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Qualcomm attack! Extending Wi Fi 6 to 6GHz: 2.4/5/6ghz tri band operation

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This week, Qualcomm held a media conference on Wi Fi technology online and launched its new Wi Fi devices, including router and mobile Wi Fi 6e series platforms.

Different from the previous Wi Fi 6 solutions, the Qualcomm Wi Fi 6e platform has realized the support to 6GHz frequency band, and can work in three frequency bands of 2.4/5/6ghz at the same time.


Maybe some friends don't know much about Wi Fi 6. Here is a brief introduction:Wi Fi 6 is the current cutting-edge w-ifi standard. The flagship products of all major mobile phone brands support Wi Fi 6 with reality. 1200mbps is the current mainstream single stream bandwidth, and the previous highest Wi Fi 5 is 867mbps.

In other words, if there is Gigabit fiber, Wi Fi 6 will play a better role in network speed. In addition, the support of OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology can allow Wi Fi to accommodate more device access and bring better speed response.

So,What changes does Qualcomm's new Wi Fi 6e support compared to Wi Fi 6?

The biggest difference between the current Wi-Fi 6 operating frequency band of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz,Wi-Fi 6E is the extension to the 6 band, and the new band application can achieve greater capacity, higher efficiency and stronger performance. Let's go into detail


The available 6GHz frequency band of Wi Fi 6e covers the spectrum of 1200MHz, which is wider than that of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and the higher frequency may load more information in unit time.

For 160MHz bandwidth transmission, 6GHz band can accommodate up to 7 channels, while 5GHz band can only accommodate 2 channels. At the same time, the application of three frequency band brings a wider spectrum management range, thus reducing the possibility of mutual interference between connected devices.

1. Qualcomm networking Pro Series update flagship core peak rate 10.8gbps

At the end of August 2019, Qualcomm launched a new Wi Fi 6 wireless network solution, namely the Qualcomm networking Pro Series platform, which includes four series of 1200, 800, 600 and 400, with differentiated features, application scale and computing power.

At present, more than 200 products including ASUS and Xiaomi have applied the Qualcomm networking Pro Series platform. This communication meeting updated the series of platforms.


Among them, the Qualcomm networking Pro 1610 platform is the world's first Wi Fi 6e platform supporting 16 channel data flow, with a peak speed of 10.8gbps, 80% higher than the 1200 series.


Compared with other Wi Fi 6 solutions, the new Qualcomm networking Pro Series platform mainly has advantages in four aspects: multi-user traffic management, maximum number of users, network security and mesh network. It has universal uplink data support, which can realize the connection of 37 users OFDMA and 8 users MU-MIMO, and support 2000 users at each access point at the same time.

Of course, the peak network speed of single link has also been greatly improved. With the support of 4K QAM modulation technology, each link can achieve an end-to-end transmission rate of up to 2.4gbps.


It is worth mentioning that the three band Wi Fi 6e has more significant advantages in mesh network.

At present, the devices and the backhaul of the mesh Wi-Fi 6 system share a 5GHz band. Although the network performance and stability are far better than the traditional independent router, there will still be network congestion.

After supporting 6GHz frequency band, Wi Fi 6e can transfer the return traffic to this frequency band, thus greatly liberating 5GHz spectrum resources and significantly reducing network congestion.

At present, four new Wi Fi 6e platforms of Qualcomm networking Pro series have been shipped and are expected to be commercially available this year.

Update Wi-Fi 2.FastConnect Mobile Connection System

The router has been upgraded, and the mobile terminal naturally needs to be upgraded to get the high-quality experience of Wi Fi 6e.

At the conference, Qualcomm also launched Qualcomm fastconnect 6900 and Qualcomm fastconnect 6700 mobile connection systems, which not only support the Wi Fi 6e standard, but also promote the wireless audio experience through the integrated Bluetooth 5.2 feature.


Qualcomm's last generation fastconnect 6800 has been applied to about 70 products equipped with Xiaolong mobile platform. The mobile connection system adopts 1024qam modulation technology and has achieved a peak speed of 1.8gbps.

The new FastConnect system adopts 4K QAM modulation technology. The peak speed of FastConnect 6900 can reach 3.6Gbps, which is the fastest mobile Wi-Fi solution in the industry. The peak speed of FastConnect 6900 can also reach nearly 3Gbps.


In addition, the new fastconnect mobile connection system supports high-performance uplink / downlink MU-MIMO and OFDMA mobile technology, and the new Wi-Fi 6 uplink MU-MIMO feature increases the network capacity by more than 2.5 times.

Its ultra-low delay characteristics can meet the needs of emerging mobile applications, providing the possibility for the rapid growth of mobile games and expanding real-world applications.


In terms of Bluetooth support, fastconnect 6900 and 6700 support the intelligent switching function of dual Bluetooth antennas, so as to improve the common signal blocking problems and enhance the reliability of Bluetooth connection; support multi-point audio sharing and broadcast audio, and realize the connection of multiple audio devices.

As the global leader in Wi Fi technology, Qualcomm has led the innovation of wireless technology for more than 30 years. Since 2015, it has shipped more than 4.5 billion Wi Fi chips, ranking first in the global Wi Fi market share.

With the accelerated popularization of Wi Fi 6 standard, the Wi Fi 6e solution provided by Qualcomm can let users experience the advantages of 2.4/5/6ghz tri band Wi Fi in an all-round way, and the construction of high-quality network will also promote the development of more relevant applications.

In the new Wi Fi 6e standard, Qualcomm is undoubtedly at the forefront again.


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