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McDonald's announced that China will stop using straws for new cup lids

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For the first time


On June 30, 2020, McDonald's China announced that it would gradually stop using straws in restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen from now on, so as to further realize plastic reduction in food packaging. Instead, there will be a cap with its own beaker, and for drinks and foods containing solids, such as pearl milk tea and Mai xuanku, straw will still be provided.

McDonald's China told the media that the measure would cover all McDonald's restaurants in mainland China by 2020. At that time, about 400 tons of plastic is expected to be reduced annually. Then Zhang Jiayin, McDonald's chief executive of China, said that using the size of McDonald's to reduce straws


On the face of it, McDonald's will beSome netizens support McDonald's change and protect the environment. Of course, some netizens do not agree with this practice. They think that the new cup lid is also a plastic product, and whether it is better degradable, the official did not give an explanation, just wanted to reduce costs in the name of environmental protection; the third party is basically neutral, but thinks that the use of the new cup cap needs time to get used to.

So I went to a McDonald's on the West Wang Road in Beijing, and I went to the restaurant

When it's time for lunch, the customers in McDonald's are bustling. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you can feel the difference in this store. The straw box on the dining table has disappeared, and the children's Set Meal toys in this issue are replaced.

After ordering, Miss waiters handed me my food. I had to say that I was greedy, in various senses. Coke's cup lid has become a new cup cap with its own drinking mouth, but it is worth noting that this store is packed in paper bags, whether it is packing or dining. At least in this store, straws and trays are no longer visible from the customer's perspective.


New cup lid

We turn the angle back to the cup lid itself, which is very similar to the one with coffee, transparent and feels thinner than the original one. I opened the lid on my mouth and startedMoreover, the small cap on the drinking mouth will directly stick to the lips, plus its own thin texture, so it is a little uncomfortable.

From my personal experience, The experience of using this new cup lid only stays


Open the small cap on the new lid

Although there is still a lot of room for upgrading the cup cover with its own mouth, it is only a plastic package. Why is it causing so much dissatisfaction on the Internet? This has a lot to do with the bundling operation of environmental protection in recent years.

Environmental protection has always been a public issue involving all mankind, which is why we have put forward a number of plans, such as sustainable development, afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial upgrading, etc., to enhance the intensity and level of pollution control. However, the concept of environmental protection may be a bit biased in the commercial field, which is obvious in the artificial meat.



In the first half of this year, Starbucks, KFC, great John and other catering giants have launched their own artificial meat products, and these products are really you can buy. However, it should be noted that the artificial meat mentioned here is all plant meat. The soy protein is processed by high temperature, high pressure and other processing methods to make the plant protein obtain the taste similar to muscle fiber, and then use the synthetic heme to make these plant meat have a taste closer to the real meat. So in a way, you can think of vegetable meat as a luxury version of spicy strips.


There are many reasons for the emergence of plant meat, which is related to the pollution of animal husbandry, humanitarian, animal welfare and the development of technology.

In fact, the birth of plant meat has a very important meaning


Of course, these questions may be a bit boring, so let's focus on a more practical one

If you think plant meat is a little far away, you might as well say something closer to ordinary consumers, such as mobile phones.

It has been reported that the iPhone 12 will cancel the attached charging head, and consumers will either use their old charging head or purchase a new one. In addition to the charging head, headphones may not be included in the package.


IPhone 12 box exposed

Although this news has not been officially confirmed, it may be only after the release of this mobile phone that we can know whether the charging head attached with the mobile phone has been cancelled. However, some people and the media have long been labeled as environmental protection, that is, reducing the use of electronic components, plastics and other materials, and reducing the impact of related production on the environment. But the charging head is no better than the earphone, and the songs may not listen to, but the electricity can't be ignored. Even if the old apple users have iPhone headphones and charging heads, what about the new users who have won over from other brands or have never used the iPhone? What should they do? Is it extreme to protect the environment by sacrificing the user experience and creating trouble for consumers?


Apple 20W power adapter

Let's think from another angle. Assuming that the iPhone 12 doesn't have a charging head, it also increases the probability of users to buy third-party accessories to a certain extent, and the lower price is more attractive. Furthermore, the uneven quality of third-party accessories may also increase the safety risk and fire hazard of consumers when charging. In addition, let's think about it in a different way. If the future mobile phone no longer comes with a charging head, will the reduced cost be reflected in the price?

In addition to the commercial dimension, there are Western climate activists

When it comes to climate activists, the first thing you might think of is

Environmental protection is done

It is inevitable that we will produce pollution in the process of industrialization and modernization. However, the problems arising from development can only be solved through development. Through continuous development and improvement of social productivity, we can have enough strength to solve environmental problems. Moreover, the results of solving the problems can be seen.

In February last year, NASA released a news report, according to NASA satellite monitoring data, in the past 20 years, China and India have achieved remarkable results in greening, thanks to afforestation projects in the former and intensive agricultural management in the two countries. In at least one country, the amount of vegetation in China has increased by only 25% in the past year.


Mu Us Desert

After a long period of governance, greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse farming, seedling industry, desert tourism in the local vigorous rise, the city engaged in sand industry enterprises and institutions up to 150, the annual output value of 480 million yuan, more than 100000 employees. In the past ,1.5 million mu of farmland damaged by wind and sand, from barren land, has become now stable yield and high yield farmland. Under the shelter of shelterbelt barrier, Yulin city became the largest potato city and the second largest potato city in Shaanxi Province

For ordinary people, taking public transportation and cycling is also a good way to protect the environment. Even if we take an airplane, a motor car, or drive a car once, the emissions are normal in our daily life.

Write it at the end

Environmental protection is a good and necessary thing, but with economic development and the birth of new things,

In a word, the mountains of gold and silver are not as good as green waters and green mountains.

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