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Huawei: Our main line is to live

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Huawei connect is the largest global ecological Conference for ICT industry run by Huawei. This year is the fifth year.

This has always been a platform for Huawei to release major strategies.

In the past, on this stage, Huawei called on global partners to build Costa Rica style Ecology (2016), proposed to be one of the five global clouds (in 2017, it announced strategic investment in public cloud), and released its AI strategy (in 2018, Huawei released the two AI chips shengteng 910 and 310), and elaborated its new computing strategy (2019).

What theme has Huawei targeted this year?

On the morning of September 23, the Shanghai World Expo Hall and Huawei full connection 2020 opened.


Guo Ping, chairman of Huawei

With Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping in the main forum, this year 5 G in the global scale deployment,

At the beginning of the meeting, Guo Ping is facing great difficulties.

But as Dumas once said: all human wisdom is contained in these two words: waiting and hope. Huawei sees the ICT industry facing great development opportunities. The government and enterprises have entered the digital and intelligent aspects. The digital economy has become the main theme of economic growth. The foundation of digital economy is connection and computing. 5g and Internet of things are connecting technologies, and cloud and AI represent computing technology.


Guo Ping mentioned that 1g to 4G solved the problem of people to person connection, 5g opened a new era of all things interconnection; the focus of computing slowly shifted to AI, which has indeed created value in the main business of government and enterprises. The connection and calculation need to be combined with the industry depth, find the scene that can be landed, aim at the pain points in the production system, and create value quickly through the combination of ICT technology and industry knowledge.

This means a new focus for Huawei.

Huawei's phased progress and business strategy in connection, computing, cloud and AI

Afterwards, Guo Ping shared the progress and latest strategy of Huawei's related business.

join: as the digitalization of various industries enters the production system, the demand for connection has also changed greatly. For example, mines, ports and factories all need higher bandwidth. Intelligent manufacturing in different industries requires different delay and reliability, which requires the network to provide differentiated experience and SLA guarantee. In order to meet these needs, Huawei puts forward the concept of intelligent connection to create ubiquitous Gigabit, deterministic experience and super automated network.


calculation: the era needs diverse computing power collaboration to meet new needs. Huawei provides a variety of computing power, and adopts the design of software and hardware decoupling to adapt to different processors, including x86 and Kunpeng. Huawei will continue to promote Kunpeng / shengteng industry and take the road of open hardware, software and basic software.


cloud computingThe cloud is the best platform for releasing computing power and the digital base of the intelligent world. At the same meeting three years ago, Huawei proposed to be one of the five clouds in the intelligent world and promised long-term strategic investment in the public cloud. After three years of sustained efforts, Huawei Cloud now has 23 regions around the world, developing more than 1.5 million developers, with a market growth rate of 220 in 2019 and a partner of 18000


AI AI is developing rapidly, but Huawei have made a lot of attempts to apply AI to the main business system of government and enterprise. For example, Shenzhen Airport launched

Industry application is the key. What is Huawei's focus?

Guo Ping said that in his opinion, connection and calculation are a bit like electricity more than 100 years ago, from providing lighting only to household appliances and industrial equipment, which has made earth shaking changes in various industries and pushed human beings into the era of electrification.


In this process, compared with the scale of the power industry, household and industrial electrification has created dozens or even hundreds of times the industrial scale. In 16 years, Huawei proposed to build a Costa Rican style ecology to enable its partners to expand the market, so that Huawei's partners will become the biggest beneficiaries in the new value chain, just like the electric enterprises in the era of electricity.

Tek Education is one of Guo Ping's

This is just a typical representative in Guo Ping's eyes.


When it comes to supply chain, Guo Ping laments that Huawei has been hit by the supply chain. Today's Huawei will spare no effort to help its partners grow stronger, that is, to help Huawei grow itself.

He gave an example of key components of 5g base station to analyze the topic.

As a traditional radiator supplier, Xunqiang electronics started to cooperate with Huawei in 2016, In the process of 5g radiator transformation and development, Xunqiang actively invested in the transformation and development of 5g radiator. With the help of Huawei, Xunqiang has achieved technological breakthroughs in surface treatment technology. Meanwhile, through cooperation with Huawei, Xunqiang has optimized the processing process and logistics path, greatly improving product quality, production efficiency and supply capacity, and reducing the cost by 30%. After three years of cooperation with Huawei, the sales in Huawei have increased more than 20 times.

As early as 2009, China soft international has been cooperating with Huawei. In 2014, it began to enter the international market. In 2017, it became Huawei's first cloud partner in the same boat and joined the Kunpeng Lingyun partner program of Huawei in 2019. It can be said that in different periods of Huawei's development, China soft international adheres to strategic coordination, complementary interests, and sharing weal and woe, advancing and retreating together at critical moments.

Guo Ping concluded that Huawei will continue to focus on connectivity, computing, cloud, AI and other products and services; Huawei power generation, partners do electrification, together to achieve business success. In addition, Huawei will cooperate with global partners in a wider range of fields, such as basic innovation, standards, talent, and social responsibility.


Guo Ping's last PPT, cited Walte

Huawei executives answer global media questions on sensitive issues

After the main forum of the conference, global media interviewed Guo Ping and several other Huawei executives. Huawei executives have also answered sensitive questions.

Senior executives attending the interview were:

Guo Ping chairman of Huawei

Wang Tao executive director of Huawei Company and director of product investment evaluation committee

Pengzhongyang, director of Huawei and President of BG

Zhang Ping An, President of cloud services for Huawei's consumer business

Hou Jinlong, President of cloud and computing BG

In response to the US ban on Huawei, Guo Ping said,Huawei will continue to adhere to the strategy of globalization, ICT is a mutually beneficial model and is most beneficial to all parties.

US pre-release

In response to Huawei's plan to cut R & D funding and layoffs from Australia, Wang Tao said that Australia is a very small market. Huawei will use high-quality resources to serve high-quality customers, and small markets will make adjustments.

Guo addedHuawei's talent business is very stable, and it will continue to absorb the best talents. The key to solving Huawei's problems is excellent talents, and it is talents who turn sand into chips. Individual markets adjust to demand.

In response to the problem of what work has been done in the mobile phone business while waiting for the chip, Zhang Ping'an, President of Huawei's consumer business cloud service, said that during this period, Huawei was thinking about how to continue to innovate in other aspects when chip resources were limited. Huawei's consumer business still has 700 million users and needs to continue to provide services. HMS is such an innovation, the next operation Systems (meaning Hongmeng) will also have different innovations. The crackdown from the United States will not slow down Huawei's pace, on the contrary, it will strengthen its determination to build HMS ecology, which is very open and ultimately serves users.

In response to the move that Qualcomm is applying to the U.S. government to supply chips to China, what does Huawei think,Huawei has noticed that Qualcomm is applying to sell chips to Huawei. Once approved, Huawei will be happy to use the chips to produce mobile phones.

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