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Ps5 Xbox SX is coming out! Should China really play 3A games

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2020 is destined to be a carnival year for gamers. The new generation of game consoles ps5 and Xbox series X will be launched in the market this year, and the new game engine unreal 5 has also released a shocking demonstration. In addition, the new amp GPU, rdna2 GPU and other PC game hardware will also meet with you.


Xbox SX and ps5 have appeared, and this year is destined to be a big year of games

The emergence of new game software and hardware technology will promote the development of the game. What players are looking forward to most is what kind of 3A game masterpieces will come out. However, over the years, the 3A masterpieces that we are familiar with seem to have been from abroad, so we didn't meet the 3A games from home, which has always been a regret for Chinese players.


There are many large game companies in China. Why can't they play 3A games? (data from newzoo, 2019q2)

China's game market has always been huge. No matter the number of players or the scale of funds, it ranks first in the world. Even Tencent, the largest game company in the world, has been born in China. However, this kind of soil has not cultivated 3A games. When can Chinese players play wizard, Zelda and halo? In the absence of 3A games, but also cultivate such a huge market premise, the domestic game industry is still necessary to create their own 3A games? Today, let's talk about this topic.

Is it really necessary to play 3A game in China?

Before talking about this topic, let's briefly talk about what is A 3 game. Generally speaking, A 3 game refers to the cost

Note that this is a concept in game making. A game may be extremely classic, telling people, such as "Chivalry 1, or very popular, world-renowned, such as Pokemon, or even creative, creating a revolutionary play, opening up a new e-sports pattern, such as DOTA》.. But they don't match three high costs

Works like GTA5》、《 Wizard 3, Final Fantasy 7: Redesign, Wilderness Dart 2 are typical A games. These game development costs are extremely high, the investment of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars, are the game company with the top resources, years of meticulous creation of fist works. In this way, players can bring lifelike pictures, art, live sound effects, love to play, can be repeatedly refined details


3A games are often the blockbuster products that game makers put a lot of cost into, such as se's "Final Fantasy 7 remake"

A 3A game, it is often all-around, even can be called the most real projection of human imagination in the real world. 3A game is a huge project to build a virtual world. Such a big project is a huge test of technology, design, capital, management, human resources and other aspects, which can not be completed alone.

Just as small workshops can't make big industrial products like cars, ships and airplanes, individuals and small and medium-sized teams can't create a 3A game. Behind the big industrial products is the support of the huge industrial system; similarly, the emergence of 3A games means the establishment of the game industrial system.


3A game development is the embodiment of the strength of the game industry, which will overturn in case of any carelessness. For example, the development process of old Japanese factory SE's final fantasy 15

Here, it is not difficult to understand the Chinese players to domestic 3 A of the game's urgent expectations. Although China has become the world's largest game market, with the largest game company, the largest group of players, but not a 3 A game from China, we can not prove that we have a complete game industry system, can not say that their level of game production is world-class.

China is a game power, but from the perspective of game production, it is far from a game power.

Chinese people do not lack the enthusiasm and creativity of game production, or even the famous game IP. In recent years, there are still such topics as "flower" and "Taiwu painting volume". However, just like in the film industry, although there are Oscar level works such as farewell my concubine and crouching tiger, hidden dragon, which are well-known at home and abroad, what makes Chinese people hope for the domestic film industry is still "wandering earth" with a score of only 6 or 7.

The dawn of Chinese film industry has appeared, where is the dawn of Chinese game industry? Many Chinese players want to know the answer. From the perspective of Chinese players, domestic 3 A games, very necessary.

3A game can be called the most real projection of human imagination in the real world, is a collection of various human artistic expression techniques. But the cruel truth is, even if you look around the world ,3 A the way the game is getting narrower and narrowe

3A game market stagnant?

Friends familiar with the game industry should know that in recent years, the cost of making a 3 A game is constantly rising. Progress in game hardware means providing a larger container for game content that needs to be filled with more

As we can see, the 3 A games are more and more refined, the map is clearer, the light and shadow are more gorgeous, and the action is more and more real


The most intuitive comparison: can 2020's final fantasy 7: remake the original version and 1997's final fantasy 7 be the same workload?

