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The five power change in Alipay history: the criminal police, the queen, the people who left.

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In 16 years, Alipay experienced five presidents or CEO. The ant of iron strike, CEO of running water. The news that ants are going to be listed has been announced. Some people are far away from the world, while others are retreating behind the scenes. Those who are still at the top will have new successors in the future.

Ant financial's plan to be listed was finally announced by the government, and the Shanghai Science and technology innovation board and the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will be issued simultaneously.

Ants are said to be seeking at least $200 billion in IPO valuations. At present, the market value of Alibaba group is 668.4 billion US dollars, and Tencent is about 640 billion US dollars.

At this point, the ant core product Alipay has been released for the past 16 years, and the small gold clothing group has been established for 6 years.

In the 16 years, Alipay experienced five presidents or CEO, Lu Zhaoxi, Shao Xiaofeng, Peng Lei, Jing Xiandong and Hu Xiaoming. They assume different historical missions at different stages, almost all of which are in Alipay's high occupation career.

It's just an ant, a CEO of running water. Only when the strategic center of the company changes can different people succeed in succession.

They are in the center of power, feeling the joy of pioneering success, suffering from pains and pressures, and even being questioned.

The news that ants are going to be listed has been announced. Some people are far away from the world, while others are retreating behind the scenes. Those who are still at the top will have new successors in the future.

Successful retirement exists in the river and lake, and the Internet has to move forward with a heavy burden.

Lu Zhaoxi: self-reliance

The first president of Alipay history was Lu Zhaoxi.

Around August 2004, Lu Zhaoxi was also the head of Alibaba B2B Guangdong sales region. Ma Yun asked him, Lao Lu, do you know paypal? Lu Zhaoxi was asked with a blank face. Ma Yun went on to say that the company is making a brand new thing called Alipay, and you are the first person in charge. The next month, Lu Zhaoxi rushed to Hangzhou to accept the appointment.

At that time, Alipay was still a settlement department of Taobao, and Ma Yun intends to operate independently. Lu Zhaoxi's 4 years in office is the initial stage of Alipay's own initiative and two important historical breakthroughs.

First, the establishment of virtual accounts. This is the idea of Ni Xingjun, President of the payment business group.

He knows the importance of an account system. Like a reservoir, virtual accounts can solve the capacity and efficiency of payment. Miao Ren Feng said, this saved Alipay. If we still follow the gateway payment mode, Alipay will not be able to support the current trading volume. After the establishment of the account system, the consumer behavior data are precipitated, which is an important foundation for Alipay's subsequent data operation.

The second significant move under Lu Zhaoxi's rule was to go out to Taobao. Get out of Taobao and promote Alipay.

Fan Zhiming, President of ant financial's domestic business group, is responsible for the landing mission. The Alipay was the key person who came out of the panning, and later was responsible for Alipay's quick payment, balance treasure and Alipay mobile terminal.

It is worth mentioning that Ali's strong rival, Jingdong, had briefly visited Alipay. Fan Zhiming also met Liu Qiangdong two times in Beijing.

In March 2008, the Alipay power center changed for the first time. Lu Zhaoxi was transferred to Taobao, succeeding sun Tongyu as Taobao's president. There are also more important power shocks and replacements.

After being the leader of the two hottest products of Alipay and Taobao, Lu Zhaoxi was appointed CEO of Ali group 5 years later. Ma Yun is the first successor of the company.

But the failure of wireless battlefield, immediately he fell from the highest power center of Ali, is the real version of the song of ice and fire. Lu Zhaoxi retired in 2016. The latest news about him is all about wealth, with Hurun ranked 2276 on the global rich list in 2020.

Shao Xiaofeng: Savage growth

Lu Zhaoxi's successor is a criminal police officer.

Shao Xiaofeng, flower name Guo Jing. Before joining Ali in 2005, he worked as a criminal police officer for 20 years, a tough guy. In the first two years in Ali, he successively served as director of Network Security Department of Ali group and assistant to CEO of Alibaba group. In February 2007, he began to set foot in the business line and began to work as vice president of Taobao. A year later, he became president of Alipay.

The most internal evaluation of Shao Xiaofeng is rational, comprehensive and stable. From his helm, Alipay had the strategic plan for the first time and systematically thought about strategy.

In a word, Alipay seeks more trading volume and scale.

In December 7, 2009, Alipay's daily trading volume was 1 billion 200 million yuan, and Shao Xiaofeng ran naked.

Because the number of transactions and scale as the core assessment indicators, the user experience is ignored. In 2009, more than 200 new products were launched, and the business expanded rapidly, resulting in serious consumption of personnel.

The long-standing backlog of contradictions broke out at the annual meeting on January 22, 2010. Ma Yun scolded Alipay for "rotten, rotten and rotten to the extreme" on the spot. If we do not pay much attention to it, this is Alipay's future memorial service. Many people were scolded to cry, Shao Xiaofeng also cried.

This is a shock to Alipay's ideology. Ma Yun announced Peng Lei as Alipay CEO on the spot.

