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This session star is not the spokesperson, enter the Internet enterprise more fragrant?

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Source: Internet Insider (ID: quanneishi)

In late June, actress Jing sweet high profile entry Taobao, celebrity

Star entry into Internet companies is no new thing. A new Advertising Act was introduced in 2015, emphasizing that need for joint and several liability for liability. On the other hand, companies are also worried that endorsement stars produce negative news that affects themselves. One thing or two, it's born

However, not all stars are acting as spokesmen in disguise. Some Internet companies give stars real jobs, hoping that the other party can help expand the cultural and entertainment business of the company. Up to now, there are even more signing stars from e-commerce or live broadcasting platforms to become anchor with goods, which has the dual nature of disguised endorsement and practical duty.

Five years after the launch of the new Advertising Act, star entry into the Internet enterprise gimmick also fired for five years, and has a long-term trend. The business value that the enterprise sees star, the platform that star sees enterprise can offer and reward, should win-win situation, whether enterprise really passes through

Practical executives

Star employees, such as Internet companies, have their own event marketing attributes, but some enterprises are not only for marketing. In 2016, host Li Xiang joined Qihu 360 as entertainment president. According to media reports, 360 is very generous to Li Xiang, the star executive, and not only promises to make tens of millions of annual salary, but also gives certain shares.


Before joining 360, Li Xiang served as deputy director and chief art supervisor of Shenzhen satellite TV for many years, and he had already retired from the background. Therefore, 360's introduction of Li Xiang is not only a matter of her appeal in front of the curtain. Li Xiang was the host of Hunan Satellite TV before, and then as a film and television producer, with rich industry experience and broad contacts.

There is no doubt that the recruitment of Li Xiang by 360 has a profound consideration. In the offer sent by 360 to Li Xiang, it was clearly stated that Li Xiang was responsible for the integration of the overall entertainment resources and the creation of 360 entertainment content. However, the star high-profile entry, the results did not meet 360's wishes.

I don't know whether it's because 360 is too weak to take on, or Li Xiang is not suitable to be an Internet enterprise executive, or Li Xiang, who has multiple identities, is too busy. The relationship between Li Xiang and 360 has not been seen since he joined the company. 360's entertainment business in the following years is still quiet, and Li Xiang's microblog now, there is no one about 360 content.

It is not alone that stars act as executives in the cultural and entertainment direction. In 2015, he Jiong, Li Xiang's old partner, was invited by Gao Xiaosong to serve as CMO and COO of Ali music. In addition to he Jiong, the other two senior executives of Ali music are also celebrities. The chairman is Gao Xiaosong and the CEO is song Ke. Ali chose to hand over the music business to these three people, and there was also an old plan behind it.


Song Ke and Gao Xiaosong jointly founded the independent brand wheat field music in 1996, and then developed into the record company Taihe wheat field. In addition, song Ke and Gao Xiaosong have served as judges of Hunan Satellite TV's super girl and happy girl, and he Jiong is the host of Hunan Satellite TV.

In the field of culture and entertainment, these three people either have copyrights and connections, or they have a deep connection with Hunan Satellite TV, which is at the core of the entertainment industry. Ali has been struggling to attack the cultural and entertainment industry for a long time. With the help of these three powerful generals, I must hope that they will not be defeated.

But things are not what Ali wants. Ali music, including shrimp, tiantiandiao and other products, after Gao Xiaosong took charge of it, focused on copyright protection and removed a large number of music works with unclear copyright. Maybe it's because he started as a record company, so Gao Xiaosong is sensitive and persistent about music copyright. However, at the same time of rectification, Ali music did not capture too many music copyright, which is really embarrassing.

There are people in the industry on the Internet,

360 and Ali, both of them are good at their own calculations. They think that if there are big names in the entertainment industry, they are sure to win. However, the reality has poured a basin of cold water on them and made them wake up gradually.

Disguised spokesperson

It's often disappointing to invite entertainment celebrities as executives, so Internet companies are more and more inclined to let stars take on a seemingly tall virtual position.

A landmark event in 2015, when beauty camera announced AngelaBaby to become chief beauty officer, was star entry into internet companies. Beauty cameras have done enough marketing on AngelaBaby entry,


On the one hand, people realize that when stars become executives, they don't need to hold traditional positions. Instead, they can have original positions with their unique advantages such as appearance. On the other hand, it has inspired many Internet companies. After that, all the stars were given all kinds of novel job titles. For example, Jay Chou was invited to be the chief surprise officer of vipshop, and Liu Yan was invited to be the chief taster of jiuxian.com.

Behind these strange job titles is the fact that stars have become disguised spokesmen of enterprises. As more and more enterprises give stars false jobs, it is not ruled out that a new round of policy will be tightened. But at that time, how should enterprises deal with it?

I don't know whether it stems from the worry about unknown risks. Although some enterprises give stars false jobs, they also give stars certain shares. In this way, even if there is external investigation, it is easy to justify. On the other hand, it is more attractive for stars to own shares than to get paid once. For the enterprise, it will also work hard for the enterprise to bond with the star.