When FC was a red-and-white machine, a few dozen people could pull up a team and play a world-renowned game; in the PS2 era, three D of games began to emerge, the studio gradually became the standard game, and the cost of game development has jumped significantly, the serious three A did not feed millions of dollars, it is difficult to produce; in this generation, the first line of three games development costs are commonplace, GTA such a huge system is hundreds of millions of minutes

3A game production costs are soaring, but at the same time, the price of the game has not increased. At present, the price of a 3A game is still around $60, and the player market has not expanded (the blue ocean has been taken away by hand games). The traditional game market is just like a red sea of stock competition.


A game that costs so much to develop still costs $60 a game

At this point, even large game companies, large studios, but also three A of game development is cautious. The player is not difficult to find, the new 3 A game IP less and less, the launch speed is slower and slower, the hottest 3 A game masterpiece, is "call of duty "," war" and so on

Many of today's masterpieces can be traced back to the PS2 era, but the PS2 era blooms,


The number of games in the PS4 era is not as large as in the PS2 era

And in other words, even if you look around A world, playing three games is not a good business. A number of well-known old game factories, such as Cap Air, SE, are increasing the investment in rival games, transformation

From a business point of view, this is not wise.

Is hand play the general trend?

3A Game represents advanced game making technology. However, from a commercial point of view, mobile games may be more advanced. Yes, the business model of mobile games is more advanced than the 3A game that pays money and delivers goods.

We can look at a set of data. Since 2012, the global game market has tripled in size. However, the share of the growth is mainly from mobile games, rather than traditional games (PC and console game consoles).


The growth point of the game market is that the traditional game market represented by mobile, PC and console is stagnant

Although the share of PC and game consoles is basically stable (the decline is mainly due to the transfer of blue ocean players from the Nintendo camp to mobile games), there is little potential for growth. To play 3A games, we need to face the market that can't be further expanded and the rising cost, which is not determined by a cavity of blood.

Compared with that, it's much easier to do hand games. Mobile games do not need advanced production technology and huge production cost. Its core playing method is competition, social interaction, collection and so on. The difference between free players and paid players is used to attract players to continuously invest money. It has been proved that compared with the traditional games with fixed content and playing experience, mobile games that can influence the game content and play experience with consumption and version change by money are more likely to provoke the consumption desire of players.

Mobile games have lower production costs, but also have a stronger ability to absorb gold. Even some traditional games have been affected and changed. In some 3A games, there are countless DLC, luxury version as expensive as IQ tax, and dazzling cash system, which are all the results of learning from mobile game business model.

Domestic manufacturers have demonstrated the revenue advantage of mobile games incisively and vividly. The birth of the world's largest game company in China is the most powerful proof. When the mobile game becomes the money path that the whole game industry looks forward to, plunge into the giant pit of 3A game, how to see is not quite right, draw a few vertical painting skin can make a lot of money it does not smell?


On the whole, there are many difficulties and dangers in playing 3A games in China.

Compared with it, mobile games have the advantages of low cost, strong profitability, short development cycle, and more controllable risk. It is understandable that domestic game manufacturers are flocking to do mobile games.

But does this mean that there is no need to involve in the production of 3A games in China? I don't think so.

Although it's more comfortable to make money with mobile games, 3A games are still the jewel of the game industry crown. It promotes the whole game industry chain and the game production talents (including program, art, planning, etc.), which is incomparable with mobile games. In addition, 3A game also has a profound cultural influence. How many little friends can't forget Damascus and Paris because of Assassin's creed? How many friends also want to linger in Beijing shanghaiguangzhou, just like in luoshengdu? These values of 3A games cannot be measured by money alone.

Fortunately, we can already see some domestic manufacturers trying to make efforts in this direction. Tencent has invested in and acquired a number of overseas game studios in recent years (such as Marvelous、 Platinum Studios), while NetEase has recently set up

I hope that one day, China will appear in the real world's first game company, and domestic players can also play domestic 3A games.

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