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Pinduoduo set off "enclosure movement": we are close to "chelizi freedom"

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Two days ago, my wife suddenly asked me, "do you think the fruit you eat recently is better than before? "

I didn't pay much attention at ordinary times. When she reminded me, it seemed that it was indeed, "why? "I asked her. In line with the principle of "quality determines price", my first reaction is to estimate that I've been working hard recently, and I've spent more money to buy some good ones?

It turns out I think too much

Later, the more I thought about it, the more interesting it was. When we are all discussing the negative impact of the epidemic on our lives, we suddenly realized the "consumption upgrading" in the category of fruits.

In the past, we used to call "consumption upgrading" to spend more money to enjoy better quality. Today, how does it happen to buy good things at the same price?

Is this just a "temporary benefit" during the outbreak? Can you make money selling those good fruits at this price in the end? Can this become the new normal of consumption in the future?

Can domestic demand save foreign trade?

A colleague of geek park is from Gaomi, Shandong Province. She recently mentioned to me that the little friends in her hometown who were once envied by the epidemic are now living a little "hard".

Gaomi is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Weifang City, Shandong Province. Many people know it because it is in Mo Yan's literary works. But few people know that Gaomi textile industry is very mature. There are more than 200 home textile enterprises in the county with a population of less than one million. Most of these towels are mainly for foreign trade. For example, 50% of Chinese towels in the United States come from a high-density enterprise called Vosges group. Decathlon, IKEA and Muji towels are also mostly produced by its OEM.

Thanks to this, the life of the residents in the small county town is very leisurely. The buddy said she worked hard in Beijing to make complaints about Office lady, and her monthly salary was not as good as that of her hometown's small partners.

But recently, things have changed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been tightened directly by the export of these textile enterprises, and the new business has been dragged to the "life and death line". "The holiday of the Ministry of international trade has been put into November, and the salary has not been paid for several months. "The living standards of the county workers who used to earn 12000 a month have plummeted.

A situation like Gao Mi is not a case in point. According to the official data, there are more than 400000 enterprises with import and export performance in China. In 2019, China's total export volume reached 17.23 trillion, with a contribution rate of 19.6% to GDP growth. However, due to the recent international situation and the impact of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, many foreign trade enterprises have been affected to varying degrees, some of them even directly encounter "life and death challenges".

The obstruction of the overseas market forced these enterprises to turn to the domestic market for survival, but the road of "survival" was not easy.

Conventional foreign trade is mostly to B business

But domestic trade is different. Domestic trade is a business of to C. It needs to establish offline Ka channels and invest a huge amount of marketing expenses to build brands. Offline, a pot of dozens of pieces, plus the layer by layer distribution cost, may be sold to hundreds of pieces in the supermarket; online although there is not such a long sales chain, but for new brands and white brand products without much recognition, the cost of traffic acquisition is extremely high.

More importantly, these enterprises, as the basic link of production and circulation for a long time, are less sensitive to the market and end consumers, and the products they produce may not be welcomed by the market.

Take the Vosges group just mentioned as an example. It is said that Vosges group has long sought transformation and hoped to win the local market. However, it has found several brand planning companies and failed to achieve success in several attempts.

How to get through the channel from the production end to the consumer end has become an important problem for these enterprises. Recently, in the chat with the insiders of pinduoduo, I saw the possibility of solving these problems.

Pinduoduo is launching "enclosure campaign"

Since March this year, pinduoduo has signed cooperation with Ningbo, Qingdao, Dongguan, Quanzhou and many other local governments. In the middle of May, it took Foshan and Yantai for two days.

Since local governments often contact us with science and technology companies, I still know some problems about cooperation between science and technology companies and governments in the past. First of all, it is difficult to align the needs. In addition to attracting investment and building factories, there are not many real business cooperation. But as far as I know, pinduoduo often signs cooperation with the government, which is not a public relations act, but a business action behind it.

