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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G: a high-completion folding screen phone and G 865/5

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Qualcomm new generation flagship SoC Cellon 865, as the first frequency breakthrough 3 GHz level of performance beast, at the same time marked with the new era necessary 5 G baseband, I believe that the second half of the major brands of flagship aircraft should be upgraded to this platform. And right now, I've got a product that caught my eye: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G. that started the Cellon 865 platform on July 22 Its emergence also fills another gap in the new era: a new form of folding screen. And that means that samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is a breakthrough mobile phone product that brings together the latest and most advanced technology.


5 G time leader no longer understated

When entering the 5 G era, we must first distinguish the two terminals of the 5 G construction, one is the 5 main equipment terminal composed of the core network, the base station and so on, and the other is the customer terminal represented by the mobile phone. Samsung is one of the public opinion centers of the main equipment in the 5G era, and its global share of 5G main equipment is among the highest in the industry. On the patent side, according to the data report IPLytics by the German statistical agency at the end of February this year, the number of 5 patents declared by Samsung is 2795. From the application volume and the approval quantity, Samsung's data reached 2633 and 1728 respectively, both of which are the first in the world. As a result, Samsung can be said to be in the 5 G era to low-key is difficult.


Samsung announced the successful development of five G of core technology as early as May 2013, when the predicted commercialization time node was just around 2020. At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February 2018, Samsung, as one of the suppliers, provided five full G of network services. In December of the same year, it established the world's first batch of five G service areas in the heart of Seoul, Capital Circle and six major Guangyu cities in South Korea. The major operators officially opened civil five G service in April 2019, becoming the world's first five commercial countries.

And so, in five G, Samsung could say

High-completion folding screen phone

Samsung as a screen upstream giant, the renovation of folding screen technology is also the highest enthusiasm. At present, there are two kinds of folding screen mobile phone forms based on different detail technology, one of which is the upper and lower folding screen of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G. But as an internal folding design,

Today, glass covering the surface of traditional cell phone screens is hard to handle squeezing or stretching, especially when the folding radius has to be controlled at several millimeters. Even if some folding screen mobile phone screen material anti-extrusion and stretch ability, but hardness and glass compared to a large gap, will not be so wear-resistant.


For the overall solution to the above problems, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G adopted a brand-new ultra-thin flexible glass material, not only to achieve better safety and durability, but also to improve the hand feel. Considering that ultra-thin flexible glass is a breakthrough in cutting-edge technology, Galaxy Z Flip 5G can say

Last but not least, Samsung's 6.7-inch 2636 1080 resolution AMOLED panel Galaxy Z Flip 5G represents the highest level of folding screen, with a maximum brightness of more than 700 nit,DeltaE and a color average of about 2.2, and supports HDR10. In addition, a 1.1-inch screen is designed on the outside of the inner fold to enable message notification in a closed state and even preview when taking pictures.

Design and Interactive Experience of Regression to Practical Origin

And not everyone is happy to accept too big a fuselage, and the folded Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G,, which is easier to carry and hold, is just the right time. Unfolded, samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5G slightly slender 6.7-inch fuselage is easier to hold in one hand, not easy to drop, the height of the fuselage after folding up and down to the first half of the size, this time the fuselage thickness of 17.3 mm, three-circle control in the range can easily be put into denim shorts pocket, so the fashion of the coat, still revealed its practical design ideas.


Also, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G internal folding screen can be smoothly folded and maintained at a specific angle, so as to achieve adaptive split-screen mode or convenient placement on the desktop selfie, live broadcast and so on. In addition, simply double-click the screen in adaptive split mode to switch the camera's preview window from the top half of the screen to the bottom half. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G also support multitasking function, in the split up and down screen at the same time hit two applications, while chasing drama while chatting WeChat, without delay. The screen is always oriented towards the user, which is also the outside fold can not be achieved play.

By all accounts, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G become the most cutting-edge folding-screen phone in terms of technology and design. And no matter from the hard, software design, Galaxy Z Flip 5G also made full consideration for the internal folding design, can be called one of the most mature products in the industry at present, showing Samsung as a technology giant, indisputable R & D and innovation strength.

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