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2G out of network has potential of 200 million users

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Some netizens captured a picture of an old woman on a bus trying to swipe her card with her mobile phone. She picked up her mobile phone and brushed it at the bus driver's first stop. We seemed surprised, but it was not strange for the elderly who were still using 2G mobile phones.

If you can choose a customized smart phone, it is very friendly to the elderly, but the smartphone manufacturers may not be able to respond to this demand.

Because the consumption power of 250 million elderly people is limited, the manufacturers have tried, but they can not make profits, and finally can not continue the product line.

I tried

According to the statistics of the national office for the aged,There are about 250 million people over 60 years old in China, accounting for more than 17% of the total populationAccording to the data, the consumption market of the elderly is huge. The smartphone market has also been involved by manufacturers, but all end in failure.

Mobile phone manufacturers involving the elderly include Philips, Nokia, Coolpad, Newman, Tianyu, etc. after exploring products from the e-commerce platform, most of the smart phones for the elderly are low-cost, with single design functions and no features,The most important design is high volume, large font and long battery life

The positioning of manufacturers is determined by the consumption psychology of elderly users. Most of the elderly are stingy and unwilling to pay high prices for mobile phones. The sex of products is determined by the price.

Low price will not be able to add advanced technology and applications, resulting in poor application experience of such mobile phonesIt is also difficult to leave a good reputation. As time goes by, fewer people will buy, and the product line will not survive.

Using children to eliminate mobile phones

Another reason why there is no market for the elderly is that most of the elderly people in China have a tradition of thrift and diligence. All the good and delicious things are left to their children. In terms of consumption, they can save money. Mobile phones are mostly used by their children, and TV is also used by their children.

The starting point of manufacturers is the Gmv of product sales and platform, and profit is the first purpose. Many smart brands are reluctant to develop smart phones for the elderly because they can see the potential consumption power of the market.

When a large amount of funds and manpower are invested in specialized R & D, the elderly will not be strong in consumption eventually, resulting in unsatisfactory market sales, and the gain is not worth the loss.

2G withdrawal and 4G popularization

China Unicom, China Mobile and Telecom, the three major operators, have successively issued 2G withdrawal announcements. China Unicom will begin to withdraw some cities from the network on January 31, 2019;

Fuzhou mobile will cancel 2G base station on March 11, 2019, and Telecom will gradually close 2G and 3G services from June 1, 2020.

At present, the three major operators 2G network withdrawal work has begun. Users who still use 2G devices will be affected, and they must be upgraded to 4G and 5g in one step.

After upgrading 4G and 5g network, whether they can use the equipment smoothly will become a big problem.

Complex applications are not friendly to the elderly

With the support of 4G network, smart phones can read news, listen to music, play games, learn courses, and contact family and friends in time. But smart phones with many functions are very difficult to use for the elderly without electronic technology experience.

Old people don't know how to download apps and what functions each app has. Many elderly smart phone applications are installed in advance by their children.

However, in key applications, such as shopping and payment, how to use them safely is their most worry. Improper operation may lead to hackers' swiping of bank card money, and it is also easy to be targeted by network fraudsters, which will drag their children and families.

Smart phones for the elderly

From the perspective of application, the elderly need smart phones to communicate with their families, shopping, life payment and travel needs. Others have individual needs for games, music and entertainment, which can be customized separately.

AI voice assistant is indispensable

Text is the window of communication. Smart phones receive commands through the text input by users, so as to display the desired content results of users. This action needs the completion of input method. For the elderly, the influence of eyesight, inability to use pinyin, inaccurate handwriting input and other factors will affect the use experience.

If AI voice can be added, it will be greatly convenient for the elderly to use, and the efficient application scenarios will be more relaxed and free. The required content is told to app application by voice.

For example, we can't do without wechat. Chatting with family members through voice is convenient and fast. It has become a standard app in Chinese mobile phones;

Then there are e-commerce shopping apps such as tmall, Jingdong and pinduoduo. AI intelligent voice function enables elderly users to quickly search for the items they want to buy and compare multiple products.

Therefore, in order to win the elderly user group, the AI voice function of APP application software is essential.

As early as 2014, many 4G users appeared, and the mobile phone traffic generated by hi brush video consumed thousands of Yuan overnight.

Nowadays, tiktok Kwai has a lot of Internet chattering and fast hands, fresh and interesting news, all kinds of products and grass planting live broadcast. After the elderly contact, they will also rely on these applications.Most of them are brushing these applications, and the usage of natural data traffic will be greatly increased.

But at present, smart phones will not automatically prompt traffic overrun, which will consume a lot of costs for elderly users unconsciously. Every time at the beginning of the month, why did the phone bill last month so much!

For the elderly users, a flow control software is essential. It can prompt the usage of data flow periodically, control the extra unnecessary expenses, and control the communication cost in a reasonable range.


Software installation requires administrator authorization

At present, smart phones do not set up special smart phones for the elderly, and there will be a lot of advertisements in some commonly used apps.

Guide users to jump to purchase or download and install third-party software. Some elderly people and even students will install it directlyIt will bring great risk to users' privacy and payment account.

And these downloaded applications, if it is illegal, some are not objective. After all, the applications developed by manufacturers are legitimate and legal.

Just like some health care products for the elderly, they don't work if they have no problems. However, they can attract the old people to buy them. Two eggs and a bag of salt will attract them. After a meal of brainwashing, the elderly will spend thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of money.

Therefore, an application management software is very important for the elderly smart phones. Children or family members are responsible for the management and control, and other software cannot be installed arbitrarily without authorization.


To put it bluntly, the elderly smart phones only need to be equipped with chat software: wechat, shopping software: tmall, Jingdong, pinduoduo, Suning and other e-commerce apps, plus the function of flow monitoring and automatic installation of restriction software.

But such a system is a custom class system,Its R & D cost is the same as the development of a new system, and the R & D cost can not be recovered in hardware salesThis is also the main reason why no manufacturers of smart phones for the elderly are willing to do so.

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