Of course, it is absolutely impossible for ordinary stars to give shares to enterprises. Either Li Xiang, a big figure in the industry with resources, or a star with super high popularity and popularity, can be a good thing. On November 21, 2016, Zhao Liying, who became a popular flower star with the hit drama "huaqiangu", was invited to become the vice president of science and technology, which is the parent company of second shot, little coffee show and one live broadcast.


Zhao Liying's staff have disclosed that Zhao Liying cooperates with the following science and technology in the form of shares, where she holds a temporary post as deputy general manager and does not participate in the daily work. It is worth noting that the news of Zhao Liying's employment was announced at the e-round Financing Conference, and its purpose is obvious.

In 2017, Xiake technology also invited tfboys, a popular young men's group, as the future commander. According to a person familiar with the matter, unlike Zhao Liying, tfboys got the company's options when he joined the company.

Let the star as a disguised spokesperson, give false duty, but also caused a variety of problems on the star side. Stars also know that this form of cooperation is just a disguised endorsement. Thus, the star will go to more than one company platform in the same way, and then the public will see the situation of a star joining multiple Internet companies.

On December 9, 2016, less than a month before Zhao Liying joined the company, iqiyi announced Zhao Liying as the chief member recommendation officer. For stars, it's fine to act as a nominal executive of several companies, but for enterprises, there is a different taste in their hearts.

A star is a platform for many enterprises. On the one hand, the binding between the star himself and a single enterprise will be weakened, and even the phenomenon of favoring one from another will appear. Second, it will increase the cognitive burden of the public. For a time, they can't remember which platform the star is endorsing. In addition, take Zhao Liying's technology and iqiyi for comparison. Both products belong to the video category. Although the specific direction is different, the audience is almost the same.

Invite stars to join the job, as a disguised spokesman for the enterprise, in the face of possible legal risks and

Anchor with goods

In 2019, the trend of live broadcasting with goods is rising, but the energy of each platform is limited, and only major anchors with super strength such as Li Jiaqi, Weiya and Simba are supported. In the face of the urgent need to develop the live with goods market and the uncertainty brought by the soaring popularity of big anchors, all e-commerce or live broadcasting platforms are extremely anxious. It is impossible to support a large number of head anchors in a short period of time. The platform has turned its attention to the stars with their own traffic.

This year alone, Ali invited Liu Tao and Jing Tian two well-known actress Taobao to join the calculation, live with goods business help. Liu Tao


Choose star to bring goods, this time did not let Ali down. On May 14, Liu Tao broadcast live for the first time for 4 hours, with more than 20 million people and a transaction volume of 148 million yuan. After that, the number of live broadcast shows that the amount of goods carried by each field exceeds 100 million, and the highest one is as high as 220 million. As a newcomer in the field of live delivery, Liu Tao's performance is no less than that of head anchors such as Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi.

Jingtian, who just joined the company, made a record of 49 million in the first live broadcast with goods. Although this data is far less than Liu Tao, but in the live broadcast with goods is also rely on the head of the results.


In just past 618, Su Ning is one breath invited to Jia Nailiang, Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Yixing 3 popular stars. Among them, Jia Nailiang is as Su Ning live broadcast joint principal person to enter the post. On the night of Su Ning 618 Super Show, Jia Nailiang created 89 million live tape records in 75 minutes. And another one by Janeliang

It's also preheated for 618, and the fast-handed live delivery is launched

Surprisingly, Zhang Yuqi, as the spokesman for the fast-hand live broadcast, unexpectedly outlandish victory, the limelight is not inferior to the entry of e-commerce platform stars. At the time of the recommendation iPhone11, Zhang Yuqi offered the audience a few hundred lower prices than the official offer, but was reminded and blocked by Simba that the price was too low for the merchant to ship. Who knows Zhang Yuqi not according to the routine card, said the difference she paid for. Zhang Yuqi's

"In the Internet Circle" on this matter asked to do live operation Zhang Tao (pseudonym), the other side replied:

Some industry analysts believe that

In early June, the quick hand invited topic actress Zheng Shuang to become


Kwai Kwai's Kwai Kwai's live broadcast is not related to live broadcasts. Zheng Shuang's first live broadcast shows that the innovative lab is designed to show the fast product itself and output the young and fashionable tonal to change the external impression of the first time live broadcast from the official staff and Zheng Shuang's interaction with Zheng Shuang.

In April of this year, Zheng Shuang, Wang Zulan, Ouyang Xiadan and others jointly sold 61 million yuan of agricultural and sideline products for Hubei Province in the CCTV sponsored live broadcast to help Hubei bring goods. It is this Kwai Kwai campaign that allows the fast hand to have a hand in hand with Zheng Shuang, and also makes the fast hand aware of the power of the star.

Along with the flow of Zheng Shuang, we will surely develop the greatest value of this star partner. Eager to develop the fast track of live goods business, it is very likely that Taobao will imitate Taobao Juhuasuan in the future and make it a Kwai anchor with live goods.

Every time there is a change in the Internet field, each department will fall into traffic anxiety, for fear that it will fall behind others in the new round of war. It has been proved that star joining the Internet enterprise and bringing goods for live broadcasting has been proved to be an effective means to solve the dilemma of live delivery with goods first. It can be predicted that in the future, more stars will join the Internet enterprises, and will focus on cash realization business such as live broadcast with goods.

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