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Microsoft official free data recovery tool windows file recovery experience

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In daily work, we often encounter the situation that the file is deleted by mistake or the disk is accidentally formatted. If the data is not very important, we usually choose to download a recovery software and manually restore it. Of course, as you know, these software are not free and usually expensive!


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Microsoft has launched a free version of its data recovery tool in its app store, which can recover accidentally deleted files. Is it easy to use? Xiaobian made a test.

Microsoft's official free data recovery tool

1. Download and install

Open the win10 app store, search for "windows file recovery", or directly click the link below to enter the download page. If it is the first installation, a "get" button will appear on the page. If it has been installed before, it will change to "Install / open".

Windows File Recovery:https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9N26S50LN705

Please click the "get" button when installing for the first time

The download process is not listed, in short, everything can be prompted. Finally, click the "start" button on the panel to see the true appearance of windows file recovery, which is actually a black command prompt. you 're right! This is the tool Microsoft provides us this time, a free command-line data recovery software.

This is the legendary "free data recovery software", unexpected!

2. Support local disk recovery

3. Specific usage

Windows file recovery supports three recovery modes: normal, segment mode and signature mode. The usage scenarios of each mode are as follows:

1) Normal mode:It is used for the recovery of recently deleted files. The file format is NTFS;

2) Segment mode:It is used to recover files that have been deleted for a period of time, or to perform recovery operations on formatted disks;

3) Signature mode:For fat, exFAT, refs and other file system recovery, in addition, if other recovery mode is not smooth, you can also use this mode to try;

Next is the command syntax: winfr [the drive letter of the deleted file] [the drive letter corresponding to the recovered file] [switch] file detailed path

For example, we need to find the next file named "Pacific. TXT" in E: test,The specific command is: winfr e: D: / N / test pacific.txt.

Depending on the number of files, the recovery process usually takes a few seconds or minutes. After the command is completed, a recovery folder will be created on the target disk (automatically created), and all recovery files will be placed here. In addition, the software will generate a recovery report after the recovery, of course, you can choose not to generate!

Recovery in progress

In addition to the most common specified file name recovery above, winfr also supports * wildcards, and the specific use is consistent with other command lines. For example, to restore JPEG and PNG photos to the E: disk from the "pictures" folder, the corresponding command is:

winfr C: E: /n Users

Here's how to recover the entire folder. Don't forget the backslash () at the end of the folder:

winfr C: E: /n Users

Recovery results

In addition, in order to make it easy for users to master, Microsoft also provides a command description page for novices to be familiar with. The website is:https://support.microsoft.com/zh-cn/help/4538642/windows-10-restore-lost-filesIf you are interested in children's shoes, please click in and have a look. They are very comprehensive and can be translated into Chinese.

The instruction page provided by Microsoft introduces the usage of each parameter in detail

Write it at the end

In general, like other data recovery software, windows file recovery provides similar recovery functions. Due to its own multiple recovery modes, it is more flexible than the traditional standard software. Of course, all changes can not be separated from its original, any recovery tool can not guarantee 100% recovery success. In order to increase the recovery success rate, it is necessary to reduce unnecessary disk operations until the recovery is normal.

Of course, compared with the various recovery software on the market, the full command-line mode of windows file recovery is indeed a bit of a doorstep. In addition to requiring users to have a part of data recovery common sense, but also have a certain understanding of the windows command line. Therefore, it is used by enterprise IT administrators rather than ordinary users. In addition, the tool only supports local file recovery (such as U disk, hard disk, mobile hard disk, etc.), if it is a network shared folder, it can't do anything!

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