The public relations team was unprepared for this sudden on-site appointment. First, they stood beside the stage and cried with everyone. After crying, they took out the computer to write on site. Peng Lei's decision to take over was not made temporarily, but it was likely to be announced in advance because of the outbreak of the annual meeting.

Although Shao Xiaofeng is now a partner in Ali group, Alipay president is the highlight of his participation in the specific business of Alibaba. Later, he was transferred to the post of Secretary General of Ali group and transferred to support work. In 2012, Ali established the position of chief risk officer cro for him. This title has been accompanied by Shao Xiaofeng. Among them, he once served as the chairman of Ali film industry for a short time.

Ants announced listing, Shao Xiaofeng bid farewell to Alipay just 10 years. What happened in these ten years seems to have nothing to do with the people who left.

Peng Lei's Golden Age

Peng Lei has vowed not to do work related to money.

Her mother worked for the rural credit union all her life. In her memory, her mother was often worried because she was worried about miscalculating accounts, receiving counterfeit banknotes and failing to recover the loan.

Peng Lei was worried and didn't know how to do finance. After taking office, the team also doubted whether the HR born woman could make sure to pay.

The fact is that before Peng Lei left office in 2018, Alipay became the most successful pioneer in Internet finance.

Shortly after taking office, Peng Lei presided over the camel conference. After the Spring Festival of 2010, all the core employees of Alipay P8 above the Hangzhou Liangzhu Hotel participated in the daytime business exchange. They talked for a whole 4 days at night.

Peng Lei took the lead in drinking, and almost everyone touched a glass. After drinking too much, he sat on the ground and chatted with everyone. Finally, she couldn't stand up after drinking. Her colleague helped her back to her room and vomited many times.

At this conference, Peng Lei reiterated Alipay's attention to user value and user experience and was considered to be the first to return. After the camel conference, Alipay's assessment index was transformed from the scale and revenue of payment business to the success rate of payment and the number of active users.

Peng Lei era, the first contribution to Alipay is to launch fast payment.

At the camel conference, she will improve the success rate of payment as the company's most important KPI, quick payment to help her achieve this goal. It is also one of the most important products in the history of ant financial services and even the entire Internet finance history. In order to promote the negotiation of quick payment, Mr. Ma personally visits major banks no less than 10 times a year.

Fast payment is equivalent to tearing down the invisible barrier set up between different banks, and can collect money freely across banks. This was unthinkable before. If there is no quick payment, there will be no prosperity of wechat payment and mobile payment today.

During Peng Lei's reign, another product with great influence was yu'ebao.

Although fast payment is convenient, few users recharge. Ali group once thought that Alipay had done away with its account value. No money, not an account, but an account number.

At the beginning of 2013, the core problem of the famous Moganshan conference was how to grow a big financial tree in the soil of payment. The meeting identified projects such as yu'ebao, sesame credit and online banking, and most of the products became reality later. Yu'ebao, in particular, completely solves the problem of account value.

It was in this year that Ali decided to prepare a small and micro gold clothing group with Alipay as its core. Peng Lei was the first CEO. At the end of 2014, ant financial services group was officially launched, implying Technology Service Finance, and gradually added sesame credit, financial management, insurance and other businesses.

Since then, ant financial services began to independently finance, from time to time came the news of preparation for listing. Since the completion of round a financing in July 2015, ant has completed three rounds of financing, totaling US $20.35 billion. The investors are mainly state-owned capital background and overseas strategic investors such as social security fund, China Development Finance, CIC overseas, China Life Insurance, Temasek, etc.

Peng Lei has experienced create a great sensation of Alipay privatization. At the June 2011 press conference, Jing Xiandong and Alipay CEO of Alipay were in Ma Yun's side. She was also the witness of WeChat paying the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Alipay was in a passive situation. When the "Alipay circle incident" that was drowned in 2016, she was also in the front line.

In the 16 years of Alipay, Peng Lei has been in power for 8 years and is the longest CEO in office. During her term of office, it was also the period with the most rumors of ant listing.

Peng Lei is one of the most influential ants in the gold suit, who has saved Alipay for several times. She once said that her job was to look after a group of people and the strength to hold them together. In the history of Alipay, Peng Lei is the last person to be forgotten.

Jing Xiandong: comprehensive confrontation between Alipay and WeChat

The open letter of ant's preparation for listing on both sides was sent by Jing Xiandong. As Peng Lei's successor, he is Alipay's fourth CEO.

In 2007, when Alibaba B2B came into the market, Jing Xiandong joined. Two years later became Alipay CFO. Seven years later, in 2015, he was appointed president of ant financial group.

Jing Xiandong was escorted all the way by Peng Lei. Peng Lei is the CEO. He is the president. A year later, Peng Lei was only the chairman of the board and gave him the scepter of CEO. On April 9, 2018, Peng Lei served as CEO of lazada, an e-commerce company in Southeast Asia. The chairman of ant is naturally Jing Xiandong.

When Jing Xiandong entered Alipay power center, he had a certain division of labor with Peng Lei. Jing Xiandong gives people the feeling that he is professional and professional, and he is the spokesman of ant financial services to show its financial attributes to the outside world. Peng Lei is a preacher and a guardian of the heart.

