history often presents complex technical and licensing challenges, but the team is committed to doing what we can to continue to preserve and inherit our collective gaming experience.

With the coming of Xbox series X, we will share more information with you.

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