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2000 cheaper! Qiong version of iPhone is popular

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Recently, an online

Since the announcement on the tax-free shopping policy for Hainan Island tourists was officially implemented on July 1, some tourists found that,Purchased in Hainan

It is said that this has also caused a lot of consumers to buy mobile phones, tablet computers and other digital products in Hainan.

Some netizens speculated that it might also cause the enthusiasm of merchants and buyers such as Huaqiang North, like buying a large number of Hong Kong mobile phones to Hainan hot purchase

Well, in the eyes of Huaqiang North,

Landing on the island has cost, it's not cost-effective to take the goods


Brother Liang told us that at first he saw the net Take iPhone 11Pro Max 256GB (hereinafter referred to as Pro Max) as an example. The price of Hainan Islands is 8625 yuan after tax exemption, which is 2274 yuan cheaper than the price of 10899 yuan.


Liang Ge admitted that he had a similar idea at first, but after carefully studying the tax-free policy of Hainan Island and the related purchase cost, he finally gave up the idea.

He gave an example, first of all, the cost of Shenzhen's train to and from Zhanjiang is nearly 800 yuan, from Xuwen Haian Port to Haikou, the price of round-trip tickets is 83 yuan, and the cost of transportation is at least in the city, the cost of transportation is at least 1,000 yuan,

In his opinion, the cost of Huaqiang North merchants landing on the island at least at 1400 yuan each time, spread to each equipment nearly 60 yuan. Ultimately, if Apple phones are sold at a slightly lower price than the Hong Kong version, there is still a profit of about 400 yuan per unit except for four Pro Max, iPad and the average profit of about 200 yuan per unit,

Brother Liang told us, CalculateAlso take iPhone Pro Max 256GB as an example, the price of the American version is only about 8100 yuan, than

In Huaqiang North market, has been the volume, the best-selling are the United States version of the machine, plus some e-commerce platform for the circle of traffic, snatching users to launch 10 billion subsidies, resulting in some of the mobile phone prices are even lower than

After communicating with the familiar Huaqiang North merchants, Liangge and several friends gave up sales

Obviously, in part of the pursuit of sales profits in the eyes of Huaqiang North merchants, daigou

It's cost-effective on the way, and it's risky to buy on behalf of others

A Jian, who also runs second-hand machine stalls in Huaqiang North, told us that in recent days many old customers have been asking him to buy

In his opinion, in view of the cost of landing on Hainan Island, it would be uneconomical for users in other regions, except for consumers in western Guangdong, to go to Hainan Island to buy duty-free Apple products.


Mr. Ajian said friends around him plan to travel to Hainan Island by the end of July and plan to buy several units while shopping for other duty-free goods

Because travel, shopping process has spread the cost of the island, by the way to buy mobile phones, really do not consider the cost.

Mr. Ajian analyzed the price trend after the iPhone 11 went public, arguing that a new generation of iPhone phones would basically be sold for some time before they would appear on e-commerce platforms

A Jian also stressed that, Be careful about what you call

But Mr. Ajian found that some of these vendors were not shipped in Hainan or Zhanjiang,

Ah Jian revealed that,Partial counterfeiting This

It's because some consumers are looking for value and value

So, is it all

Tax-free business machines

Zhu, who has been in Huaqiangbei for ten years, says,In the early days of Huaqiangbei, most of the mobile phone merchants made their fortune by selling the Hong Kong version of mobile phones.

Because Shenzhen is adjacent to Hong Kong, it is also very convenient to buy Hong Kong mobile phones. At his peak, he had tried to travel to and from Shenzhen once a day, buying more than a dozen mobile phones at a time, selling at a price increase of 200 to 500 yuan each, with considerable profits.

Zhu boss told us that Shenzhen merchants because of regional advantages, can buy a large number of Hong Kong version machine, the price is more affordable. It's just that the Hong Kong version of mobile phone tax is not zero tax, so the price is compared


As for the local merchants in Hainan, there are also plans to buy tickets to Xuwen Hai'an to try to enjoy the tax exemption policy on the Islands,

If you buy a ticket to enjoy the tax-free outlying islands, then the cost of goods purchased by local merchants in Zhanjiang and Hainan will be equivalent to the cost of goods purchased by Huaqiangbei through customs clearance. The only difference is that goods purchased in Hainan Island are tax-free, not low tax.

If possible, some of Huaqiang North merchants will purchase in the island, and then through e-commerce channels to buy duty-free mobile phones sold across the country. According to boss Zhu, this is the same as the original sales in Huaqiang North Hong Kong version iPhone, are the same


At present, the new tax-free policy on Hainan Islands has a certain impact on mobile phone businesses in Huaqiangbei to a certain extent. Some businesses begin to think about how to use the tax-free policy of outlying islands in the future to create new market opportunities, and even dream of reappearing the brilliant achievements of the Hong Kong version mobile phone purchasing agent period.

But the idea is only the idea, and the idea is often unable to keep up with the change, smart merchants buy, most likely just


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