During the period of Jing Xiandong's administration, Alipay assumed an important mission.

In January 2016, Jing Xiandong, who took office as president of ant financial services for half a year, came to Davos with Ma Yun for the first time. He didn't impress the outside world that time. Two years later, when he appeared in Davos for the third time, he changed from a silent person around Ma Yun to a sought after one. Alipay's services cover more than 200 countries and regions in the world, and hatch 9 local Alipay in India and Indonesia.

In October 2016, at the meeting when Jing Xiandong took over the CEO of ant financial services, he mentioned that the future development of ant financial services will focus on three directions: globalization; serving 20 million small and micro enterprises; and improving the credit system.

The time for Jing Xiandong to be on the top is very special. Before that, Alipay had no enemy, the biggest enemy was unknown, and it was the risk of crossing the no man's land.

In 2014, wechat successfully occupied mobile payment with red packets. In the words of Fan Zhi Ming, in the age of CAI Fu Tong, the feeling was that Tencent was carrying a small horse sitting at the door of Alipay. Now it's on an equal footing. It's probably even on our side. Even the future Alipay is going to move the small stool to the Tencent gate. This is the first time that Alipay has met the enemy face to face.

No matter Jing Xiandong or his predecessors or successors, in the face-to-face confrontation with wechat payment, they did not kill the enemy. Defense, even imitation.

President Jing Xiandong launched the Alipay 9 version of the relationship chain that month. They believe that the core reason for Alipay's downtrend is no social connections. The two Internet giants enter into the competition of taxi and mobile payment.

Finally, in November 2016, Alipay's "circle" function triggered a tidal attack. It was only a month before Jing Xiandong took the ant CEO.

At that time, Peng Lei was on a business trip abroad. It was rumored that she went to the United States to inquire about the listing of ant financial services. On the night before returning home, a high-level reflection meeting was held on the spot. Executives reach a consensus, return to their original intention, and only do mobile payment. This is the last time Ali launched a fierce attack on the social dream, which ended in failure.

After this incident, Alipay changed to the class committee system, and he was appointed monitor. Major events must be agreed by the class committee, and the monitor will decide if there is no dispute.

When a company begins to use collective wisdom, it is also a time to reexamine the role of individuals.

Hu Xiaoming: the historical turn of Alipay

Jing Xiandong served as Alipay president for five years, CFO for three years, and three years CEO. Most of his time in Ali was related to Alipay. But 11 years later, his successor was Hu Xiaoming.

Ali has an unwritten habit. After November 11 every year, there will be a group of personnel changes.

In November 2014, Hu Xiaoming was transferred from ant financial to Alibaba cloud. He started an internal business, Ali small loan, and later merged into ant financial services. Alibaba cloud was ignored by internal suspicions in its initial stage. Alicloud's small loan is the only customer and a brother in need to share life and death with Alibaba cloud.

Hu Xiaoming once said, "I shed more tears than Wang Jian.". He is responsible for the commercialization of Alibaba cloud technology and linking up with the business world, and has put Alibaba cloud in the first place in China.

In November 2018, Hu Xiaoming returned as president of ant financial services. In December 2019, he will succeed Jing Xiandong as the third CEO of ant financial.

There are several important background information for Hu Xiaoming's return to China.

In April 2018, Ali bought hungry with an estimated value of $9 billion 500 million, and together with the resurrection of Alipay's 2015 word of mouth network, he formed a local life platform sniper beauty Corps.

In January 2019, Zhang Yong proposed the concept of Alibaba's commercial operating system, and one of the landing actions was to get through Alibaba group and ant financial services. In May of the same year, Ali set up a new economic development executive committee, headed by Zhang Yong and Deputy by Jing Xiandong, with the aim of unifying the strategies of all Ali economies.

That is to say, in the strategy of Ali unified economy, ants are an important part of it; when Ali occupies the local living plate, Alipay is also a forward. Hu Xiaoming, who was in the top position in the historical turning period, undertakes the dual mission of internal ideological alignment and external confrontation.

In March 10, 2020, at the Alipay Partner Conference, Hu Xiaoming announced that Alipay upgraded from the financial payment platform to a digital life open platform. The slogan is no longer "pay for Alipay", but "good life, Alipay". It's easy to think of slogan, "eat better, live better" in meituan.

Hungry? As an "agent", he failed to beat meituan and was incorporated into Ali's regular army. The battle is still insufficient, so Alipay comes out in person. Local life, Ali is sure to get it. What is significant is that the market value of meituan exceeded 100 billion US dollars on May 28.

Alipay is the foundation. Whether in the financial sector or in Ali economies, the financial scope of ants is wider, and those who are in power need to deal with a bigger proposition.

In the internal letter after the listing plan was made public, Jing Xiandong asked the team to keep calm and calm. Because "there are still numerous problems waiting for us in the digital upgrading of modern service industries, including financial services.".

In Ali's values, one of the most important is to embrace change. Everyone in it tries to embrace change, but at the end of the game, he always finds that he is the change.

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