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Ideal car's next SUV will launch NVIDIA Orin chip

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On September 22, ideal signed a three-party strategic cooperation agreement with NVIDIA and desalvar in Beijing. Ideal automobile will join hands with NVIDIA and desilvir to build smart cars. As the world's leading artificial intelligence computing company, NVIDIA will provide a powerful computing platform for the ideal car together with desilvir.

Core message:

Ideal automobile will take the lead in using the most powerful computing power among NVIDIA Orin system level chips in the full-scale extended range intelligent SUV launched in 2022;

The single chip computing capacity of NVIDIA Orin chip used in ideal automobile can reach 200 tops per second (200 trillion operations per second), which is 7 times of the previous generation Xavier system level chip;

Based on the powerful hardware system, the ideal car will realize the automatic driving function up to level 4, and provide end users with software and hardware upgrade scheme, and the vehicle computing capacity can be expanded to 2000 tops.

Ideal car build circle of friends: Nvidia Desisway

In fact, cooperation in the field of automatic driving has become a consensus in the industry. We also see a lot of cooperation between automobile enterprises, automobile enterprises and technology companies, etc., and this cooperation is a global cooperation.

In the field of automatic driving, the ideal car is also expanding its circle of friends: NVIDIA provides the chip, and Desai sivei is responsible for the automatic driving domain controller of the ideal car.


For NVIDIA Orin chips, NVIDIA has worked for four years.

Orin system level chip was released in 2019 and planned to be put into production in 2022.

Orin system level chip integrates NVIDIA's next generation GPU architecture, arm Hercules CPU core, new deep learning and computer vision accelerator, and can run 200 trillion calculations per second, almost seven times the performance of NVIDIA's Xavier system level chip.

Orin can also handle a large number of applications and deep neural networks that run simultaneously in autonomous driving vehicles and robots, and achieves ISO 26262 ASIL-D and other system safety standards.

In addition, orin and Xavier can be programmed through open CUDA, tensorrt API and various libraries, so developers can invest in products across multiple generations at one time.

Huang Renxun, the founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said ideal would be the first car manufacturer to use NVIDIA Orin chips.

The ideal car will take the lead in using Nvidia's most powerful system chip on the full-size program-enhancing intelligent SUV launched in 2022.

In addition to NVIDIA's chips, desilvir is also an important strategic partner.

According to Lei Feng net (official account: Lei Feng net), DESAY West Wei will provide excellent performance automatic driving domain controller for ideal car based on the powerful computing power of Orin system level chip. The ideal car will independently complete all automatic driving program design and algorithm logic setting on this basis, and become a complete and independent development Level. 4 level automatic driving system for new energy vehicles.

Takapeng, general manager of Desai Siwei, said at the signing ceremony:

As Wang Kai said, orin, the latest generation of NVIDIA's autopilot chip, has been used for the first time, so that the ideal car has a good hardware foundation. Through the in-depth cooperation with NVIDIA and desilvir, it will help the ideal car develop faster in the field of automatic driving.


Achieve L4 automatic driving in 2025

At the beginning of this year, Li Xiang said in a live broadcast that the ideal purpose of selling cars is to get admission tickets for autonomous driving enterprises in 2025.

At present, the ideal car has a detailed plan and storage capacity for self driving tickets.

This time, ideal automobile will join hands with NVIDIA and Desai to build smart cars. The purpose is to become a new energy vehicle company with the capability of developing L4 automatic driving system independently.

More than that, the ideal car is gradually realizing the strategic planning of automatic driving.

First of all, Wang Kai, the former global chief architect of Visteon, joined the ideal car. He will be fully responsible for the R & D and mass production of relevant technologies for smart cars, including electronic and electrical architecture, intelligent cockpit, automatic driving, platform development, etc.

At today's press conference, Wang Kai said that 2020 is the first year of smart cars, which is full of opportunities and challenges for all enterprises.

He also mentioned that the industry will be upgraded in an all-round way, the ecological chain will be reconstructed and the form of cooperation will be changed. In order to cope with the current changes, ideal automobile will establish strategic cooperation with leading enterprises in the industry, and cooperate with each other to make the products fall into the ground quickly.

After the press conference, Wang Kai revealed that,It is expected to realize L4 automatic driving in 2025

In addition, Wang Kai also gave a further explanation on the replacement of the intelligent driving aid chip used by the ideal car from Mobileye eyeq4 to NVIDIA Orin.

He stressed the importance of self-developed automatic driving.

According to him, in the early days of car building, in order to facilitate the successful landing and delivery of products, the ideal car at that time chose mature software and hardware solutions, including the current cooperation with Mobileye and easv.

After a mature product is launched, the ideal car will consider the long-term development of intelligent driving scheme.

Wang Kai believes that the participation of the ideal car when using the Mobileye solution was not enough, and it will develop self driving in the future to reduce the dependence on suppliers.

In this way, intelligent driving with extra weight, the ideal car is equipped with a new auxiliary driving chip, and the whole auxiliary driving system will undergo fundamental changes.

Just as four years ago, Tesla's auxiliary driving chip changed from Mobileye eyeq3 to NVIDIA's drive PX2. At the same time, Tesla's autopilot 1.0 was iterated to autopilot 2.0, accompanied by significant changes in its auxiliary driving hardware architecture.

Maybe in the near future,Ideal car will release a new generation of more advanced auxiliary driving hardware

New cars start auto driving battle

According to Lei Feng Most of the chip solutions and L3 self-driving models, which are now announced after 2020, are mostly from three Tesla, Mobileye and Nvidia.

For example, smallPeng P7 is equipped with NVIDIA Xavier chip. Weilai es8 is the world's first mass production vehicle equipped with Mobileye eye Q4 chip. Weima's L3 and L4 automatic driving schemes are all cooperating with Baidu, and Baidu Apollo also uses NVIDIA's chip. In addition, musk said earlier that Tesla cars equipped with FSD chips will be fully automatic by 2020.

On the timeline, car companies, especially new car makers, are actively trying to get on board with the latest self-driving chip scheme

Of course, the main reason for this phenomenon is that with the continuous improvement of automobile intelligence, more and more cameras, ultrasonic radars, millimeter wave radars and even laser radars will appear in cars. It can be predicted that the number of sensors will increase year by year. The sensor produces a large amount of data every second, and the huge amount of data needs to be calculated in milliseconds, which puts forward a huge demand for the computing power of the chip.

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