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5g enables thousands of industries, and the wave of innovation benefits the world

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The following is the transcript of the speech:

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Meng Pu from Qualcomm. I'm very happy to attend the GMIC online summit. I'm looking forward to the impact of cutting-edge technology on economic society and human life, and share with you how 5g technology will enable the future of intelligent interconnection of all things.

This year's special experience gives us a clearer sense of the importance of connectivity technology. With connectivity technology, people can maintain communication, and enterprises can maintain efficient operation. It is also through the connection technology that today's conference can be broadcast to the world. It also proves that what we are doing is very valuable. We must actively embrace the development of connectivity technology with the strength of the industry. The key is the evolution of 5g wireless technology.

In the past few months, 5g has been within reach, and its great potential is emerging. We believe that 5g is essential for building a more resilient society. 5g technology is helping education, health care, social interaction and other industries play a greater role. With the realization of 5g vision, 5g will not only help students realize distance learning, but also enable students all over the world to share high-quality content, interact in real time, and obtain personalized content in immersive experience. 5g will also support the creation of a more flexible health care system, for example, people can conduct online consultation through video and other means, and telemedicine will also enhance people's experience in the future.

5g will be a unified connection platform for future innovation, which will bring positive changes to many industries. Therefore, the original design intention of 5g is to support diversified spectrum and diversified network deployment. The combination of different deployment modes such as public network, indoor network and private network can meet the needs of diversified scenarios, such as online education, online medical care, intelligent transportation, smart factory, mass Internet of things, etc.

For 5g deployment, it is very important to make full use of spectrum resources. 5g available spectrum resources include low frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency. Low frequency and medium band can support the balance between network coverage, capacity and performance. The high-frequency millimeter wave band can provide higher speed, wider bandwidth and lower delay, providing key support for network connection of home, enterprise and many industries, which is very important to release 5g potential. 5g millimeter wave has become a reality. The test data show that the average download speed of 5g MMW is 4 times higher than that of 5g network below 6GHz. Currently, 120 operators around the world are also investing in 5g millimeter wave.

With the rapid development of 5g, another technology is also developing rapidly in parallel, that is AI. 5g makes everything interconnected. Information, like electricity, shuttles between the cloud and the end, becoming a huge new energy. In the next 10 years, the technology field that will develop in parallel with 5g deployment will be the analysis and application of big data, and its core application is AI. With the massive terminal access to the network, a variety of massive data are generated instantly. How to collect, transmit, analyze and use these information efficiently, in real time and safely, and make it become an accessible artificial intelligence, will be a major topic and growth opportunity, and new industries and services will emerge in endlessly.

Edge cloud, combined with terminal side AI, will also help a wider range of new use cases. From low latency interactive content to unbounded XR, to real-time voice translation, these more intuitive, immersive and situational experiences will enrich our life. In more industries, 5g and AI, combined with edge cloud, will actively promote enterprise innovation in a very disruptive way. Enterprises will use the massive data generated by intelligent devices to conduct real-time local network analysis, provide brand-new business insight, and greatly improve productivity, automation and control level.

One side is the accelerated deployment of 5g network, and the other side is the increasing abundance of 5g terminals. In the process of 5g rapid promotion, Qualcomm has launched a wealth of 5g solutions to help many partners launch 5g terminals at different levels and price segments. Since this year, we have met many challenges, but we have cooperated with more than 10 domestic mobile phone manufacturers and brands to release a number of 5g flagship smart phones equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 mobile platform. These are the fruits of our joint efforts with the Chinese industry. In the field of smart phones, Qualcomm has a long-term cooperation foundation with Chinese industries in the 3G and 4G era. In the 5g era, our cooperation is closer.

In addition to smartphones, 5g technology will revolutionize productivity and change the way we work in the future. According to the prediction of industry analysts, affected by the epidemic, nearly half of office workers may need to work remotely for a period of time, and the operation mode of enterprises of all sizes are changing to the cloud. It is estimated that the cloud will bear 83% of the enterprise workload by the end of the year. It is necessary to support the new 5g terminal and 5g network to realize easy office in any place.

Qualcomm is also a leader in promoting the development of the XR industry. In cooperation with many leading manufacturers at home and abroad, we have launched more than 30 XR terminals equipped with snapdragon platform. High pass snapdragon XR2 is the first 5g XR platform combining 5g and AI technology, which improves the performance of XR to a new level. In addition, the company, together with domestic partners, has held the XR innovation application challenge for two consecutive years, encouraging developers to create more diverse and high-quality XR applications for the Chinese market, and accelerate the prosperity and development of the entire XR ecosystem.

Robots are also an area we have been focusing on. In June this year, Qualcomm launched robot RB5 platform, the world's first robot platform to support 5g and AI. This platform integrates our technical expertise in 5g and AI fields, and can support developers and manufacturers to build the next generation of robots with high computing power and low power consumption to meet the requirements of consumer, enterprise, industrial and professional service fields. Global manufacturers including Chinese manufacturers are gradually launching commercial products based on this platform.

In addition, the technical characteristics of 5g will promote a wider market for the bio networking industry. According to GSMA intelligence, China has become the world's largest Internet of things market, accounting for 64% of the world's 1.5 billion cellular network connections. In the field of 5g Internet of things, we have also launched many Internet of things products based on snapdragon x55 5g modem and RF system with Chinese partners, becoming the first batch of 5g Internet of things terminals in the industry, accelerating the scale expansion of 5g. Here we list a part of 5g IOT terminals, including industrial gateway, 5g Ultra HD live backpack, 5g CPE, 5g camera, robot, etc.

Qualcomm has been working with many partners in the industry to promote mobile technology from standard to commercial implementation, from 3G, 4G to 5g. 5g technology and standards are also in continuous evolution. In early July this year, a new version of 5g specification has been completed, which contains many new technologies and can support a wider range of application scenarios. Therefore, while accelerating the commercial landing of 5g with its partners, Qualcomm is also actively investing in the research and development of 5g future technology, laying the foundation for the next stage of 5g development, so that 5g can be applied in more vertical industries.

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