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PS5、Xbox have cancelled the optical drive! Will the game disc die

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For game fans, the biggest event this year should be the launch of a new generation of game hosts. Microsoft and Sony will launch the latest Xbox SX/SS and PS5 consoles by the end of this year.

A lot of players notice,Both Xbox and PS are offering a pure digital version without an optical drive.


Both the ps5 and the new Xbox have introduced a Cd-free, pure digital version of the game console

This is considered a signal by many friends

On the one hand, the Xbox camp as early as the Xbox One generation to launch a pure digital version of the model, now Sony has followed this move, giants push the digital version will naturally set off waves;

On the other hand, other fields, such as multimedia audio and video, have long been no longer the mainstream carrier. Both music CDs and Movie DVD / BD have given way to online streaming media. The elimination of game CDs is also part of the historical trend and will become a reality sooner or later.


XGP and other membership system, the digital version of the game offensive more fierce, physical games will die out?

However, in the hearts of players, game CDs and cassettes are still indispensable. Even if the digital version has the advantages of price and time, many players still insist on playing the physical game and despise the digital game. However, can feelings defeat reality? With both Sony and Microsoft pushing digital games, and platforms such as steam on PC in full swing, will game CDs decline or die in recent years? Today, let's talk about related topics.

Why does the industry push digital games?

Compared with physical games, the advantages of digital games are obvious.

No longer need optical drive and other hardware, reduce costs and failure rates.

To read a physical game, whether it's a CD-ROM or a cassette, additional hardware is required. Take the CD-ROM drive for example. On the one hand, it will push up the cost (BD drive keeps the price of PS3 high, and the market performance is in a mess for a time), and the other is easy to damage. The new generation of game console uses SSD. In addition to the cooling system, there is no other mechanical structure in the cd-rom-free version. Its durability is expected to reach a new height. At the same time, it is cheaper than the CD-ROM version, so it has its unique features.


Even if it is a mature model such as PS4, there has been a classic optical disk drive failure such as automatic disk feeding

It is more convenient to issue and reduce intermediate links.

The distribution of physical games needs to be distributed through intermediary agents such as Gamestop. On the one hand, it slows down the speed of game distribution, on the other hand, it pays extra costs, and also causes problems such as inventory pressure. Digital games are distributed directly to users through the Internet, which is faster and more direct, and the official price is usually cheaper than the physical version.


Why is the domestic PC game legitimate rate improving? Steam such a digital game platform makes it easier for players to buy authentic versions

Restrain second-hand transactions and protect game profits.

Digital games are basically unable to carry out second-hand transactions, popularizing digital games, which means that it can greatly reduce the proportion of second-hand games in the market. Game manufacturers, issuers can not profit through second-hand game transactions, digital games can protect profits.


Secondhand games are a huge market, but they don't bring turnover to game makers. Digital games can eliminate this market

Better experience.

For players, digital games also have experience advantages. For example, digital games can be pre purchased and pre downloaded, and players can step on the time line of the lifting day to play the game at the first time, instead of having to queue up in the game shop or wait for the express delivery of CDs;

For example, digital games can switch games without changing CDs, which can definitely make you feel what is the real humanistic concern in the winter quilt


The digital version of the game can be pre purchased and pre downloaded, and can be played at the first time when the unlocking date arrives

From the perspective of distribution efficiency and play experience, digital games are better than physical games. So is it really time for the game CD to leave the stage of history?

Will game CDs really disappear?

Game manufacturers, publishers are digital version of the game, but players in this respect, stand on the opposite side. As long as the player has a certain experience in the game, then will probably stand in the support position of the physical game. The reason is simple, digital games can not bring the purest game experience, only physical games really belong to players.

What does that mean? This involves ownership of the game. In essence, digital games don't really belong to players. Players only have the right to lease digital games.

Compared with the physical version, the digital game without actual ownership has the following problems that many players are hard to accept.

Manufacturers can freely off the shelf, pricing digital version of the game.

It's like taking an online video off a show or using


For example, in Neil: the age of machinery, when it was unlocked, the price skyrocketed from 199 yuan to 412 yuan

It turns out that once digital products are controlled online by service providers, it is difficult for users to stop service providers from changing content. Amazon, for example, remotely removed files from user kindle after removing books such as 1984. At present, Steam and other platforms, the purchased games can still be found and downloaded from the game library, but will this service change? The only thing players can trust is the elusive conscience of service providers.

Digital game distribution channels are unreliable and widespread

What does that mean? Whether it's an app store or a game store, it exists


Steam players should be quite familiar with the interface

So far, for the game disc

What's more, we could have run digital games in other regions through some channels, but all of a sudden, these channels were blocked. The distribution channels of digital games are always unreliable for players.

Digital games can not be traded secondhand.

Digital version of the game is not free to trade, but also the player has no actual ownership of the game a major embodiment. Second-hand games can not be harvested for manufacturers, but for players can greatly reduce the cost of play delicacies.

For the last generation, Microsoft announced that it would restrict the circulation of second-hand games through technical means, and the result was that the Xbox One was carried away directly, and Microsoft had to change its mouth. Visible second-hand game in the player's heart, occupy what kind of position.


The benefits of digital games are for new games, if you want to play old games, second-hand physical games will be more affordable

Although the distribution efficiency of the physical game is not as fast as that of the digital game, it has a more flexible circulation mechanism. Whether it is to transfer the game or to keep it for a long time, it is not a problem. As a product, this is rare.

Many years later, when you recall the past and want to relive the joy of the old games, you can easily find the old game cassette and CD, and put them into the game machine. Everything is the same as before. I'm afraid the digital version of the game is hard to have.


Physical games with emotional aura, can meet the player's collection addiction and sense of ownership, digital games can not compete with it

Digital games rely on the Internet

Finally, the volume of the game is getting bigger and bigger. Not all players have the network conditions of youwo. Even in developed countries, there are areas where the network is not very smooth. What's more, there are situations like going to friends' homes to get together and play games together. It's always more comfortable to take a few game CDs to play in the past than to lend an ID to others to download.


For various practical reasons, in the current environment, although digital games have shown some advantages, there are still huge fans of game CDs. For players, physical game CDs and cassettes are more convenient, more secure and more emotional in many cases.

From the actual market performance point of view, players for the pure digital version of the game machine acceptance, or relatively limited. Microsoft has launched a pure digital version of the Xbox one s, which is $50 cheaper than the regular version, but the market performance is extremely bad, which shows the rejection of the digital version by players.


The pure-digital version Xbox One S failed, but this time the Xbox Series S started with a $299 low price, and it probably ended differently

However, there is no emotion that cannot be measured by money. When the price of the digital game reaches a limit, it may become fragrant again. In any case, there is still a lot of room for physical games. Would you choose digital games or physical games?

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