You can see that Foshan is a place with developed manufacturing industry, Yantai has many export-oriented food processing enterprises, Ningbo, Qingdao, Dongguan, Quanzhou and other places, all of which are famous for manufacturing industry and foreign trade.

After the cooperation, the manufacturers and businesses in these cities "pack up" and enter the pinduoduo platform, and pinduoduo will launch a special urban quality Museum.

For example, in the cooperation with Dongguan, there are more than 10000 Dongguan enterprises and brands online, mainly clothing, furniture, shoes, bags, toys, which are superior product categories in Dongguan. What pinduoduo attracts them is to open data support to these enterprises, and provide R & D suggestions and flow resources.

The goal behind this is obviously to combine these enterprises to explore c2m customized production, help enterprises develop domestic demand market, cultivate new brands at the lowest cost, and further expand the market share and brand awareness of domestic demand.

When the export business is blocked, the cooperation between pinduoduo and pinduoduo has turned to tap the domestic demand market and expand the market, which is obviously what these enterprises need now. It is said that Yantai excellent product Museum has been online for two days, and Yantai merchants of the whole platform have increased 13 million yuan in total, attracting 26 million consumers to watch and place orders. The sales volume is 270% higher than the average level of last year.

To promote these things, it is obvious that we should not only do public welfare. I think this is a very important action for pinduoduo. In the past few years, with the strategy of "low price group", pinduoduo has been rushing. After harvesting hundreds of millions of sinking market users, pinduoduo has actually been "advancing" to the first and second tier cities.

In my opinion, the tactics of pinduoduo are aimed at the "supply side". For example, this "packaging" cooperation with the government can obviously further expand the product categories of the platform and enrich the commodity pool, especially for some export quality products, which will increase the enthusiasm of first-line and second-line users in the consumption of the platform.

It can be predicted that in the next period of time, pinduoduo is bound to accelerate this process. The cooperative cities will not only be limited to the areas with developed foreign trade and manufacturing industries, but also include some areas with developed agriculture and fishery. In the past, these "industrial belts" relied more on offline channels and decentralized operation. Pinduoduo will help them open online sales channels and achieve digital sales Word upgrade. As a result of shortening the intermediate sales path and reducing the cost, these products with good quality and low price can further attract more consumers.

In other words, this is a domestic demand oriented industrial ecological model jointly built by local governments and platform enterprises. This model may become a new consumption engine in the post epidemic era.

What is the new era of consumption

In the past few years, one of the most frequently mentioned concepts in China's consumption field is "consumption upgrading". In the past, we thought that the so-called "consumption upgrading" means that consumers are willing to spend more money in exchange for more added value of products, such as experience, atmosphere, brand, convenience, etc., so the "consumption upgrading" was once equal to "spend more money", and there are many platforms and products focusing on "consumption upgrading" in the market.

But ask yourself, "good goods are not expensive." is it not fragrant? In fact, this has always been the fundamental demand of human beings for material consumption. But in the past, restricted by the long chain and multi link production and circulation system, there was a large amount of information asymmetry. If consumers want to enjoy better products and services, and commercial enterprises want to provide better products and services, they can only respond to higher prices at higher costs to create a positive circulation system.

Take those fruits for example. The price of fruits sold overseas is actually higher than that of fruits sold at home, but the cost and risk are also high. In fact, even if it is cheaper, it still makes money and the sales volume is still rising. Finally, it is not a loss sale situation.

As a result, if you can break down constraints, such as shortening the flow link (e-commerce), increasing demand certainty (e.g. group, C2M), and achieving information symmetry at lower cost (e.g. live broadcast)

It needs technology and platform level enterprises. So I even hope that the pace of striving for more should be bigger and faster. After all, 1.2 billion Chinese people, who is not eager to realize "chelizi freedom" as soon as possible?

In the future, we need more and more strong domestic consumer markets and more everyone to enjoy the dividends of the technology Internet, so for the new consumption era, we should not just look up, but also look "far away"


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