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American cloned chicken has six or seven legs and six or seven pairs of wings?

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Expert: Zhang Chi, lecturer of food science and engineering, Beijing University of technology and Industry

When visiting the supermarket, I found that there is always a continuous supply of chicken wings and chicken legs in the meat frozen area. Have you ever wondered where they came from?

There are various explanations on the Internet, the most frightening of which is that the United States has a kind of cloned chicken, which can grow six or seven legs and six or seven pairs of wings

Anyone with some common sense knows it's fake.

So where do so many chicken legs and wings come from? Is it hormone?

It's also said that the tip of the chicken wing is the easiest to retain toxins. Is it true?

Where are the frozen chicken legs and wings from in the supermarket?

The frozen chicken legs and wings in the supermarket are mainly from the farms around the world, which split every part of the broiler and then put it into the market for sale.

First of all, many large-scale meat processing factories in China buy a large number of whole chickens from the market, and then process them into quick-frozen chicken legs, wings, neck and head products according to their parts, and distribute them to supermarkets, fast food restaurants and other different sales channels according to different needs.

Secondly, some supermarkets will establish direct sales channels with domestic large-scale farms, and the broilers to be raised in the farms will be put out of the market. The farms will directly cut the chicken legs, wings and breast meat of the broilers and refrigerate them, and then directly sell them to large supermarkets all over the country.

Finally, due to the huge population base and the large demand for various kinds of food, some frozen chicken will also be imported from abroad.

The way of quick freezing provides better security and convenience in the process of meat transportation and sales, so the chicken legs and wings in large supermarkets are mostly frozen products.

Can chicken wing chicken leg often eat?

Compared with fresh meat, frozen meat has some loss of protein and other nutrients, butCan also meet the nutritional needs, can often eat.

In addition, there are often a variety of bacteria in fresh meat. If it is not quarantined, there may even be some viruses.

Porcine yellow gall bladder virus exists in bone blood and muscle, while bacteria in frozen chicken will be inactivated due to low temperature during freezing storage.

In addition, the frozen meat will be treated with acid drainage before warehousing, making the meat taste more delicious.

But the refrigerator at home can't keep frozen meat fresh for a long time. Long term storage will affect the taste, so it is suggested that the frozen meat bought home should also be eaten in a week.

The frozen chicken can be thawed before eating. It can be thawed naturally in the cold room for one day, or it can be thawed by wrapping with plastic wrap and cold water.

If the thawing method is improper, it is likely to cause the loss of nutrients.

Does chicken wing deposit toxin most easily?

First of all, the frozen chicken leg chicken wings and other products currently sold are free of any hormones. Our country's veterinary medicine management regulations explicitly stipulate

There is a misunderstanding that consumers generally believe that the rapid growth of livestock is the result of the use of hormones.

In fact, this is not the case. At present, many frozen chicken wings and chicken legs on the market are mainly white feathered chickens. The time for domestic and foreign broilers to go out of the market is greatly shortened due to:

- Optimization of breed

- scientific proportion of feed

- effective epidemic prevention measures

- reasonable breeding management

- standardized feeding places

Therefore, the commercial broilers do not contain hormones, and people can buy them at ease on the premise of paying attention to health.

In terms of the economy of breeding, the price of hormone is quite expensive. In the process of breeding, injecting hormone one by one to broilers greatly increases the cost of breeding.

In addition, adding hormone in the process of raising broilers does not necessarily play a ripening effect, on the contrary, it will have an impact on the body function of broilers, and even lead to the death of broilers.

However, this kind of broiler with fast growth and high rate of marketing is relatively susceptible to disease. According to the national regulations, the farms will add appropriate amount of antibiotics to the feed and drinking water for disease prevention, so there is no problem of hormone residues in chicken wings.

How to save it after buying it?

After thawing, if the chicken can't be eaten, dry the surface water, wrap it with fresh-keeping film and store it in the refrigerator for a short time.

If it is not used for a long time, the water on the surface of the chicken can be dried and divided into several parts and put into a fresh-keeping bag to exhaust the air and then frozen for preservation. It can be kept for half a year to about a year, but it should still be used as soon as possible.

If deterioration occurs due to improper preservation, it can be simply judged from the following aspects:

- look at the color

Judging directly from the color, the fresh chicken should be meat pink with bright luster, while the color of the deteriorated chicken disappears, and the color of the chicken is gray.

- smell

Fresh chicken only has the light fishy smell of meat itself, while the spoiled chicken has the rotten smell of meat. If it is seriously spoiled, it will smell the pungent sour smell.

- texture

The water on the surface of the chicken can be dried. The fresh chicken surface is dry. The chicken is elastic and firm when pressed down.

There is a layer of mucus on the surface of the deteriorated chicken. After pressing, the chicken will not rebound. The fiber elasticity of the chicken is reduced, and the meat is loose and loses its elasticity, so it can be discarded.


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